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Engine system service required. Code P2584, P242F

My car is displaying Engine system service required on the display screen and when I plugged it into a diagnostic machine it has 2 codes. P2584 and P242F. When I rev the car through the gears it occasionally goes into limp mode. Can you tell me what the codes are for?

Posted by rachelgraffi on

  • Anonymous May 17, 2009

    My s40 d5 has produced the same message yesterday, Engine system service required. It is 6 months old and the clutch pedal box has just broken. I have just been towed home. It has done 38500 miles. What is the error message about?



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P242F is excessive ash accumulation in the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Cure is replacement of DPF at £400!

Posted on Jul 23, 2010


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Two OBDII codes. How to fix?

P0101, mass air flow circuit range, P242F appears to be a non code , may mean don't forget to repair previous code. Check and repair mass air flow problem . then delete code, code will reappear if fault not fixed.

Jul 09, 2015 | 2009 Dodge Sprinter 2500


93 Saturn SL2 Does Not Start, MIL Light On

Hi, here are procedures from for extracting trouble codes from your Saturn:

See Figure 1
To enter the self-diagnostic mode, either connect a scan tool to the ALDL or DLC. On 1991-95 models, use a jumper wire to connect terminals A and B of the ALDL. Turn the ignition switch ON , then the PCM will enter the diagnostic program and report trouble codes on the scan tool or by flashing the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light.
All codes are 2 digits between 11 and 99. Codes are displayed on the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light by flashing the light with short and long pauses to distinguish digits of one code from digits of another. The short pause is used between digits of the same code, long pauses are between different codes. For example, the Code 12 sequence will be: flash, pause, flash-flash, long pause.
  1. When the diagnostic mode is entered, Code 12 is displayed 3 times. This indicates that the internal diagnostic system is operating. If Code 12 is not displayed, the self-diagnostic program is not functioning properly. If only Code 12 is displayed, no system malfunctions have been stored.
  2. Any existing system fault codes are displayed in order from low to high, except for Code 11. Each code is displayed 3 times, followed by the next code, if any.
  3. On vehicles with an automatic transaxle and on which exist stored transaxle codes, Code 11 will be displayed last, then the SHIFT TO D2 (1991-1992 models) or HOT (1993-98 models) light will begin flashing transaxle codes or flags.
  4. When all engine and transaxle codes have been displayed, Code 12 will flash again. At this point, all output devices are driven, except the fuel pump, so these circuits can be checked.
  5. This procedure can be repeated as required by cycling the ignition switch OFF , then ON again with the ALDL terminals jumpered together. The code display will begin again as in Step 1.

Fig. Fig. 1: ALDL Pinout

Here are some tests for the MAP sensor:
See Figures 1, 2 and 3
  1. Unplug the MAP sensor connector and turn the ignition switch ON . Check for about 4.5-5 volts between connector terminal C (gray wire) and ground.
  2. Check for the same voltage between terminals C and A (black wire). This is a ground through the PCM.
  3. Reconnect the wiring, then install a Saturn diagnostic probe, or equivalent, on the green wire and connect either a voltmeter probe or a scan tool to the ALDL. Connect a vacuum gauge to the intake manifold.
  4. With the ignition switch ON and the engine not running, the return signal voltage should be close to the supply voltage in Step 1, if below a 1000 ft. (305 meters) altitude. If above this altitude, see the chart for the correct voltage.
  5. With the engine at idle, there should be at least 16 in. Hg (54 kPa) of manifold vacuum and 1-1.5 volts on the signal return wire. When the throttle is opened suddenly, the signal voltage should increase. It may only change momentarily.
  6. If the voltage at idle is the same as in Step 1, or if the voltage does not change when the throttle is moved suddenly, the sensor is faulty and must be replaced.

Fig. Fig. 1: With the ignition turned ON, measure the MAP sensor circuit for a reference voltage

jturcotte_26.gifFig. Fig. 2: Schematic for the MAP sensor circuit

Fig. Fig. 3: MAP sensor return voltage altitude compensation chart (with the ignition ON and the engine not running)

jturcotte_28.gif jturcotte_29.gif jturcotte_30.gif jturcotte_31.gif jturcotte_32.gif jturcotte_33.gif

on Dec 26, 2010 | Saturn SL2 Cars & Trucks


Ford service light procedure 1994-01



To reset CHANGE OIL SOON/OIL CHANGE REQUIRED message on the message center, press the SETUP control to access the System Check mode. Press and release the RESET button until IF NEW OIL HOLD RESET is displayed. Press and hold RESET button until OIL LIFE SET TO 100% is displayed.



