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My toyota fortuner 3l d4d 2007 I notice the clutch pedal feels a bit harder than normal any cause of this?

A harder clutch pedal in your Toyota Fortuner 3.0L D4D 2007 could be indicative of several potential issues. It's important to have a qualified mechanic inspect and diagnose the specific cause, but I can suggest some common reasons for a harder clutch pedal:
  • Clutch Wear:
  • The clutch may be nearing the end of its life and may require replacement. Over time, the clutch disc and pressure plate can wear, leading to a harder pedal feel.
  • Clutch Hydraulic System Issues:
  • The hydraulic system, including the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, or hydraulic lines, could be leaking, damaged, or experiencing air bubbles, resulting in a harder pedal feel. Inspect for any leaks or damage in these components.
  • Clutch Cable Issues (if applicable):
  • If your Fortuner uses a mechanical clutch linkage with a cable, the cable could be stretched, frayed, or damaged, causing increased resistance in the pedal.
  • Clutch Release Bearing:
  • The clutch release bearing may be failing or worn out, causing increased resistance when engaging and disengaging the clutch.
  • Clutch Fork or Pivot Issues:
  • The clutch fork or its pivot may be damaged or experiencing increased friction, making the pedal feel harder.
  • Pressure Plate Issues:
  • The pressure plate, which engages and disengages the clutch, might have issues like wear, warping, or damage, affecting the pedal feel.
  • Flywheel Problems:
  • The flywheel could be worn, damaged, or have hot spots, affecting the clutch engagement and the pedal feel.
  • Improperly Lubricated Components:
  • Lack of lubrication in the clutch linkage or pedal assembly can cause increased friction and result in a harder pedal.
Conclusion. It's essential to address any clutch-related issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle. It's recommended to have a professional mechanic inspect and diagnose the specific cause of the harder clutch pedal in your Toyota Fortuner.
9/26/2023 12:35:05 AM • Toyota Cars &... • Answered 2 days ago

Can I swap an Isuzu Trooper 6VD1(RLS) engine with an Isuzu Wizard 6VD1(RLS) engine

That engine was used in both models. As long as the model number, year of manufacture and generation of the engine match you should be able to do the swap. An obvious suggestion is to take a very good look at your engine and take photos, then go to look at the replacement engine. Compare the two. If your not sure take someone with you that knows engines.
9/26/2023 12:33:49 AM • Isuzu Cars &... • Answered 2 days ago

What charge should someone get if they stab another person with a knife internally

This is a question you need to be asking a lawyer/solicitor or a police officer as this is legal advice and your answer can depend on what country you live in.
9/26/2023 12:33:36 AM • Cars & Trucks • Answered 2 days ago

Need some help w/ 1998 Yamaha BIG BEAR 350 2WD.

It's designed to only start in neutral. If the reverse light is on, it will not start with the button.
9/26/2023 12:33:24 AM • Yamaha Cars &... • Answered 2 days ago

Mercedes-Benz C 200 Kompressor. Error message is written 'Observe Waiting Period'. What does it mean please?

Question edited for clarity. Question moved to model category. Waiting for oil to drain from the upper engine to the bottom oil pan. It is all explained on the forums and in the attached video.

OBSERVE WAITING PERIOD - Why do I get this msg ...

Mercedes-Benz Forum > ... > W203 C-Class Apr 1, 2008 - the waiting period is to allow all the oil to drain back into the pan. if it were measured immediately after shutting off it would read low ... Observe Waiting Period, no matter what ' Mercedes-Benz Forum Aug 20, 2019 Reduce Oil Warning??? ' Mercedes-Benz Forum Aug 21, 2019 Engine Oil Level ' Mercedes-Benz Forum Apr 18, 2014 More results from

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU SEE "OBSERVE WAITING ... > 2020/05/11 Nov 5, 2020 - The waiting period is to allow all the oil to drain back into the oil pan. If it were measured immediately after shutting off it, it would read ...

Oil Level 'Observe Waiting Period' > oil-level-observe... Mar 27, 2008 - It's not a fault, the waiting time is 30 mins. Presumably to ensure full drain down of circulating oil in galleries of the engine etc. No manual ... Too much oil - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums Sep 15, 2009 Oil checking ' Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums Mar 28, 2013 C200 no dipstick-and low oil level warning Jan 6, 2020 More results from

Observe Waiting Period - all the time!

