Question about 1994 Cadillac DeVille

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Car turns over but no start,So far I unhooked exhaust to check for plugged convertor,pulled plugs & checked spark (keep loading up with fuel)shorted out temp.control sensor to fool computer to think it was hot,I'm wondering if MAP sensor is shot,Unplugged it at vacumn line but no difference.After plugs are dried off it almost starts til U crank it over a bit then sounds like it's flooded.Take plugs out & they're soaked with gas.

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2 Answers

El Jeffe Alston

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May be a coil issue.

Posted on Jul 27, 2012


justin hatfield

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It's when the security light starts flashing that the infamous "chip" in the key becomes a nightmare to many. Gradually the car begins not cranking anymore or if it cranks it would start and die in a second. Randomly it will do this more and more often until it won't start anymore. VATS, PASSkey and Passlock immobilizer systems are killing cars all over North America, they have a short lifespan and are certainly more effective against owners than thieves. Here is how you save your car
1st trick, (if not starting) turn the key forward 2 clicks till right before it would normally start, leave like that for 10 minutes. ( no less ) After 10 minutes, turn key back then forward and your car might start. I did this in my regal for more than a year. If its shuting down while running, im sorry i have no quick fix...

Cheap fix: Bypass the chip in your key. Temporary, but effective. Until the TDM (theft deterrent module) in the dash poops out, then you're kinda screwed. I was told that these types of key security systems have a 7-10 year life span. Sucks for us. This link explains the "Key Issue" pretty well.

Never worry again fix: Bypass the whole VATS/Passlock/passkey I or passkey II system entirely. Literally take it out, and throw it away. I just did this in my Regal. Took about an hour. Took longer to find the thing than it did to fix the problem. For a list of cars effected by this problem. See the NEWROCKIES link on the right side of their page......... They sell a unit for 200 bucks to totally bypass this system FOREVER. life time-money back and all that. Finally did this in my car. Well worth the 200 if you've looked into getting this replaced... Anywhere from 600-1000 bucks.
----- With this fix, you can take that whole Vats, passlock, passkey **** system out of your car all together. Good info on both sites

It works for:
Any GM or Isuzu Vehicle with VATS or PASSKey or PASSLock security systems.
If your car has the chip in the key or in the lock cylinder, then you can save it with this Full Bypass.
1998-2006 S10/T10/Sonoma
1998-2007 Suburban/Avalanche
1998-2006 Sierra/Silverado
2002-2008 Trailblazer
2003-2006 SSR
1998-2006 C1500/C2500/C3500
1998-2006 K1500/K2500/K3500
2003-2007 Hummer H2
1998-2000 Hombre
2005-2006 I280/I350
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1994-1997 Cutlass Supreme
1997-1999 Cutlass
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1996-2002 SW1/SW2

Posted on Feb 03, 2011


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1 Answer

Do the green key keep flashing or just when you try to start

Pull a spark plug, ground it to the metal engine somewhere, keep it plugged into the spark plug wire. disconnect the other spark plug wires so it doesn't start. Turn the car over (try to start it) and see if the one spark plug fires. Do not touch it or hold it while trying this. They use about 30,000 volts. You just confirmed one of the 3 requirements for starting: fuel, compression and spark. If you smell fuel anywhere but the exhaust, don't try this as the spark from the spark plug can ignite fuel or fumes in the engine compartment. If your spark plug fired ok, check to make sure the timing belt did not break. Sometimes you can pry the plastic cover open a bit over the cam gears, or sometimes there is an inspection hole, or you can look into your oil fill hole to see if the cam is turning (as the timing belt turns the cams). I modify everything I have to make it more user friendly. Nothing is perfect but faith and even that can be improved.

Jun 03, 2016 | 2011 Honda Civic 1.8

1 Answer

Service stabilitark 07 silverade

Does the car have plenty of gas in it? Make sure it turns over, it doesn't just click, click, click, and the battery is charged.
First thing 2 do is 2 check & see if the spark plugs are getting and providing spark to the cylinders.Take out a spark plug, connect the spark plug wire to it, hold the metal body part(the part of the plug that the socket fits on) against a solid metal part of the engine and try to start the engine with the key.(Use gloves to hold the plug and don't be scared of the plug, it won't shock U but it may be hot. Look for spark between the middle anode(That's the bottom center part of the plug, the top is the part of the plug that the plug wire attaches to. no insult intended) and the metal piece that is bent over the top of the anode. You will need someone to turn over or try to start the car while you are checking for spark. You should see a blue spark jump between the anode & the metal piece bent over it. You can also see if gas is getting 2 the cylinder by replacing the spark plug, leaving the plug wire disconnected from the plug and turning the engine over again or trying to start it. Take the plug out again and see if the bottom of the plug is wet & smells like gas. After these steps you have just checked 2 of the 4 things any internal combustion engine needs to start, SPARK & FUEL. The other 2 things are air in and air out, INTAKE & EXHAUST. You'll probably find the problem & if it is intake or exhaust you won't have a chance fixing it yourself anyways. Once U find out that it's not getting either SPARK or FUEL call your choice of auto parts stores, tell them what U found and ask them what they think. At least they will think you know a little about engines and they will talk to you. Good luck.