To reset "CHANGE OIL SOON/OIL CHANGE REQUIRED" message on the Message Center, press "RESET" and "SETUP" controls at the same time. "OIL LIFE % HOLD RESET NEW" will be displayed. Press the "SETUP" control to access the System Check mode. Press "RESET" to start the system check. Press and hold the "RESET" control. Press "RESET" and "SETUP" to reset the system to 100%



To reset the oil life feature on the Message Center, press and hold the "OIL CHANGE RESET" button until the system counts down (about 5 seconds). The Message Center will display "OIL LIFE RESET TO 100%"


with Analog Dash


When "SERVICE" is illuminated on the Vehicle Maintenance Monitor on the overhead console, press the "SERVICE INTERVAL RESET" button located directly above the light.


with Digital Dash


When "SERVICE" is illuminated on the Vehicle Maintenance Monitor on the overhead console, press the "SERVICE INTERVAL RESET" button located directly above the light.


with Digital Dash


When "SERVICE INTERVAL CHECK" is displayed is displayed on the far left side of the instrument panel, press the "SERV OFF" button, located on the speed alarm keyboard, until three tones sound.

Mercury Cougar

with System Scanner


When "SERVICE" appears on the Diagnostic System Scanner, press the "ODO SEL" and "TRIP RESET" buttons simultaneously. The "SERVICE" message will go out and three short beeps will be heard when the system is reset.

Mercury Cougar


If "CHANGE OIL SOON" or "NOW" is indicated on the Monitor, turn the ignition on, but do not start the engine. Within 16 seconds, insert a paper clip into the cavity to the left of the display and depress. The display will flash; when it stops, the system is reset.

on Dec 07, 2009 | Ford Windstar Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

I can not get a code readout to display

Check fuses for the ECU and the diagnostics connection. Aheck for power on conection 16 of the OBD ii

Oct 01, 2012 | Chevrolet Tahoe Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

My 2007 Dodge cummins 6.7 is telling me to perform service and the catalyst is full. How do I fix this problem myself?

Intervention Regeneration Strategy - EVIC
Message Process Flow (Catalyst Full Message)
(6.7L Diesel Engines Only)

Your new Cummins 6.7L diesel meets all EPA Heavy
Duty Diesel Engine Emissions Standards, resulting in the
lowest emitting diesel engine ever produced.
To achieve these emission standards your vehicle is
equipped with state of the art engine and exhaust system.
The engine and exhaust aftertreatment system work
together to achieve the EPA Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
Emissions Standards. These systems are seamlessly integrated
into your vehicle and managed by the Cummins
6.7L engine Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The PCM
manages engine combustion to allow the exhaust system's
catalyst to trap and burn Particulate Matter (PM)
pollutants, with no input or interaction on your part.
Additionally, the overhead console in your vehicle has
the ability to alert you to additional maintenance required
on your truck or engine. Refer to the following
messages that may be displayed on your Electronic
Vehicle Information Center (EVIC):

A hot exhaust system can start a fire if you park over
materials that can burn. Such materials might be
grass or leaves coming into contact with your exhaust
system. Do not park or operate your vehicle in areas
where your exhaust system can contact anything that
can burn.

Perform Service
The 6.7L Cummins engine utilizes a Closed Crankcase
Ventilation (CCV) system, EGR Valve and a EGR Cooler.
This system filters and recycles gasses produced in the
crankcase during the normal combustion process. Perform
Service will be displayed on the overhead console of
your vehicle if the CCV filter, EGR Valve and EGR Cooler
is due for required maintenance. The CCV filter is located
on the top of the engine valve cover. For additional
information, see your local authorized dealer.
Catalyst Full See Owner Manual
Catalyst Full See Owner Manual will be displayed on the
overhead console of your vehicle if the exhaust particulate
filter reaches 80% of its maximum storage capacity.
Under conditions of exclusive short duration and low
speed driving cycles, your Cummins engine and exhaust
aftertreatment system may never reach the conditions
required to remove the trapped PM, if this occurs Catalyst
Full See Owner Manual will be displayed on the
overhead console in your vehicle. If this message is
displayed you will hear one chime to assist in alerting
you of this condition.
Catalyst Stat::::::::::80%
Catalyst Stat::::::::::80% will replace the message Catalyst
Full See Owner Manual after it is displayed for one
minute. The engine Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
will continue to monitor the amount of particulate matter
trapped in the particulate filter. This message indicates
the percentage of the particulate filter capacity that has
been used.

By simply driving your vehicle at highway speeds for as
little as 45 minutes you can remedy the condition in the
particulate filter system and allow your Cummins engine
and exhaust Aftertreatment system to remove the
trapped PM and restore the system to normal operating
Catalyst Stat:::::::::::80%, 90%, 99%
Catalyst Stat:::::::::::80%, 90%, 99% If you are unable to
drive your vehicle under these conditions for an extended
period of time after the initial warning notification,
the Engine PCM will continue to monitor the
particulate filter and will display the progression of
particulate filter usage (80, 90, 99%) on the EVIC message

If the particulate filter reaches 99% of it's capacity the
overhead console in your vehicle will chime twice and
display the message CATALYST FULL SERVICE REQD.
At this point the engine PCM will register a fault code,
the instrument panel will display a MIL light and the
engine PCM will derate the truck reducing its horsepower
and torque output.
The PCM derates the engine in order to limit the likelihood
of permanent damage to the aftertreatment system.
If this condition is not corrected and a dealer service is
not performed, extensive exhaust aftertreatment damage
can occur. In order to correct this condition it will be
necessary to have the truck serviced by your local
authorized dealer.

