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ZAZ Cars &... | Answered on Aug 15, 2012

While there are several potential issues, the most common is low refrigerant. The level of refrigerant in your system decreases naturally over time (very, very slowly), but leaks can also occur.

A quick way to test would be to see if there's power going to the clutch relay on the compressor. If there's power, then your refrigerant level is normal and the issue lies with either the clutch, or the compressor itself.

If there's no power going to the relay, then more than likely you have low refrigerant. This can decrease naturally (very very slowly) or you have a leak.

To properly determine if you are low on refrigerant, you will need to attach pressure gauges and have the refrigerant removed and weighed to and compare that to what your vehicle should have (label for weight of refrigerant will be found on a label under the hood). A quick way that's not recommended is to quickly press the low pressure valve on the refrigerant line. If there's pressure and it hisses loudly, then you could just be low on refrigerant. If there's no pressure, then you have a leak. This is not recommended as you should not be venting refrigerant into the atmosphere.

There are home recharge kits that people can buy at local auto parts stores. Those can work so long as you're just low on refrigerant and there are no leaks or other issues. If there is a leak, then you will need it serviced. Do no use those recharge kits with with built in leak sealants as those will gum up and clog your system.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 5 hours ago

I suggest you take it back to whoever serviced it and complain bitterly.

Coincidences do happen but most of the time it is because something was disturbed during the service that didn't go back quite right.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 8 hours ago

Yes they are. If they do things correctly, they use both heat and cold and massage and some type of deep heat when you leave and strapping. Some even use ultrasound therapy with massage to remove fluid from inflammation into the lymphatic system.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 9 hours ago

The full name of the wrecker is the road wrecker, also known as trailer, road rescue vehicle, towing vehicle, which has multiple functions such as lifting, towing and lifting traction. The wrecker is mainly used for road breakdown vehicles and urban ******* vehicles. And emergency rescue. The wrecker is mainly divided into the following types: towed one-piece type, towed separation type, one-to-one type, flat one-to-two type, multi-function wrecker, hydraulic automatic clamping type.
Tonnage division
According to the towing tonnage: 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 25 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons.
Chassis division
JAC Wrecker Truck, Isuzu Wrecker Truck, Dongfeng Xiaobawang Flat Wrecker Truck, Dongfeng Dolicato Suspended Wrecker Truck, Dongfeng Flathead Wrecker Truck, Hongyan Heavy Wrecker Truck, Steyr Heavy Wrecker Truck, Flat wrecker, Iveco wrecker.
Ability division
Light, medium and heavy. The operation objects of light wreckers are light trucks, minibuses and passenger cars. The operation objects of medium and heavy wreckers are medium and heavy trucks and large and medium sized buses. The operation objects of super heavy wreckers are heavy trucks. Cars and super heavy-duty semi-trailer series.
Wrecker truck chassis: mainly Dongfeng Xiaobawang one-to-one rescue truck, Dongfeng Dorica wrecker, JAC wrecker, Isuzu flatbed rescue truck, Dongfeng 153 one-to-one rescue truck, Steyr large wrecker , Dongfeng Tianlong eight-wheel large rescue vehicle.
specific purpose
The wrecker refers to a special vehicle equipped with road emergency rescue equipment. When cars are driving on the road, failures and accidents are inevitable, especially on high-grade highways, this phenomenon often occurs. The task of the wrecker is to drag the faulty car or accident car away from the scene in time to ensure the smoothness of the road. Therefore, road wreckers are also called road rescue vehicles. With the increase of high-grade roads and cars in use, wreckers have also been developed.
Use of wrecker truck: mainly used for road breakdown vehicles, city ******* vehicles and emergency rescue.
The support arm and boom of the wrecker truck are all made of high-strength steel plate, which is formed by bending. Carbon dioxide automatically protects the welding. Only two welds are allowed. There are few welds, small deformation, high accuracy and strength, and they are tested by ultrasonic welds. All the welding of the wrecker adopts carbon dioxide protection welding and argon arc welding. The length of the welding seam is greater than 300mm. Automatic seam welding is used to make the surface of the welding seam smooth and beautiful.
wrecker tow truck

Cars & Trucks | Answered 9 hours ago

Gas has leaked out or compressor or clutch has failed or the control has failed.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 11 hours ago

Modern digital vehicles use some unconventional circuits so troubleshooting isn't always straightforward and checking the supply to and from the fuse, etc. with a test lamp.

A wiring diagram is necessary for in depth investigation.

If the low beam is the HID type it might be a faulty ignitor. If this type beware of dangerous high voltage.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 12 hours ago

The wire to the mirror may be chaffed and powering it through where the loom goes from the door to the door frame. Or the switch to it is faulty and on all the time, however, it should power off everything when the key is removed. It is best to take it to a good auto-electrician for diagnosis.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 17 hours ago

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