MBWorld > ... > W211 AMG May 11, 2015 - I have had exact same problem. the car can sit for 24 hours and still give you "observe waiting period" message. Then it gave my error "check ... oil level check not working? how long am i supposed to wait? Feb 26, 2017 Help! I got a weird message on my display today! - MBWorld Aug 11, 2002 I cant find Engine Oil level Display in the Instrument panel Oct 25, 2018 Oil level check - Forums Jul 22, 2011 More results from ..
9/26/2023 12:33:11 AM • Mercedes-Benz... • Answered 2 days ago

2004 Dodge Durango. Where is the fuse breaker for the power windows please?

Question edited for clarity. Question moved to model category. CB1 - 24 amp breaker - Sunroof Motor, Power Window

Dodge Durango (2004-2009) fuses and relays

Fuse Box Diagrams > dodge > dodge-durango-2004-... Interior Fuse Box. It is located in the left kick panel behind the cover. The location of the fuses in the passenger compartment: Dodge Durango (2006-2009 ... ..
9/26/2023 12:32:28 AM • 2004 Dodge... • Answered 2 days ago

2003 Nissan Frontier. How am I supposed to get into key fob programming mode?

The easy way is to get a local auto electrician to do it with a scan tool computer or a mobile locksmith Or try this again with these instructions and videos 2003 Nissan Frontier Key Fob Remote Programming Instructions
  1. Get inside the vehicle close and LOCK all doors using the lock/unlock switch on the driver's side door. ( ...
  2. Insert your key into the ignition and remove it 6 times within 10 seconds. ...
  3. Insert the key in the ignition and turn it to the ACC position.
More items... • Sep 12, 2013

2003 Nissan Frontier Key Fob Remote Programming Instructions

9/26/2023 12:32:15 AM • 2003 Nissan... • Answered 2 days ago

Can I swap an Isuzu Trooper 6VD1RLS engine with an Isuzu Wizard 6VD1RLS engine?

Compare. They are same engine designation and are better if they are the same year.


Goo-net Exchange > catalog > ISUZ... ISUZU WIZARD V6 TYPE X ; ModelGF-UER25FW ; Dimension4490×1785×1740mm ; Wheelbase2700mm ; Tread front/rear1515/1520mm ; Dimension(Interior)1820×1380×1135mm. ..
9/26/2023 12:32:00 AM • Isuzu Cars &... • Answered 2 days ago

I have a 1997 Saturn has a rough idle high RPMs at a stoplight

I would check for unmetered air getting in. Look for cracked or missing vacuum lines
9/24/2023 5:11:39 PM • Saturn Cars &... • Answered 3 days ago

I have a 1992 Mercedes 300e I turn headlights on and turn signal flash on the front of the car only and it's only the driver side inside one any help would be a great help thank you

I found many wiring diagrams of Mercedes on this page 1987-1997 Mercedes System Wiring Diagrams ' Free PDF ( Download the required wiring diagram, compare headlight and indicator section wiring and ensure all connectors are properly connected and tightened.
9/24/2023 2:41:32 PM • Cars & Trucks • Answered 3 days ago

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 1986 Ford Escort 2.0l Diesel L trim manual?

They are normally fitted in the fuse box under the bonnet mounted on the drivers side of the bulkhead. If there is a relay or a fuse fitted it is often labelled with a fan/propeller style symbol.
9/24/2023 10:48:22 AM • Ford Cars &... • Answered 3 days ago

Keys locked inside my Volvo s40 2007 trunk is open can I access my car through the trunk

This is one of those 'Yes - No' answers. Rear seat that drop were an option on the V40 so the answer could be no. Take a look through the left side of the back window at the rear parcel shelf, next to the left head rest. Your looking for a small push button panel, about the size of cigarette box, with two buttons on it. If it's not there the rear seats are fixed into position. If there is one there you might be able to 'trip' the lock spring from inside the trunk. This method is for a much newer model so it might not work. Look inside the trunk, high up on the rear seat where the flat of the seat meets the parcel shelf. There should be a metal rail going all the way across the car. I've attached a photo. Looking straight up at it there are holes in it and you should be able to see a spring or a cable through one of them. Using a chunky, flat blade screwdriver you might be able to 'flick' the latch to release one side of the back seat. The spring is a strong one sort will fight you. To do this you'll be lying with you legs hanging out of the trunk wrestling with it, Probably swearing a lot as well. If you manage to drop the back seat you probably need a small person to wriggle through the hole as I think the rear seat pad needs to be lifted for it to drop all the way. volvo trunk-rw55qbiiuvznhqe5t1mp4qum-d-0.jpg
9/24/2023 9:54:25 AM • Volvo Cars &... • Answered 3 days ago

Valve clearances toyota 7afe engine

Toyota 7A-FE valve clearance (measured cold): - Inlet: 0.15 to 0.25 mm (0.006 to 0.010") - Exhaust: 0.25 to 0.35 mm (0.010 to 0.014") Source:
9/24/2023 8:44:51 AM • Toyota Corolla... • Answered 3 days ago

2006 Getz, I have the radio code but when I put it in and press the number 5 to log it, the number before the word code changes to 1 then 2 then 3 and then it all goes off. Help

You put the first number in with number one key, the second number with key number two and so on till the four numbers are entered ther press key five .
9/24/2023 8:24:35 AM • Hyundai Getz... • Answered 3 days ago

Peugeot hdi 406 lx 2000 reg no electrical power to in tank fuel pump ?

the pump only runs for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on if the engine does not start, check for a blown fuse or faulty pump relay .
9/24/2023 8:02:44 AM • Peugeot Cars &... • Answered 3 days ago
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