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2004 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider Sideboard. It runs bad, backfires, won't kids. Drained gas tank, cleaned plugs, put new gas back in, but it stills runs bad.

Question edited for clarity and what I think you were trying to say. Not sure about 'want kids' though? I changed to 'won't'. Question moved from 'Garden' category. Help in the link. They have a history of it. https://www.google.com/search?q=2004+Harley+Davidson+Dyna+Low+Rider+runs+bad%2C+backfires ..
5/5/2024 6:51:15 PM • 2004 Harley... • Answered on May 05, 2024

2007 Harley-Davidson FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic. I have red key light.

Question edited for clarity, full year make model in order. Question moved from 'Red Motorcycles'. :>D It means you have a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code). https://www.google.com/search?q=2007+Harley-Davidson+FLSTC+Heritage+Softail+Classic+red+key+light and also https://www.google.com/search?q=2007+harley-davidson+flstc+diagnostic+tool ..
4/29/2024 7:36:52 PM • 2007 Harley... • Answered on Apr 29, 2024

2014 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic. BCM CODE 62206 PN 69994-12A. 2014 Electra Glide Ultra Classic.

Error code B2206 ' Harley Davidson Forums

harley-davidsonforums.com https://www.harley-davidsonforums.com > threads > err... Oct 4, 2021 - Error code B2206 ... 2014 FLHXS. Starts cold but once warm it needs to cool down before it will start again. Cranks over but just won't fire.

Error code b2206

HarleyTechTalk https://harleytechtalk.com > htt Apr 4, 2021 - Pulled codes and got a b2206 indicating a short in run/stop circuit. I pulled the switch housing and found the wire from switch was not pushed ... Missing: 2014 ‎ ultra ‎ Classic

b2206 Code - Road Glide Org

roadglide.org https://www.roadglide.org > ... > Controls & Handlebars Apr 3, 2023 - This code refers to the single wire connector on the right side for the start/stop switch. Make sure that plug is properly connected and if so, . https://www.google.com/search?q=2014+Electra+Glide+ultra+Classic+BCM+CODE+62206 ..
4/12/2024 6:06:18 PM • 2014 Harley... • Answered on Apr 12, 2024

2004 fat boy won't start

First check for spark by using a known good plug and laying it on cylinder head while cranking. Leave the original plugs in. Do NOT remove them for this test. If no spark then either crankshaft position sensor or the ECU or the coil or system relay or fuses or wiring is faulty. If you do not have good electrical knowledge to check these out, bring it to a dealer. If good spark, then fuel must be the problem. Check to see if fuel pump runs for a few seconds when turning bike on. You shoud hear the pump running for a few seconds then stop. If the pump does not run, check system relay and fuel pump fuses. Note - the pump will only run once when turned on/off every few seconds. Bike needs to be off for at least ten seconds for next pump cycle. Check to see if faults codes are stored in ECU memory as these may lead you to the cause.
3/31/2024 9:17:17 PM • 2004 Harley... • Answered on Mar 31, 2024

Why did all the oil blow out through the breather of my 200 sportster 883? air filter is saturated with oil

kinda sounds like you broke a ring or crank case vent plugged
3/12/2024 10:38:08 PM • Harley Davidson... • Answered on Mar 12, 2024

2003 Harley Davidson XL 1200 C Sportster

That's a strange one. The only things I can think of suggesting are:
  • Clogged gas cap vent. The next time is starts running poorly, remove the gas cap briefly and see if things improve. If so, then the cap is not venting as it should.
  • Moisture trapped in float bowl. Drain the contents on the carburetor float bowl into a clean container and check for dirt, rust, water, or anything else that doesn't belong there.
  • Dirty fuel filter. If there is one, replace it.
  • Air leak between carb and engine. Check tightness of clamps and manifolds for cracking. WD-40 sprayed around those areas with the engine idling will help detect any leaks.
That's all I can think of. Please let me know if any of my suggestions fixed it.
2/13/2024 6:27:31 AM • 2003 Harley... • Answered on Feb 13, 2024

Will a 2003 Harley-Davidson Fatboy rear wheel fit a 2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster?

