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probably because your syncro is going, is it a manual/stick shift? You probably need to see a mechanic/ technician soon

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Yes it gets bolted to the frame the black is a ground and most of the time it is grounded with one of the bolts that you bolt it to the frame with

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They do get warm that is why they have finning to work as a heat sink. If the wires going to the regulator are not showing any sign of heat I would not worry.

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does it have a heat sink on the regulator ?
.May need thermal paste from regulator to heat sink.
should not get so hot it burns the wires. Check for short circuit in those wires that got hot.

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as the ecu is designed to have the correct power curve and rev limiter for each motor. unless you can find ecu from similar engine take into account rev range or you may risk serious damage, but it is possible.

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check the ignition fuse, its blown. put a new one and it wil start

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Hi assuming you put the clutch back togethere in correct order you remove it does the clutch lever have end play in it when you releace it there should be some play in it if there is not you need to loosen it ether at the lever holder or at the set screw where the cable on the engine case lossen it then turn it until it lighly stops then back it off quarter of a turn.

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There are three relays on the left side of the bike, under the side cover, below the rear of the seat.

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What about the ignition switch, all this is powered up by that main switch excpt the starter. I would replace the ignition switch Under the key cylinder.

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With the engine not running can you select 1st gear pull in the clutch lever and push the bike with no difficulty, if you cant, it may be the clutch plates have become stuck together, this can occure from standing for long periods, if you can push the bike it may be the neutrol safety switch, or the side stand safety switch have become faulty, and cutting the bike out as a precaution

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NGK plugs dont stop, especially all at once, so there is another problem.
There are some resisters in the plug caps that can fail.
Are the plugs carbon fouling?(dry black) if so make sure the air filter is new, and oil is changed.
Does the enginge blow smoke or use oil?(wet black)oil fouled may mean rings.
Fuel fouled may mean the jettting is wrong or choke stuck open
Its the battery good(new) and charging ,put a multi meter across the terminals 12v stopped, 14v running approx.
it always helps to drain the carb bowls every few weeks
If exhaust is not standard, the jetting may be wrong.
does the fuel tap work correctly? only use the run or res positions never pri
A short in the kill switch or a worn ignition switch can cause a miss or backfire

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Put some money together and have a real wrench diagnose and repair your electrix.

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I fear you have damaged chain and sprocket. Adjuster nut must have slipped causing chain to get back to where it was. Oil window black means oil is really old. Please take your bike to Yamaha service center, they will take care of everything.

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use a vom/ meter on current setting put in circuit ..take hot off battery attach one lead to bat + the other lead to heavy cable u just disconnected. but 1st charge bat to full. see current draw. start to pull one fuse at a time till current drops. that circuit is the culprit. then youll need to find out why is drawing w/ bike off. wire chafed ? minor short.. or when running meter on battery 14.5 volts not running 12.5 volts if the vovtages don't go up when running regulator or altinator is bad or bat wire .. get the manual.. a big help...

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I think your problem is still with the carb's. One way to find out is to get a small bottle (or syringe) of gas and squirt a bit through the carbs. If she starts up off that bit of fuel you know your carbs need more cleaning, be sure to check all the very small ports in the bowls and throttle jets. A very good tool to use for that is a torch tip cleaning kit. You can find one at most hardware stores, they are used for cleaning the tips of cutting/ welding torches. They have very small pins that work great for cleaning crud out of carb.s. If she does not start then you have a spark problem. Spark or timing. You can use starting fluid if you want but I would suggest gas it will not do any damage where stating fluid can. If you have the carb.s open where you can put your hand over the venturi (air filter hook up out of the way) Turn the engine with your hand over the carbs this will force fuel to come up out of the bowl and some times this may be just enough with good clean gas to force a port open. Hope this helps.

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check its engine oil in the moring before start..

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drain plugs are in 1 of 2 locations,,,on oppisite side of shifter on the side of engine at bottom o, or on bottom of engine. thanks.

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Take carbs off the bike drain any fuel that might still be in carbs,remove black top and the spring,carefully remove the rubber diaphragm,the slide and jet needle will come out,turn them upside down,remove float bowl,remove float,remove the little brass jets, the smallest one is the pilot(idle) jet,the larger one is main jet,then there is a needle jet,soak in carb clean if possible,if no clean then small bread tie to clear the holes.(carb kit),do one at a time so not to get parts mixed up.

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