Aug 31, 2014 | Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

Misfire & black soot on ignition coil

Blinking check engine light means major misfire on one or more cylinders. You may get spark on a test but under load it may be getting blown out replace the coils and bring in your spark gap 4000th of what its set.also an extremely clogged cat can cause backfires too.also it wouldnt hurt to pull your injectors and clean them and check the injection seals and the fuel filter low fuel pressure or junky injection can cause this too.

Jun 09, 2013 | Honda Accord Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

2003 ford escape wont start

Check intake, compression, ignition, exhaust & vacuum. If the intake &/or the exhaust is blocked/clogged it won't run.
If the radiator acts like old faithful while you crank it, it has a blown head gasket, cracked head & or a cracked block.
If the radiator is dry or has very little in it, check the oil & the exhaust for antifreeze/water.
If you find antifreeze/water in the oil &/or the exhaust, it has a blown head gasket or cracked head/block.
Check the compression. If water/antifreeze shoots out of the spark plug holes (take all the spark plugs out for the compression test) during the compression test, it has a blown head gasket &/or a cracked head/block.
Check the ignition w/a spark plug tester that you can buy at parts stores for $10 or less. Some of them you just hold the tip close to the plug wire or touch the rubber boot on the spark plug so the tester can pick up the pulse from the wire/plug via induction. Others are put in line between the plug wire & plug.
Unplug the computer connectors & check for corrosion. You can clean them by plugging/unplugging the connectors multiple times or maybe you can use a small piece of emery cloth or an emery board. Make sure to blow any dust out of the connector.
Check the vacuum hoses. All hoses on a vehicle get brittle & crack w/age, then they leak. Use a vacuum gage to check vacuum.
I hope that you find the solution & get your Ford running again.

Jun 08, 2012 | 2003 Ford Escape

2 Answers

The engine will turn over but will not start, the fuel pump is working

Try squirting some easy start (Brand name- spray available from decent garages) into the air intake and then block the intake with a rag, then turn over the engine, the easy start should ease things along and the rag will restrictair intake causing a greater suction on the petrol pulling more in, If you manageto getthe engine ticking over i advise to rev to about 4000 for a few seconds( you will probably get a huge white smog out of your exhaust but thats fine) and keep revving slightly until normal, another idea would be to check that any fuel lines arent twisted, blocked etc.
Hope this helps.

Aug 25, 2011 | 1998 Ford Explorer

3 Answers

What can I check if the car is not starting? It spins over but not crankin. Has new plugs and wires, and a new fuel filter.

The firt thing to do is do not keep cranking it because it will get flooded. If you notice strong smell of gas it don't try to do a spark check on the spark plug. Wait a little and while you are waiting you can check the fuse. Don't rush on the job because you might miss a bad fuse. If you pull them out make sure it is put back where they where. When all the fuse check out ok then do a spark test. Pull out one of the plug and ground it while someone is cranking the car. Be carefull those plugs may have high voltage. Next thing to do is check if it's supplying fuel. You can get a starting fluid and spray some. If it runs for a bit and turn off then you aint getting fuel. Do this several times if it keeps dying then you are 100 percent sure it is not getting fuel. I don't recommend pulling out the fuel line because thats dangerous. If irt wont fire when you spray the starting fluid and you know it has spark. Then the timing is off. Or a major mechanical failure such as broken belt. Last on my menu is the exhaust is clogged up. Before assuming it is the exhaust timing must be confirmed that it is good.

Jun 26, 2010 | 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

1 Answer

Heavy steady shaking

check for blockage in catalytic convertor.there will be restricted exhaust flow and alot of heat

Nov 03, 2009 | 1997 Nissan Maxima

1 Answer

I have been working on a 1987 F-150 6 cyl.FI and it wont run above 1000 rpms,and it runs rough,like a convertor is plugged and exaust cant escape....except that convertor is long gone,and I cut the pipes...

I have heard of double wall exhaust pipe that will form a bubble on the inside of the tube not visible from the outside. I would disconnect the exhaust pipe from the manifold and check for obstruction. It does sound like an exhaust restriction to me too.

Sep 08, 2009 | 1987 Ford F 150

2 Answers

My 96 Saturn sc2 wont turn over or start.

Was there oil/coolant in cylinders when they were pulled?

Jun 22, 2009 | 1992 Saturn SL2

2 Answers

1999 Dodge Ram 5.9L 4X4 not enough fuel

check the fuel filter and the EGR valve

May 07, 2009 | 1999 Dodge Ram

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