Question edited for clarity and add maker. Question moved to model category. The Harley-Davidson Forums say No it won't.

will fatboy wheels fit a sporty?

Harley Davidson Forums https://www.hdforums.com > ... > Sportster Models Jul 22, 2009 - That wheel will not just bolt onto your bike you have the old style bearings and your bike also uses rotors and pulleys with a differant center ... Softail rims on sportster? - Harley Davidson Forums Apr 3, 2009 Fat Boy solid rear wheel on Sportster - Harley Davidson Forums Jul 13, 2016 03 Fatboy Rear Wheel on 04 Electra Glide? Sep 23, 2015 will fatboy wheels fit a sporty? - Harley Davidson Forums Jul 22, 2009 More results from www.hdforums.com More here https://www.google.com/search?q=Will+a+2003+Harley-Davidson+Fatboy+rear+wheel+fit+a+2004+Harley-Davidson+Sportster ..
2/11/2024 2:05:03 AM • 2004 Harley... • Answered on Feb 11, 2024

2003 sportster wont start or run right when it is warmed up

Hey dude, did you have trying on intake pipe leak ...spray any carb cleaner on the manifold intake....any change would be an air leak.... Voila.Thkx.
2/6/2024 5:29:27 PM • 2000 Harley... • Answered on Feb 06, 2024

2005 Harley-Davidson Dyna FXDLI Low Rider. It won't idle and sounds like it chokes itself out.

Question edited for clarity. Question moved to model category. Likely the IAC needs cleaning.

Low Rider Engine Shuts Off at Idle

Harley Davidson Forums https://www.hdforums.com > ... > Dyna Glide Models Mar 29, 2009 - My 2007 Low Rider with 21,000 miles has begun shutting down when you release the throttle to idle. This occurs after the engine warms up, ... Dyna dying at idle Nov 25, 2016 wont idle Apr 8, 2014 FXDLI, how to adjust idle Nov 22, 2015 Low Rider idle speed question Apr 19, 2005 More results from www.hdforums.com

Dyna Idling Issues ' Harley Davidson Forums

harley-davidsonforums.com https://www.harley-davidsonforums.com > threads > d... Jan 31, 2015 - Leaking intake manifold seals will cause a lean condition and are known to cause idle problems. A dirty or mis-adjusted carb will cause idle ... Dyna in and out Stall problems - Harley Davidson Forums May 17, 2016 Rough idle, throttle response poor - Harley Davidson Forums Feb 9, 2019 FI/idle rpm - Harley Davidson Forums Sep 11, 2012 Bottoming out on my FXDL...all the time Nov 28, 2017 More results from www.harley-davidsonforums.com Missing: 2005 ‎ FXDLI ‎ won't

Adjusting idle with fuel injection?

V-Twin Forum https://www.v-twinforum.com > ... > Twin-Cam Engine Mar 13, 2006 - Here's how: Go for a ride, make sure bike is up to temperature. Remove air cleaner. Insert a T10 TORX head through the appropriate hole in the ...

I have 2004 Harley Dyna Low FXDLI. I have problem that has

JustAnswer https://www.justanswer.com > motorcycle > 6vzka-20... Jul 8, 2012 - It runs rough and loses power, it is intermittent but happens regularly. When it runs rough the check engine light does come on. It goes off ... 1 answer · Top answer: Brian : Good day and welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd be happy to help ...

Off-idle stumbles, rough running

V-Twin Forum https://www.v-twinforum.com > threads > off-idle-stu... May 24, 2007 - The subject of rough running and stumbles just off idle (0% to 7% TP) seems to be common to all the tuning methods--SERT, DTT, TMAT. ..
2/4/2024 10:22:47 AM • 2005 Harley... • Answered on Feb 04, 2024

2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883. What are the rocker cover toque settings please?

