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Had the same issue. This did the trick for me. (If link isnt working search the following in YouTube: Toyota tacoma or Hilux 5 speed $24 fix. poping out of gear or unable to shift into some gears)

1998 Toyota... • Answered 13 hours ago

I don't have a Sienna but I do have a 2008 Toyota Camry SE. After it being in the garage for many months, 8 months I think, I had to give the battery a jump to finally start it up. Well The jumper cables I used weren't that great. They flickered and seemed to smoke a little. So i removed them and put a better set on to get a charge. I didn't think anything of it. After that charge came through and i was able to accelerate at all... The throttle was to the floor and the car would not even go up .5 RPMs... After several days and talking to the dealer, I was about to call a Tow to have it taken to the dealer. Luckily my friend came by with one of those diagnostic readers and it spit out the P2118 error code. Immediately we looked it up and found this site. Thanks to I was able to determine that it was a freakin measly fuse that blew due to bad jumper cables... Thank god for the Fuse and thank you to that I was able to determine this so quickly!!!

2006 Toyota... • Answered Yesterday

The Engine of Toyota Raize 2021 is better for durability and reliability

Toyota Cars &... • Answered Yesterday

I had similar issue with my Rav4 2013 xle. Initially, it jerks when I rev past 2000rpm. Later, all dashboard lights come on and engine goes off and it became very persistent. I sent to Toyota dealership a couple of times but no luck. A local mechanic found that a clip for the air cleaner hose was missing and so the hose was very loose. He fixed a clip and that was the end of my trouble. Good luck

2004 Toyota... • Answered Yesterday

those bulbs cannot be replaced individually, you have to replace the whole ac control panel.

2000 Toyota... • Answered Yesterday

sounds like a vacuum issue. Have you used a code reader to check for faults? That is where I would start because that should be an easy fix.

Toyota Cars &... • Answered 3 days ago

Toyota Cars &... • Answered 3 days ago

did you check all your fuses, if gas pedal- throtlle is controlled by cables tipycal, or is controlled by a sensor you want to check that. also check all your wires one of them maybe is burned or your pcm the THE COMPUTER. good luck.

2002 Toyota... • Answered 3 days ago

You would have to get a new set of keys from Toyota car dealer ship stores and a locksmith.

2011 Toyota... • Answered on Jun 14, 2021

Yes it can be replaced, the oil pan has to be removed and the valve body. In a lot of cases the solenoid is not the problem, it can be caused by contaminated fluid clogging the solenoid orifice so be sure the fluid is clean and try to just change the fluid or have it flushed, check with the Toyota dealer with your VIN information there may be a recall for the computer or it may need to be reprogrammed, if it is available there is no charge for the recall.

2003 Toyota... • Answered on Jun 11, 2021

First, listen to the washer fluid pump. Before attempting to unclog the washer fluid jets, turn them on and listen for the low hum of the washer fluid pump. If the jets are clogged, you will hear the pump despite no fluid spraying. Then, Inspect the jets for external blockages. Locate the jets on the top of your hood near the windshield and look for signs that something has blocked them. At last, Use a pin to clear deeper blockages. If wiping away blockages does not clear the jets sufficiently to allow washer fluid to spray out, try using a pin or needle to clear the holes. Hope these helpful for your toyota commuter.

Toyota HiAce... • Answered on Jun 09, 2021

2004 Toyota Solara Owners Manual and Warranty - Toyota ... > owners > resources > 2004
Find everything you need to know about your 2004 Toyota Solara in the owners manual from Toyota Owners.

2004 Toyota... • Answered on Jun 09, 2021

If your window is rolled down it won't open. Did you try making sure the window was all the way closed? ------ Also there is "thingy" in the lower track that can be pushed with a long pointed tool that allows the door to open. This helps until you open then close the fuel door again. ---------- Also check the latch that hold the door on the rail. It is a L shape latch. The cushion on the latch gets worn off therefore the door does not open completely. ------------- The sliding manual door will only open a few inches, because it thinks the gas cap door is open-a safety feature.-------- There is a button inside the gas cap area , you can open the door by manually pushing the little black "release" button on the inside of the gas cap door a few times.-------The gas cap push this button down, but may be gas cap is not giving enough pressure to the button, so its not getting properly closed and sliding door is not getting properly open.-------- Geting this possibilities checked, will help.Thanks.,Helpmech.

Toyota Sienna... • Answered on Jun 09, 2021

My '04 Toyota Hilux cup holder came out as follows... You need to start by removing the dash trim that surrounds the instrument panel and air vents, as per the following. Looking through the steering wheel to the instrument panel, remove the two screws above the instrument panel window. Then remove the two screws under the steering column. Then carefully prise back the section of lower trim to the right of the radio, you will see another screw, remove this. The instrument trim is now free to be wiggled free from its clips. You will need to disconnect the lead to the digital clock. You can now remove the whole dash trim which contains the housing for the cup holder and place it on a work bench. If you then look down onto the sliding tray (from above) you will see two squareish tabs. These tabs are the limiting tabs preventing the tray from sliding out (under normal use). What you need to do is slide the tray out wards and using a flat screwdriver lever these tabs downwards as you pull gently on the tray. You should do one side at a time, so push one tab down until the draw is free on that side then while holding the draw steady repeat for the next tab. Once the two tabs are squeezed free the tray will slide out. With practice I suppose you could just pull the tray straight out (without removing the dash trim) by interting two hacksaw blades curved slightly upwards throught the front of the (open) tray to squeeze the tabs as you pull the draw forward but you need a little luck and knowledge of where the tabs are... And besides, removing the dash trim is pretty simple. With these instruction it should take no more than 10-15 minutes start to finish. Good luck!! Mike

Toyota Hilux... • Answered on Jun 08, 2021

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