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Check for oil pressure sensor. Replace if loose.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Aug 27, 2015 | 71 views

It should say on the clutch cover,I guess its about 3 litres.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Mar 16, 2015 | 78 views

Could be a number of problems from dirty or poor connections on any of the wires from the battery to the starter or a failing battery

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Jan 22, 2015 | 70 views

Check to make sure your air cleaner is not dirty or plugged. Also make sure your choke is shutting off properly. On Honda's, thin white smoke is usually just an overly rich mixture. Take apart your brake master cylinders, pull out the pistons and make sure the pin holes next to the large brake fluid feeder holes are not plugged with dirt or rust. The tiny holes allow the brake fluid to flow back into the reservoir, relieving pressure on the discs. Relieving pressure at the calipers should free up the wheels.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Feb 26, 2013 | 186 views

Hi I also have a VT500FT (and a VT500EF) in England. I don't know the answer to this particular question. But I got a workshop manual via ebay and have sourced parts from the US from ebay with success. Good luck and try to stick with it its worth it. But if you decide to get rid call me on 07932640071. Regards Mal

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Sep 06, 2012 | 454 views

If you have had your battery load tested and it checks out fine there is a likely hood that you have something staying on. With the key in the off position, disconnect your negative battery lead and look/listen for an arc as you pull the lead away from the battery terminal. If you get an arc the next step will be to track down what is staying on. Good luck and happy hunting.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Dec 14, 2011 | 128 views

At your local Honda Shop ...

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Apr 26, 2011 | 146 views

Most early to mid 80's Hondas have one hidden under the headlight with a plastic cover, and relays under the left side cover. I hope that helps. If so check it out first and then get back with a rating and testimonial. Thanks for using Fixya.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Mar 25, 2011 | 341 views

I certainly wouldn't rule out a fuel restriction, either in tank where fuel drains to line, or line(s) to carburetors. When cold, more fuel required, plus once engine starts to run, vacuum from carbs may overcome restriction, as well as less fuel required. My guess is that heavy acceleration is a problem even when warm as well. Doesn't take long to check in tank to see if filter/screen in tank is plugged at all, as well as remove fuel line for carbs and use compressed air (carefully) to clean out line(s) as well as blow back into tank to dislodge debris at screen in tank, but if there is debris, remove tank and flush good. Any in-line filters should be replaced as well.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Dec 01, 2010 | 269 views

Bike Bandit has everything you need to rebuild the carburetor on your 1983 Honda VT500FT V-Twin Ascot, click on the link below to view


1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Jun 24, 2019 | 1,663 views

the best all around oil for this bike is any major brand 10W40W

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Apr 08, 2010 | 586 views

Hi and welcome to FixYa,

Was the main 30 amp fuse checked/replaced? The main fuse would on the starter relay. To locate the starter relay, follow the cable from the battery's + terminal.

Good luck and thank you for asking FixYa.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Mar 29, 2010 | 442 views

Only problem I have heard of is the speed that the led indicators flash at. May be too fast to pass MOT. This is solved by changing the flasher relay for one made for led lights or fitting resistors in the wires to indicators which sometimes are included with the led lights.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Jan 15, 2010 | 519 views

Ok are you talking about the cam chain and not the drive chain? You cant re-aline a cam chain but you can a drive chain. Please give us better info on what is wrong.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Nov 20, 2009 | 211 views

http://www.drumhillcycle.com/ , Or clean it with a good brake cleaner, get it very dry and use a good epoxy to patch it up.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Sep 06, 2009 | 154 views

its the headlight relay flasher ie high/low beam

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on May 28, 2009 | 328 views

sounds like a poor ground issue, pull out the headlight and check all connections in there, your turn signals are on seperate feeds than the lights but they will probably share the same ground/earth in the headlight

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Apr 23, 2009 | 893 views

I hope it was sitting inside and not outside. This will be a real project bike for you. Bear in mind that your 'free' bike may get costly. The following are general thoughts.

  • If the bike has a kick starter is it froze up or will it rotate the crankshaft? If it has only an electric starter, remove the bike battery and run jumper cables to the battery leads. Will the bike turn over using a car's battery?
  • Do the clutch and throttle cables work okay?
  • Can you shift up and down through the gears?
  • With car battery hooked up, does it have spark?
  • Shoot WD40 into each cylinder. Be liberal with the WD40.
  • Change gearbox oil. Disconnect the chain.
Does this bike have fuel injection or carburetors? CDI ignition or points? How bad is the rust inside the gas tank? Have you checked the cost of the following items?
  • New chain. New front and rear sprockets (if needed)
  • Battery
  • Carb rebuild kits (if carbs are there)
  • Upholstery
  • Tires
  • Throttle, clutch and front brake cables
  • Speedometer cable
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Title changeover, License plates and insurance
  • Electric starter (if needed)
  • Fuel pump (if injected and if needed)
Get back to me on this bike. I would like to see what you find.

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Mar 29, 2009 | 343 views

hi m8,, try these guyz 4 a manual,, downloadable ones,, www.repairmanual.com

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Mar 03, 2009 | 582 views

Hi, cant help with the tool kit but i think you can get the manual from here...http://www.manualz.info/Manuals_pdf/

1983 Honda vt... | Answered on Jan 15, 2009 | 604 views

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