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Question or statement I wonder.

Honda Cars &... | Answered 15 minutes ago | 12 views

going to a synthetic oil in OLD equipment is not a real smart idea

Cars & Trucks | Answered 2 hours ago | 13 views

no,just a vacuum line from port to canister

GMC Cars &... | Answered 3 hours ago | 25 views

First,, do not run this until you get it fixed..
I would replace the thermostat first.. drain and refill the coolant with the correct antifreeze and water mixture...
That usually fixes it.. and for the least amount $$

Cars & Trucks | Answered 5 hours ago | 12 views

It sounds to me like You may need to have your phone repaired or replaced, but before You do that You may want to check your settings on your phone to make sure that they are all set correctly. The only other suggestion that I can offer You is to do a Factory Data Reset on your phone, this process will erase EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE Apps, Photos, Music before You do this You might want to make sure that EVERYTHING is BACKED UP either to the cloud OR to your phone. NOTE: Before You do this You may need to DELETE YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT and any other accounts that You have stored on your phone. DON'T WORRY THOUGH, YOU CAN RE-CREATE YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT DURING THE RESET PROCESS. Once the setup process is complete You will need to go to the Google Playstore to reinstall the latest App updates, THIS PROCESS MAY TAKE A LONG TIME. I hope this information is helpful. and I hope that You are able to get up and running.

Rover Cars &... | Answered 7 hours ago | 15 views

It's related to fuel of the car.

Honda Cars &... | Answered 7 hours ago | 24 views

A fuse provides protection. it offers a form of control.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 7 hours ago | 11 views

apart from trading it in for a new model you could try changing the back wheels for the front wheels and see if this cures the wobble.the car battery is fine if its starting ok so leave that well alone as no doubt the firestone have a special on the batteries where the mechanic gets so many cans of beer for each battery sold .forget the service engine light thats their to make you take vehicle to dealer to have it done to put the light out ,change the battery in the key fob but be warned this vehicle has to be put on the dealer diagnostic machine to reset ,another wheeze to keep the dealers in business so use another battery with the wires on to hook into contacts on the key fob before you change the battery ,save about 80 euros + labour .now the ABS light ??? thinking ,could be lots of things but here you may need a local mechanic to have a look for you as the cause could be sensor on a wheel or the wheel bearing as the modern motor uses a gray paste on the back of the wheel bearing instead of a metal ring with teeth and this paste/paint can get damaged by a twig or plastic bag getting caught behind the bearing rubbing it off ,i have the teashirt for this so dont ask.see how you get on and if you need anything else just answer the reply

2007 Chevrolet... | Answered 8 hours ago | 564 views

I would first start by looking at your fuse panel and go from there. I can help you with more if that is not the problem

Dodge Cars &... | Answered 9 hours ago | 13 views

They fit into one of the freeze plugs on the engine block. You drain the coolant from the tap on the radiator. You drill a hole in the freeze plug and pull it out. Then you install the block heater. Some have a toggle that grips from inside, some are pushed in the hole and tightened down with a bracket. Use silicone around it before you insert it. Fill with coolant and burp the air out. Put the radiator cap on and check for leaks.

Kia Cars &... | Answered 9 hours ago | 17 views

Your troubleshooting isolated the problem to no +12 vdc at the lamp socket. Find and fix what's wrong and the headlight will be working again. Could be a defective socket

Cars & Trucks | Answered 10 hours ago | 14 views

1az fse engine isn't useful in questions like this, whereas year make model is.

It is likely to be a dirty or bad sensor.

Here is the engine troubleshooting manual, but I would Google

year make model starting problems

Cars & Trucks | Answered 12 hours ago | 80 views

As far as I know the 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe did NOT have a CVT transmission, rather a 4 speed automatic. Mine went well over 300,000 miles (see photo) with original trans and engine.

2002 Hyundai... | Answered 12 hours ago | 240 views

have you checked if the bulbs are fused?. some bulbs have 2 filaments. One for the break and the other for the parking.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 12 hours ago | 17 views

Sorry but there isn't an easy answer to this question. I'd like to know what you are working on and if any recent work was performed recently. A faulty alternator could cause your battery to draw down. A faulty new battery. A faulty light switch (Hood, Glove Box or Trunk Lamp). The ignition switch is worn and the key is removed in the wrong position. A short somewhere in the vehicles wiring could cause this as well. How fast does the battery draw down? A multimeter is very helpful while monitoring battery voltage dropdown. I'm not sure what tools you have for testing. Please write back and let me know if this information helps or if you need more assistance.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 13 hours ago | 17 views

I don't know but I would guess not - manufacturers tend not to use two if one will suffice and wiring harnesses are usually bought in and are relatively expensive.

The circuit diagrams we consider typical on older vehicles changed radically as electronics and then computers became part of a car. It is most important to obtain wiring diagrams and understand how the circuits work before troubleshooting computerised vehicles.
One major difference with headlights is often the supply is permanent (unswitched) and a black box switches the earthy side when the light switch/dip switch commands it to do so.

It would be easy to see how a person familiar with older cars could assume the wiring of a more modern car is messed up...

Isuzu Cars &... | Answered 13 hours ago | 19 views

Yes, it should. Your voltage regulator is integrated inside of the ECU. Unfortunately, this part is paired to the vehicle VIN number and must be purchased from a dealership, then they will charge you to pair the new one to your vehicle before it will work.

Chrysler Cars &... | Answered 13 hours ago | 14 views

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