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right in the back of gear box same size as the drain bolt,. put in the right amount, per the manual, if you put in to much it will over flow,.

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Check drive chain tension and lubrication. Also check for excess wear on drive sprocket.

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Something has to be draining your battery. Try to find out what is still pulling power. What could still be running even when your ignition switch is off. Usually it's the parking light. Depending on your make the last turn of your key after your lock, is a parking light notch. My Hyabusa has that kind of notch and I'm always being alerted that my back light is still on after I'm in the house.

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If the battery won't hold a charge take it to an auto parts store. they'll usually check it for you on a load tester for free. Typically the issues of the battery discharging stem from the charging system. I would check the stator output as well as the regulator. More than likely your problems stem from those areas.

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If it will not crank then the battery is probably drainedCheck battery voltage with key on, key off & cranking & get back to me
Ride Safe

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A large screwdriver will break open the seat clamp.

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its like buying a three weeler and expecting porche

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I looked all through the manual and could not find a fuse box. It looks like they may all be inline single fuses.

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what is kymco...we r answering world vise questions... i don't know this name tel me is this a car or a bike or any ales...

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sounds like a spark plug problem or a cracked coil

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Firstly, I don't know whether the vehicle has an immobiliser or other type of anti-theft or security system but it would be an unusual modern vehicle if it doesn't and if so it might be the cause of the non-starting.
I am not familiar with the model but I expect it has many similarities with most modern vehicles where there is an engine management computer that drives the ignition coil and fuel injection system after processing information from a number of sensors. Replacing components without testing can be expensive and fruitless and unfortunately that needs a measure of experience and some specialised equipment.

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Arriving at a fair price for any secondhand vehicle is very difficult and many variables should be considered though in the final analysis anything is only worth what the market will pay - if the seller asks too much the buyer will walk away.

There are many publications providing guide prices for all manner of vehicles - but these are only a guide and some models tend to command higher prices because of a good reputation while other models with a reputation for trouble or high running costs can fall far below.

No vehicle should be bought without a thorough inspection and price adjustments made for faults found and any pending work, taking due consideration of fair wear and tear.

A service history is important but will affect the price only if it can be fully verified by the presence of official invoices and a vehicle should only reach the guide price if the literature pack, the full complement of keys, tools, accessories, etc. is present. The replacement cost of some of the modern keys can be eye-watering so it is important to think ahead.

The presence of local dealer expertise and a spares service is worth a little extra and the absence of a local dealer drives the price down a little.

I hope this helps...

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Check all wiring connections and especially those on the battery, starter, and starter solenoid(if seperare from battery). It sounds like something is just making a bad connection since it won't even turn over- I bet your problem is in this area, good Luck and if I've been helpful please click the green button to let me know, Habe A Great Day!

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You've got a Ignition System Issue which narrows things down quite a bit. It's either the ignition switch that your key goes into, or an on/off(run/stop) switch, or it's a relay for the ignition systems(or starter relay), if it's none of those then it's the starter solenoid that you've been jumping with the screwdriver, it sounds like the starter is working as it should since it turns over- the reason it turns over but won't actually run is because the ignition system won't work unless the key is inserted and in the run position, or if there's any other on/off switch that controls your engine it could be there. I'm not familiar with this exact bike but this is a common issue with all motorized machines! You can bypass all of this but that requires running some wires and a couple of switches plus a relay or two- that's an option but don't do that as your issue is nothing major and would be easier to fix than to go through the trouble of re-wiring it all. Just start troubleshooting and eliminate one part at a time, check relays, fuses, and electrical connections first, then the individual components I listed above and check to make sure they have power coming in and out when/where they're supposed to. If your bike turns over but won't run and the key is on, and you have a functional Ignition system then you need to verify you have ignition by checking your coil's output. EASIEST way to do so is pull a spark plug and connect it to the spark plug wire as you normally would, then hold the spark plug against the engine to ground it and turn it over- you'll see if you have any spark jumping aroundbetween the spark plug's electrode and the base of the plug itself. Either way, you'll get this figured out now that you know where to start and what to check!


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Can be a loose / bad connection somewhere in the high current starter circuit, or a flat battery.
Did it start ok a few times when you put in the new battery?
Yes >> not charging the battery (or not charged when fitted).
No >> Bad connection between battery and frame or between battery and main ignition key power connection point (usually to a fuse).
The cause of solenoid clicking is the voltage dropping dramatically when the starter current begins to flow, usually a flat battery or a loose or dirty connection in the starter current circuit (will generate heat when clicking which can help you find it).

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Your first option is to check the basics.
Is there fuel in the tank? Yes, I know that sounds silly but I have done it!
Check that the fuel lines all the way from the tank aren't blocked.
Is there a fuel tap, (petcock), fitted? They usually have a gauze filter built into them that might need cleaning.
Is the fuel filter a new one?
When was the last time the carb was overhauled?

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No pillion passenger - about 30 psi when the tyres are cold. The pressure rating should be on the tyre sidewalls. If it's in kg/cm3 or kPa just use an online conversion table to calculate psi.

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