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This fan runs of a heat sensor..The sensor may be gon......Trace the wires and see if their is power from the sensor when it gets worm and also powet to the sensor........Power to the sensor is good but power not showing from the sensor after temp light or gauge shows time to cool means the sensor is unservicable..Hope this helps.

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Hi, Cwwood74 if your headlight is not working, intermittent, only one beam works, keeps burning out, blinking, dim or surges from bright to dim to bright the first thing you need to check is the headlight bulb for damaged filaments then check your light circuit fuse, then check your head light bulb socket ground wire for a clean tight connection, that being said the usual suspects are:
1. Faulty ground or power supply wire to headlight bulb socket.
2. Worn down solder contacts or loose fit of the bulb base in the socket due to vibration.
3. Worn, chafed, or broken wires in the light circuit.
4. Corroded, broken, or loose pins/sockets in wire connectors.
5. Faulty hi/low beam switch.
6. Faulty ignition switch.
7. Fuse is good but no continuity on both sides.
8. Faulty headlight relay.
9. Faulty wiring between battery positive and headlight bulb socket.
10. Weak charging alternator/generator/lighting coil
11. Faulty voltage regulator/rectifier ground or overcharging.
For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need for viewing or printing please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
Headlight not working help please'-99_Service_Manual_ENG.pdf
OEM Parts for Kawasaki

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

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There should be a fuse in any powered item on your bike. Also, you don't want it setup so that it can draw power at any time, as this can drain your battery.

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we have no manuals for this old of a bike, contact a local motorcycle wrecking yard and try to buy a used connector is about all u can do here.

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It sounds like your first gear has some teeth problems or the splines are worn enough to cause it to slip some on the shaft either way it sounds like the gear box needs to come apart.

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Hello. Sorry to hear you have this problem. First you need to check all connections of the battery cables. See if any of the cables insulation has rubbed trough to the frame. This will cause a short. I know this is a long shot, but it may be your problem I hope. If all looks good the ECM is at fault causing this problem. There will be no other reason for this problem but what is described above

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It can be gotten from ebay via:-

Good luck and rate this.

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I took it in to the dealer shop....I want my money back!

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Please, help yourself using the full repair and part manual. There you will find AIT sensor and wiring pictures.

Manual is downloadable for free from this page.

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you need the 12v supply from the battery to connect with the ignition cable ,this will enable the engine too run then the the third wire to connect to the other two for the starter motor ,so with your three way switch or better still a old style ignition switch or one off of an old lawn mower or something or buy one they are not expensive ,the first position connects the 12v supply and the ignition feed then the starter motor connection is connected to the last spring loaded connection its easy to do ,just watch starsky and hutch re-runs.Doesnt work on cars from about 92 though because they have chipped keys and transponder readers

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Make sure the new battery was charged before use. Many require an overnight charge at ~ 2 amps. If battery is charged, but still nothing happens, check for a blown fuse in the small wire that goes to the positive battery terminal. You may need to use a voltmeter or test light for locating where the voltage is getting lost. Good luck!

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You might wanna know that you can take the bike for a scan.

Do this as it will lead you to the cause of the problem instead of guess work over an electrical related problem as fuses getting blown.

Good luck and thanks for using Fixya.

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hi buddy copy this link intop the bar above you dont need to flush it will drain with the coolant

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you have to have at least 9 volts to turn the head light relay on it is usually a regulator rectifier or bad stator that causes this, the relay is part of the fuse box assy .

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Most likely too much fuel. You need to adjust the fuel to air mixture and lean it out. ( Dark smoke ) For white smoke. Excessive cylender wear, or a broken ring.

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hi budd try tightening all the head bolts if this doesnt work you have a head gasket that has blown due to wear its not and easy thing todo as you have all the valves etc in the way i would put it in the garage or you can buy this sealant stuff which you put in your coolant system and it will seal the leak you can buy this on ebay just type in coolant sealant good luck bud

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you could have bad crank bearings

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You may be having detonation. Switch to premium gas. Do not use gas with Ethanol. Change to a new spark plug > NGK DP8EA-9. Run through a couple of tanks of gas and see if the problem has gone away.

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