Question edited for clarity

Question moved to model category

Torque specs. - Harley Davidson Forums

harley-davidsonforums.com https://www.harley-davidsonforums.com > threads > t... Aug 23, 2013 - Does anybody know the torque specs for the rocker box on a 2011 883 sportster? The four Allen screws on the top. torque specs for derby cover?? - Harley Davidson Forums Dec 9, 2011 Primary and Inspection covers torque specs Feb 16, 2014 Derby Cover Torque Setting - Harley Davidson Forums Nov 23, 2013 torque specs ' Harley Davidson Forums Aug 15, 2014 More results from www.harley-davidsonforums.com


JustAnswer https://www.justanswer.com > motorcycle > 18w7n-tor... Jun 10, 2008 - Inner rocker cover (5/16 in. bolts) 18-22 Ft/Lbs. Inner rocker cover (1/4 in. screws)135-155 in / Lbs. Outer rocker cover 120-168 in / Lbs.

Bolt Torque Values

Nightrider.com http://www.nightrider.com > biketech > hdtorquevalues This table is based upon Grade 5 fasteners, generally used Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Fastener Size - Torque ft. lbs. #8 - 14 in. lbs. #10 - 22 in. lbs. 1 ... ..
2/4/2024 10:15:16 AM • 2007 Harley... • Answered on Feb 04, 2024

2008 Harley Davidson FLHX Street Glide will not start

The TSSM will not cause these symptoms. I would suggest you start from the beginning of the work you done. If the bike was operating correctly before the work was started, then for sure you have done something incorrectly. Check all fuses as is one of these is blown due to incorrect wiring, then the supply to the clock/tack could be compromised.
1/24/2024 9:34:48 AM • 2008 Harley... • Answered on Jan 24, 2024

Vibration at 2900 RPM

I have the same problem with my Roadking except it wasnt dropped. I did a full alignment of rear tire to engine, aligned the rear tire to front tire, aligned the engine and replaced the front motor mount. Nobody seems to have an answer, that I've talked to anyway. If you find a cure let me know, If I find one I'll let you know.
1/18/2024 10:28:03 PM • 2003 Harley... • Answered on Jan 18, 2024

2012 Harley-Davidson FLHR ROAD KING. Is the TSSM vertical or horizontal on a 2012 Road King?

Question edited for clarity and add maker. Question moved from 'Road Motorcycles'. Check out the link and the HD Forums https://www.google.com/search?q=Road+King+tssm+vertical+or+horizontal ..
1/17/2024 4:29:22 PM • Harley Davidson... • Answered on Jan 17, 2024

Diagnostic code PPU84172

No such code for a Harley. What is your problem? Try to display actual codes and see if you have any.
1/17/2024 12:14:25 PM • 2002 Harley... • Answered on Jan 17, 2024

2000 Harley-Davidson FLHR/FLHRI Road King. It ran great no problem but leaking fuel line. I replaced with new fuel line but now won't start?

Question edited for a lot more clarity, plus typos. Question moved from 'Gas Motorcycles' to model category. You need to track the buzzing, but these come in either carburetor or Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) My guess is that yours is fuel injected and the buzzing is the fuel pump relay.

2000 fuel injected road king won't start

Harley Davidson Forums https://www.hdforums.com > ... > Touring Models Aug 14, 2017 - You state: bike cranks and starts when fuel is placed inside the cylinders then based on the limited information available it reads fuel related ... Road king cranks won't start - Harley Davidson Forums Jun 1, 2012 2000 Road King No Spark (Coil is Good) Jan 7, 2018 Road King Won't Start - Harley Davidson Forums May 2, 2012 2000 Road King Classic - No spark - Harley Davidson Forums Feb 26, 2019 More results from www.hdforums.com ..
1/13/2024 8:16:25 PM • Harley Davidson... • Answered on Jan 13, 2024

Disconnect wire from manifold where does it go?

1/4/2024 9:00:53 AM • 2007 Harley... • Answered on Jan 04, 2024

1992 Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic. What engine is this, engine # BLLN011421?

If the serial number on your motor doesn't correspond directly to an S&S motor, it's possible that the lower end, which includes the crankcase, might be a Harley Davidson component. S&S often manufactures performance parts that are compatible with Harley engines, including jugs and heads, which might be installed on a Harley lower end. This hybrid setup isn't uncommon in customized or modified motorcycles. It might be beneficial to consult with a motorcycle mechanic or a specialist familiar with Harley and S&S components to verify the specifics of your engine setup.
1/2/2024 6:53:30 PM • Harley Davidson... • Answered on Jan 02, 2024
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