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not sure but if you turn on the flasher any one will do you will hear a clicking noise and that is the relay unit you can then zero in on it that way . If the unit is broken and you need to find it to replace it then usually they are under the side covers ,under the seat in the tail section or under the front fairing , and to find this you can look up the manual on line or trace the wiring from the flasher switch or from the flasher bulbs them self

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while darbs seem to wear paticuliarly quickly i would say the local Briggs and Straton repair shop would have a good after market race darb kit that would improve both mileage and drag performance ! Make sure they give you a new muffler bering because its mandatory to replace both darbs and bering to maintain efficient drag times!

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Check ebay, there are a couple of bikes being broken at the moment. Ask the seller if the fairing brackets are available

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replace neutral safety switch, that should take of the problem, being
the age of the bike . it is probaly worn to the point where adjustment
would be highly unlikely...........

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1983-1964 modles took 3.5 liters or 3,7 qts

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check for a 'ridge' at the top of the cyl.wall,a better indicator of wear than just how good it looks.especially check condition of valve guides & seals,based on plug diagnosis.

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The flasher unit is made to flash 12 volts on and off only. The turn signal switch is what is used to direct that flashing 12 volts to the proper signals.
The flasher unit:
First wire is a ground. Middle wire is the send to the turn signal switch. The last wire is 12v positive (with key on). When you flip the switch to the left, it makes a connection between the left turn signals and the middle wire of the flasher unit. The flasher unit then "sees' a load and starts flashing 12v on and off at the middle wire. When you flip the switch right, it makes the connection between the right signals and the middle wire of the flasher unit. Again, the flasher unit "sees" a load and starts flashing.

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Clean and rebuild the carbs as a first step. Is it a ping, knock, or rattle?

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You ill need to take off your left engine cover, remove the flywheel, and replace the starter gear (part#5) and three rollers (part#13). This is your one-way clutch that allows your starter motor to turn the engine over. The gear mating surface has become rough or chattered and is not grabbing properly.Replace these parts and your starter motor will turn the engine over again. http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/1983-honda-vt500c-shadow/o/m9690#sch421900

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The fan is designed by Honda to come on just as the needle touches the red zone, or just slightly before it.But if its not coming on then its problem with fan.It should come On.You can provide 12 volt to fan connections directly by external battery source and see, if fan starts and runs directly.If the fan runs by external 12 volt source then its problem with fan controlling relay under seat.But if fan is not running by external 12 volt direct source then its problem with fan and needs to be replaced.---------- But if fan checked out ok and fan relay looks fine and checked ok, 12 volt by meter, then its problem with thermostat.------ The thermo-switch that operates the fan is on the bottom of the radiator and the thermo unit for the gauge is on the side of the thermostat. The fan does not turn on until the coolant in the bottom of the radiator is up to a certain temperature. The coolant can be hot at the thermostat and much cooler at the bottom of the radiator.

You may want to drain the coolant and look inside the top of the radiator for corrosion or anything restricting the coolant flow. If it looks dirty, take the radiator off and take it to a radiator shop to have the inside cleaned.------------- Once the rad is completely flushed cleaned the coolant has to be refilled.------- This will help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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Check the main fuse on the starter solenoid. If it blows everything just shuts down. Follow the positive battery cable from the battery to the starter solenoid and replace the fuse. If that does not fix the problem remove the battery and have it load tested. A simple way to test for a broken cell in a battery (if you do not have a load tester) just jump the two starter solenoid terminals with a piece of wire or a screw driver, if there is not enough power to move the starter you may have a broken connection between the cells in the battery. Then you just need a new battery. My bet is you just need to replace the main fuse.

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I would add the following thoughts for consideration. Many things can cause this, some are, from a short driving cycle that doesn't allow the engine to fully warm up, to a faulty fuel pressure regulator, to leaking fuel injector/s or a carburator float bowl being overfilled, to worn engine parts, like piston rings, valve guides, faulty spark plugs resulting in poor fuel burn ect, ect. Basically it's gasoline getting from the top of the engine, into the bottom of the engine, where the oil sump is. Gasoline in the oil isn't good for it, or the engine, as it dilutes the oil & robs it of it's lubricating properties, resulting in accelerated engine wear & bad engine deposits. Best to change the oil & filter right away, review all the listed ideas & have the most likely checked out by a pro you trust. If your bikes mechanical condition is ok, but your driving cycle is short, after changing the oil & filter, try changing your driving cycle, or by taking your bike on a weekly 20 mile interstate round trip, to warm the engine & oil up competely, to evaporate condensation & any gasoline thats found it's way into the crankcase oil sump. Your ride will love you for it & the gas oder in the oil, will likely take a hike!!!! your bike is not good mechanically or u would not be getting fuel in oil. take it to a REPUTABLE mechanic and get it looked at .problem may be small and easy to fix. the longer you wait the worse it will get

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the choke is not turning off, or off soon enough. inspect and clean/adjust choke assembly, your carbs may be gummy

Honda VT 500 C... | Answered on Aug 09, 2009 | 240 views

I have a 94 magna that had the very same problem. I thought it was a problem with a stopped up carb or gas line but determined the battery connections had worked loose. Tighten the battery connections. Since you are there also check the fluid level in the battery. Only use distilled water to refill the cells NEVER tap water. You can buy distilled water at most grocery stores or WalMart for about a buck a gallon. Hope this helps.

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If it will not spin over at all I'd check the battery and starter connections and battery state of charge first .

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maybe nos or junkyard. its gonna be a long search for you. check e bay also...good luck

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To run a petrol internal combustion engine it requires four things.
Which is missing ...............................

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Valve clearance need adjusting a fraction. not dangerous, better to be a tad loose than too tight and have valves partially open.


year make model adjust valve clearance

It's an easy job and will take 15 minutes with basic tools and a feeler gauge.



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