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Check the switch it is by the pedal make sure it is adjusted properly and moving freely sometimes they get sticky when exposed to alot of the elements and this part gets alot of wear. Should be checked regularly and adjusted . It should have a lock-nut assembly and is fairly easy to locate as it is right in the general area of the foot brake area.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Feb 22, 2011

hi normaly replacing it with another 1 is sometimes the only way to tell, even when tested some electrical items *** up as testing ok, and when you replace them the fault is cured, what is the fault you are getting? is your machine fitted with a seperate voltage regulator, most machines have a regulator rectifier combined, the rectifier converts alternating current ac to direct current dc, where as the regulator controls the amount of voltage, regulator problems overcharging, rectifier problems not charging, and discharging as the rectifier only alows current to travel in 1 direction, when it fails the battery voltage can then travel past it causing a discharging state

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Jan 04, 2011

every bike do have various levels of oil in forks . you would have to refer to the manual or ask a dealer for your bike to let you know the exact amount required . You will have to be correct as this is a crucial as this affect the ride of your bike . Be accurate with the amount you put in

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Jan 01, 2011

It would help us to help you if you state the model and year of your bike, and give us an indication of the problem.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Oct 10, 2010

I agree with your friend. Most shops will not work on a bike over 10 years old. Dealers no longer have parts in inventory is one reason. The problem with the carbs is that they are CV carbs. This is a type of carb that uses an air pressure actuated slide. The throttle cable is not connected to the slide at all. If the diaphragm gets a pin hole or bad seal, the slide won't raise. Diaphragms are $160 each, if you can find them. Your best bet for parts is Babbitt's. Please rate my answer, thanks.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Aug 25, 2010

You can find the wiring diagram in either a Haynes or Clymer motorcycle repair manual. A good place to find a repair manual would be from JC Whitney www.jcwhitney.com or eBay, I have purchased from both in the past. JC Whitney usually has a better selection, eBay can be hit or miss, but you can usually get a better price from eBay. Another source would be your local motorcycle shop, but it might be a little more expensive, but you could ask for a discount if you purchase your parts from them.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on May 01, 2010

Hello. I am assumming that you do not have the manual for this bike. Here is a site http://www.carlsalter.com/motorcycle-manuals.asp where you may find your manual, download it and then use it to answer all of your torque questions plus a lot more. Enjoy. Joe

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Apr 24, 2010

Follow your battery red cable or the positive cable from the battery along the wire to a relay, looking at this relay, a part of it or the cover will come off, there is a main fuse of 40 amps. Check this fuse for being blown and replace it. Also under the seat in another box are all the fuses, check each one. Sounds like a blown fuse.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Apr 09, 2010

If the charging system of your bike is ok, it should charge the battery, unless if the battery has its life span over whereby it wont hold charge any longer.
Best would be to get the battery checked and also the charging rate of your bike.
Hope this helps.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Jan 27, 2010

The needle seats are bad, as well as the float being out of adjustment.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Oct 23, 2009

Hi and welcome to FixYa,

For the wiring diagram of a Yamaha FZR400, please try here.

Good luck and thank you for asking FixYa..

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Sep 09, 2009

Didn't say much about what it does or doesn't do as trying to start. The batrtey all the way up? if not it can refuse to start even if cranking 2002 and newer may push start but only if the battery is near good 04 and newer are fuel injection and a low or bad battery is a no start on it's own the modern glass mat batteries don't take a jump very well as they resist being pushed back to full voltage even with a car battery. Cranks good with a good battery. Got gas and the valve on? Carb bikes may have to have the fuel pet on prime to start a (dry) motor. The fuel injection bikes have to have the good battery or the fuel pump can be below theasehold and the relay won't turn the pump on. All the lights and others horn ect working? No crank can be clutch switch kickstand switch if the locic box is burnt out or low voltage, Neutral light working? if not the kickstand has to be up for crank. Burn the strarter out cranking with low battery? Strong click when pushing the start button says the safty switches are working. and the starter could be bad or lost it's ground. Will the engin turn? put the bike in higher gear and push it with the clutch out to see if it will turn good compression may be hard to push but not impossible as the starter and you have about the same power, remember they used to have kickers and this one had one it'd work to start it. Carb bikes have drain bolts on the float bowels and little hses hooked to them if their still there open the screws to see that theres gas or something else in the corbs. and will more come from the tank? Spark the plug wires snap to the plugs and are hard to remove if good put a plug ( any good plug will do) and crank the engine to see the spark at the wire. if not kill switches crash swiches may have to be reset then the key on and off too. lfter that its lookto see whats missing as compression spark and fuel are all it needs to run. If it jumped time the compression won't be good or out rajous. Exhaust stopped up? I've seena mouse store corn in the exhaust and forget wher he packed it. seen a R6 completly full! no start air cleaner housings get filled the same way. these don't apply if the bike had been running recently. Bad or poor battery most likly cause of no start then cable connections

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Aug 12, 2009

don't drain furl man. from what i've read so far it sounds like you got a little mess. few things you should do to get you going in the right direction... clean the bottom of your motor and find where oil might be coming from. 2nd, i'm assuming your battery is dead again because you tried to continuously start the bike with no results right? if im wrong then you've got a charging system issue which isn't easy to diagnose over interweb. another clue to the problem would be to see what the ticking is, the main relay? could be bad also.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Jul 31, 2009

Check the choke to make sure its operating correctly.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on Jul 27, 2009

Hi Dave,
Looking from front of bike, sump drain plug is on the Right.It will be necessary to remove the r/s Fairing, Once the fairing has been removed,the drain plug can be seen at the lower end of engine.
Hope this helps.

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on May 19, 2009

If it's been sitting for 2 years, the carbs are clogged and battery is toast most probably....sometimes these good friend "deals" are not really so good...A thousand things could be wrong w/it and if your not mechanical you can find a private mechanic that will charge much less than a shop, just make sure he is reputable.....you can download a service manual for free at carlsalter.com if you want to get your hands dirty....Good Luck to you friend.....Tim

Yamaha FZR 600... | Answered on May 16, 2009

Hi, Martin for this scenario you will need your service manual that has all fastener torque specs -fluid capacities and a wiring diagram on the back pages, parts fiche, and owners manual if you can not find the best tool you ever bought for your Yamaha, despair not, for a mere zero $0 you can download another one.
For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need for viewing or printing please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day

Yamaha... | Answered on Aug 09, 2020

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