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46.27 hp (34.5 kw)

2008 HM CRE... | Answered on Nov 10, 2008

I was down 1/2 quart. Is it usual to burn that much oil in 700 miles or did the mechanic forget to change the oil at the 600 miles service? Husband bought a duplicate bike and he wasn't down at all. I can see being down 1/2 quart with a total mileage of 1100 miles (maybe) but not in the 700 miles since the oil change. Like a dummy I didn't check the fluids after the initial service. It looks clean, but I'm planning a 1200 mile trip next week and am not quite sure if this is normal...if you experienced guys think its okay, I guess I'll have to make room in my bags to carry oil! Any opinions appreciated...,1. Sounds like the mechanic didnt do his job right. 2. Just have your hubby do it. cheaper and you know its done right.......,,,

2008 HM CRE... | Answered on Nov 10, 2008

At a guess.... Your clutch is slipping. Higher gears and increased drag at hiway speeds put the most torque through the clutch and it sounds like that's when the plates start to slip. When you back off the plates grab again until the load over powers the plates again. But that's just a inter-guess through a computer screen...... ,,

2008 HM CRE... | Answered on Nov 10, 2008

when I tried to start it yesterday it would not start; pushing the ignition causes just one *click* sound and then nothing. The battery is reading 12.65V or so so that seems fine. I did some research and I think it's either along the lines of the spark plug(or ignition area) or maybe water in the float bowls from fueling up(?). I tried it again today and this time there was no *click* sound. I also noticed that the -neutral- and -check engine oil- lights which normally light up quickly at start up take a few seconds before lighting up. Now I think it's more in the electrical section but not exactly sure which area. I'm going to take a look at the spark plug and maybe try to drain any water out, but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas? ,When you press start, the churning sound you (typically) hear is from the starter motor forcibly turning the crankshaft. While the starter is physically turning the engine, the engine is also injecting the fuel/air mixture into the cylinders and firing the spark plugs. If the plugs successfully ignite the incoming fuel/air mixture, the engine will begin turning itself over. If you press the button and nothing happens, or you just hear a click, the starter motor is not cranking the engine. The click you heard was probably the starter solenoid attempting to engage the starter to the flywheel of the crankshaft. The problem is probably the starter. It may be a bad battery. Reading the open voltage with no load on the battery tells you nothing. Put the voltmeter across the battery terminals and read the voltage while holding the Start button.,,,

2008 HM CRE... | Answered on Nov 10, 2008

I would try to start it again and all I get is a spinning and whining sound from the starter. It is as if the starter is not engaging somehow. A while after it cools down the bike will start agian. Does anyone have any possible answers. Thanks in advance!A lot of the starters are designed so the bendix shaft shears if it sticks to the fly wheel or over torques. If you remove the starter, connect a pair of vice-grips to the bendix gear. Jump the starter with a pair of cables, to get it to activate. The bendix will probably kick out, but not rotate. You should hear the armeture spin. Otherwise, the bendix will kick out, and you'll hear the armeture hum. If that's the case, check to make sure the fly wheel has been ground down, on the side facing the starter. However, you would probably hear grinding not spinning, if that were the problem.,,,

2008 HM CRE... | Answered on Nov 10, 2008

has to be in first gear to switch between reverse and forward.

Motorcycles | Answered 9 hours ago

That is likely to happen when spark plug gets wet.

Motorcycles | Answered 14 hours ago

This is the best reference video, indeed will help you out.

Motorcycles | Answered Yesterday

Might be the switch depending where in the circuit the fuse link is but I suggest you remove the heater plugs and check them on a battery first - it isn't unknown for one to have a short circuit...

Motorcycles | Answered Yesterday

The rev limiter is probably in the software the management computer or electronic ignition is loaded with and would need to be changed by someone with a very clever piece of diagnostic equipment.

The manufacturer probably set the limiter well above the point of maximum torque so there is unlikely to be any practical advantage to changing it.
Few engines are produced to be mechanically unsafe at an rpm where the power is still building and there is little sense in operating any engine beyond the point of peak power, whatever that is for your engine, so it would be reasonable to say the engine will be mechanically safe up to that point - now you need to find a copy of the engine torque/BHP graph...

Motorcycles | Answered Yesterday

De CAT an exhaust only for off-road use or if local regulations allow the use on the road and if local regulations do allow it, life could become difficult if the bike is ridden out of the area.

If the CAT is contained in a separate exhaust can it is fairly straightforward to cut it out and weld in a suitably shaped and sized piece of pipe. If the CAT is integral with the silencer box life is more difficult. The end of the box will have to be removed to take the monolith out especially if it is a metal monolith though it might be possible to smash a ceramic monolith to pieces and remove it a piece at a time through the inlet pipe.

Motorcycles | Answered Yesterday

Find the recommended pressure for the brand of tyres fitted to your bike in that brand's tyre application catalogue - these are often slightly different to the pressures with the original tyres.

Motorcycles | Answered 2 days ago

TO DO____Fill Fuel Tank
TO DO____Change Air Filter
TO DO____Change Spark Plugs
TO DO____Clean Carbs

Motorcycles | Answered 2 days ago

You did not give the model number of the particular maddog that you have but this is the closest thing I could find. Hope this helps>


Motorcycles | Answered 3 days ago

Sounds like the Ignition timing is out if it is firing through the carburetor. It means the engine is firing too soon before TDC (top dead centre) and is throwing the piston backwards instead of onwards. Did you check the compression and that the valves were sealing properly after the rebuild? You can get combustion via the inlet valve, which exits via the carburetor.


Dyna 3000 ignition settings



Motorcycles | Answered 3 days ago

Unrestricted models are high performers but there are learner-friendly models on the market that are derated to around half power to comply with legislation.

Motorcycles | Answered on Nov 26, 2020

I was recently asked to make a video on converting a motorcycle from shaft to chain drive, so here we go! In general I do not recommend doing a motorcycle drive shaft to chain conversion, or a motorcycle chain to drive shaft conversion for that matter. In most cases it will cost a lot more money and be more trouble than it is worth, and it is a better idea to simply buy a chain drive motorcycle or shaft drive motorcycle accordingly! Contact: Message via Youtube -or- Email [email protected]

Motorcycles | Answered on Nov 25, 2020

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