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check with a dealer mechanic but generally the scooter is small capacity and depending on your body mass , 35-40 mph is approaching the speed limit of the scooter

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Oct 24, 2017

fit in a helical, and keep in the same bolt, that should solve your problem

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Aug 29, 2015

Option 1: Go to mechanic

Option 2: Adjust the tappets. If you have never adjusted tappets or worked with engines before it is better to have someone experienced with you. The following is the procedure I use.

1: Carefully remove side panels.
2: Close fuel tap and disconnect pipe.
3: Carefully remove fuel tank. (undo the bolt under the seat and slide the tank 2 inches back, then lift it upwards)
4: Undo the bolts of the cylinder head cover (3 bolts with 12mm head, one of them also holds a small bracket for the throttle cable or ignition wire, I can't remember).
5: Remove the cylinder head cover. If you find this difficult put the bike in 5th gear and rotate the engine (by rotating the rear wheel) to the "inlet valve open" position so that the cover clears the "inlet valve rocker". Be careful that you do not damage the top cover gasket (made of rubber) or you will have an oil leak and no lubrication to the rockers.
6: Rotate the engine to a position with both valves closed, as close as possible to "top dead centre of compression/power strokes". There is a notch on the flywheel indicating top dead centre - you see this by opening the cap on the top of the flywheel cover on the left side of the bike. (do not stay at "top dead centre of exhaust/intake strokes")
7: Check the free play of the rockers on the valves. The service manual recommends a clearance between the valve and the rocker of 0.08mm with the engine cold (left to cool overnight). Maximum acceptable is 0.10mm and minimum is 0.06mm. The gap is checked using a feeler gauge (you know that you have a gap of 0.08mm by sliding a feeler that is 0.08mm thick and there is just a little friction slowing you down - if the feeler is hard to pull the gap is less than 0.08 and if the feeler passes with nothing resisting it then the gap is larger than 0.08mm).
8: If the tappets are knocking then the gap is too large. Undo the locknut on the tappet adjuster (10mm nut at the end of the rocker) just enough to let you turn the tappet adjuster. Then rotate the tappet adjuster until you get the right gap and tighten the locknut. Be sure to hold the tappet adjuster with pliers or something else while tightening the locknut so that the adjuster does not rotate.
9: Check and re-check that the gap between the adjuster and the valve is as specified. Incorrectly adjusted tappets are very bad for the engine, especially "tight" tappets with no gap between adjuster screw and valve. The first time you adjust tappets you might have to repeat from step 7 several times until you get used to it.
10: Assemble everything in the reverse order of disassembly. You might have to rotate the engine to "intake valve open" position again to place the cylinder head cover easily. During assembly be careful the the rubber gasket of the cover is not damaged or out of place. There is an oil path from the head to a nozzle above the rockers and the gasket must seal this well.
10: Once you assemble everything start the engine and once it is hot enjoy a more silent bike. It is normal on these engines to have some tappet noise when cold, but if the tappets are adjusted right they are nearly silent when hot.

Always refer to an expert when you are not sure. Maybe the first time it is safer to watch your trusted mechanic do this work.

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Apr 01, 2014

Synthetic oil 15w 40 recommended by the manual or 10w 50 depending on the temperature in your area. greetings from the club Stryker Argentina.


2005 Kymco... • Answered on Dec 16, 2013

try take of ur exhaust at the engine, their like a washer just remove it, if that works check ur insurence u might not b covered?

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Jun 23, 2013

its not likley to be the battery its the charging systen on the bike thats faled on you check the regulator is working then all the fuses are good ones

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Jun 11, 2013

try some WD-40 not a lot just a squirt inside let it sit for awhile and then slowly with some pressure try to get it worked in..try a little more lube if that doesnt work your gonna need to take it off and take it to a locksmith they might be able to repair it!

2005 Kymco... • Answered on May 06, 2013

How do I derestrict a kymco stryker 125

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Oct 08, 2012

Line up the holes so that the big hole is in the middle and two smaller ones are on top and bottom.. Adjust valves from there

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Jun 29, 2012

Somewhere on the bottom or bottom outside edge of the gearbox is a drain plug. Drain the oil and put the plug back in place. Somewhere on the top of the gearbox casing, including the left and right outer case covers, you will find a dipstick for checking the oil level. Fill via the dipstick hole. Some bikes don't have an actual dipstick but only have a top plug. Normally you will find it near the kick starter lever. When no dipstick is provided, they expect you to drain the old oil and then re-fill with the amount of oil specified for the bike. Use 10w40 motor oil. NEVER use synthetic oils. They can screw up the clutch.

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Apr 14, 2012

i had a semilar problem on my Kymco and i found that my fuse was not making proper contact.

what i did:the fuse im talking about is the small fuse in a "bottle" like cylinder in the positive power of the battery,the conection points in this little cylinder worn out and the fuse couldnt make contact any more i took the fuse out completely just linked the wires with lugs and my bike is working fine.

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Sep 20, 2011

sounds like the chain is that loose it is slipping on the cog/s, check the cogs for wear ie no tooth damage, adjust the chainif cogs ok. better still change cogs and chain to be safe.

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Sep 05, 2011

I doubt that the chain was jumping the sprocket. A chain that loose would wrap up around the front sprocket and lock up the engine and/or bust up the center case. It sounds like the bike has some serious transmission problems. The bike probably has bent shift forks and a few busted gear teeth and possibly broken dogs on a slider gear. The bloke ripped you off. The wheel being out of line is not a factor. Please rate my answer. Thanks.


2005 Kymco... • Answered on Sep 14, 2010

this is down to personal preference, its just playing around with it so that it doesnt stall and isnt so high that you cant accelarate.

i have mine at a lower setting in the summer and a slightly higher setting in the winter its just fiddling around with it till your happy with it.

best of luck and safe riding

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Sep 08, 2010

I'm sorry but I think you may have posted under the wrong heading as I have yet to find a motorcycle that does blood transfusions. you might want to repost under appropriate heading for a better response. good luck

2005 Kymco... • Answered on Apr 05, 2010

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