Feb 14, 2011 | 2007 Dodge Ram Truck

3 Answers

How do I reset my maintenance required light on my 2009 Avalon?


Oct 19, 2010 | 2008 Toyota Avalon

2 Answers

How do I reset the service engine soon light on 2001 Olds Silhouette

A diagnostic scanner that reads OBD1 (the system by which your vehicle processes trouble codes) will be required, many parts stores do this a s a free service. Check with them to see if they charge. Remember though, when they read the car and turn the light off that in order for the light to stay off, the problem must be fixed. Even if it was a one time fluke of a problem, get the code that their scanner gives them so that you know what the issue is.

Dec 10, 2009 | 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette

1 Answer

P242F Bank1Sensor3 sprinter fault codes 07 Sprinter 2500

Bank one is the side on a V or H engine where cylinder number one is located. On an in-line engine you only have a bank one, no bank 2. Sensor 3 will be the third sensor from the engine in the exhaust stream.

Oct 25, 2009 | Dodge Sprinter

2 Answers

I have an 88 S10 2.8L Auto trans. Stalling @ a stop

This system does not require the use of special diagnostic equipment for testing. A digital voltmeter with 10 megohm impedance, an ohmmeter capable of low level readings, a tachometer, test light, hand vacuum gauge and pump and jumper leads are required.

To extract a trouble code from the ECM for diagnostic purposes, the Assembly Line Communication Link (ALCL) connector, is used.

The ALCL diagnostic connector is located in the passenger compartment. Terminal B of the connector is the test terminal and terminal A is the ground used for diagnostic display.

If the test terminal is grounded with ignition on and engine not running, the system will enter the diagnostic mode. In this mode, the ECM will display a Code 12 three consecutive times by flashing the "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light. A Code 12 consists of one flash, a short pause, then two flashes in rapid succession. After Code 12 is displayed, any stored trouble codes will be displayed three times each by flashing the "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light, then Code 12 will be displayed again. In the diagnostic mode, the ECM will also energize all ECM controlled relays and solenoids.

After determining the trouble code(s), refer to "Trouble Code Identification."

If the test terminal is grounded with the engine running, the system will enter the field service mode. In this mode, the "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light will indicate whether the system is in open or closed loop operation. If the system is in open loop operation, the light will flash approximately two and one-half times per second. Closed loop operation is indicated by the light flashing approximately once per second. In closed loop operation, the light will stay out most of the time if system is too lean and remain on most of the time if system is too rich.

Sep 25, 2009 | 1988 Chevrolet S-10

2 Answers

Yellow/gold wrench is illuminated on dash board

Please note:

Honda makes reference to proper vehicle maintenance in their service/user manual. Consult your authorized Honda dealer before doing anything that may void your vehicle warranty.

Owner's Manual page 193-197.

Resetting the Engine Oil Life

Your dealer will reset the display
after completing the required
maintenance service. You will see
‘‘OIL LIFE 100 %’’ on the odometer/
trip meter display the next time you
turn the ignition switch to the ON
(II) position.

If maintenance service is done by
someone other than your dealer,
reset the maintenance minder as

1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON
(II) position.

2. Press the Select/Reset knob until
the engine oil life indicator is

3. Press the Select/Reset knob for
more than 10 seconds. The engine
oil life indicator and the
maintenance item code(s) will

4. Press the Select/Reset knob for
more than 5 seconds. The
maintenance items code(s) will
disappear, and the engine oil life
will reset to ‘‘100.’’

Important Maintenance

If you have the required service
done but do not reset the display, or
reset the display without doing the
service, the system will not show the
proper maintenance intervals. This
can lead to seriousmechanical
problems because you will no longer
have an accurate record of when
maintenance is needed.
Your authorized Honda dealer
knows your vehicle best and can
provide competent, efficient service.
However, service at a dealer is not
mandatory to keep your warranties
in effect. Maintenance may be done
by any qualified service facility or
person who is skilled in this type of
automotive service. Make sure to
have the service facility or person
reset the display as previously
described. Keep all receipts as proof
of completion, and have the person
who does the work fill out the
maintenance record. Check your
warranty booklet for more

Information obtained from:

If the information provided to you was useful, please rate my response.



Apr 19, 2009 | 2006 Honda Accord

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