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2001 land rover Disco II td5 not starting - no fault

Engine cranks well. Fuel to injectors, injectors working. Glow plugs working. Wiring loom from computer to injectors recently replaced. Computer is clean and working well. Diagnostics shows no fault. What can this be?

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J Grant

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Check the crank and cam position sensors...sometimes they don't kick the SES light on until they fail. one of the main symptoms of the cam position sensor failing is the "no start, but cranks fine" issue. This happens especially when the engine has been driven and is warm. If the sensor has failed, the engine won't start at all, and everything else will seem fine..the part is usually cheap at the store, and usually easy to replace since it will be near the top of the engine somewhere. I'd start with that and see how it goes...The other sensor I mentioned is also critical in the timing of the engine the "crank sensor" if it fails, it may also cause that situation. The two sensors together tell the CPU where the cam and crank are in their timing sequences. If one isn't working, the CPU won't know where to fire what cylinder, so it just won't fire any of them. ie: No Start. I would replace them both just to be sure. Since you have checked everything else, and it cranks, I can't think of anything else at this point. Good luck. :)

Posted on Jun 09, 2012


Aging Tech

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Great things, all these hi-tech bits n pieces...when they work! But that wasn't the root cause of my on please
I had exactly the same issues with my disco, loads of expensive quotes for repair (and sometimes not even similar diagnoses)....until a wee guy appeared courtesy of the AA call out service. I expected him to turn up , plug in his Testbook and do his stuff, but he was conventionally trained and wanted to do a bit of basic mechanical first-line checks right at the start - and here's what my problem was....
He tried starting it - healthy turnover but no firing up. He scratches his head for a moment and gets suspicious about whether or not there was sufficient compression happening or not (it's a TD5 so it's diesel and needs compression to fire up...that's how a diesel engine works, sure it's got glow plugs to provide that initial fuel ignition, but after that it's the compression which makes it work) Hmm..put the kettle on while I tinker, he says. So he takes the air inlet off and asks me to turn the engine over while he makes his checks. "It's blowing by, very little compression happening in there"
He checks the oil level, says it's high and gives the dipstick a quick sniff. "There's diesel in your oil, smell it?" He asks me when this no-start issue occurs, "it's after the car has been standing for a few weeks while I am away at work"
"That's the problem then, the diesel has thinned your oil and there's no lube on the cylinders so there's no seal happening and therefore reduced compression, so it wont fire up" , he says. He checks out the glow plugs to rule them out and they are all ok.
We just gotta get the thing initially fired up, so he tries a bit of "Easy Start" into the intake (but he does say that if it kicks then due to the high octane content that it might kick back a wee bit)
Fingers crossed on my part and quiet confidence on his part, we go for a start and bingo ! it roars into life.....idle for a few minutes then stops the engine
We drain the's almost like water the way it runs out and check this's overfull by about 2 litres and it reeks of diesel. So we fill the engine with some cheap oil to the required quantity and fire up again to let it warm up and flush out any residual contamination.
I drive the car to the local auto store, pick up a new pair of filters ( always change the centrifugal filter too , it's a wee bit fiddly to fit it due to its location. I get new good quality oil and set about doing a complete oil and filters change. I put an additive into the oil to help it retain its viscosity in case any piston ring wear had happened.
The following pics are in sequence for doing this, helpful as the centrifugal filter is not the most obvious thing to spot on the engine!
2001 land rover Disco II td5 not starting - no fau - 96d26309-e9b9-4cf7-b2e7-59dbd8a9414e.jpg3e175214-b963-4052-80fc-2001 land rover Disco II td5 not starting - no fau - d4920d0a-0eda-47b6-9e0c-53b1fc85f9bf.jpgc=169c2bb0-f2fb-4358-2001 land rover Disco II td5 not starting - no fau - 546b2dac-74dc-4bd6-8288-36100abd2747.jpgmg data-src=546b2dac-74dc-4bd6-8288-36100abd2747.jpge8a0178e-590f-4bcd-8db7-d572ab3c21ad.jpg5f1d4a88-9c15-474c-8755-adef89751f38.jpgee0c5b0a-d033-4e90-a875-44ec1437ff43.jpgdfe07440-b5bd-4037-9db3-44928c16d587.jpg
So...where did the contamination come from ?? It turned out to be that I had leaking Injector seals that were passing the diesel back into the oil system - it wasn't an overnight process but eventually it killed my compression if the thinned oil had a chance to drain back down off the cylinder surfaces into the crankcase. New Landrover injector seal kit purchased from Ebay @ around (don't be tempted by aftermarket copper seals, always opt for original LR ones)
That was way over a year ago and despite the car sitting for long periods while at work there hasn't been any problems...but I do check the cold texture, level and smell of my oil regularly.
PS ...the pics are courtesy of another LR owner but are freely available on the net. I do not claim any copyright but greatly appreciated their availablity

Posted on Jul 29, 2013


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need to change a new pump.

Posted on Nov 25, 2008


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SOURCE: 2001 land rover discovery II locate fuel filter and fuel pump

If you're standing looking at the rear of the vehicle, it's on the chassis rail on the right hand side rear wheel arch.

Posted on Apr 13, 2010


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SOURCE: how to adjust rocker shaft on discovery td5

There are adjustment screws on the rockets according to RAVE.
The procedure is as follows:
1) Rotate the engine clockwise until No 1 injector lobe is at full lift.
2) Rotate rocker adjusting screw clockwise until the injector plunger is felt to bottom out.
3) Rotate rocket adjusting screw anti-clockwise one complete turn to give plunger the required bump clearance and tighten rocker arm adjusting screw locknut to 16Nm. Ensure the screw does not turn as the locknut is tightened.
4) Carry out the procedure for the remaining 4 rocker arms.
5) After completion of rocker arm adjustment slowly rotate engine clockwise 2 complete turns by hand to ensure that no injectors are bottoming out on their plungers.

Posted on Feb 24, 2010


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SOURCE: 2001 land rover discovery II locate fuel filter and fuel pump

for Land Rover Discovery 1999-2004 no more external Fuel Filter serviceable's a built-in part with the fuel pump. so if you want to change the filter then change the whole fuel PUMP.

Posted on Jul 05, 2010


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SOURCE: power steering pump on 2001 land rover disco ii

The noise is because the oil level is low and the pump is reverburating. Look at the bottom of the steering box, its usually the lower oil seal that leaks. If it is the steering box , then i suggest you take it to a mechanic to replace the seal, because to remove the drag link arm is very difficult without proper pullers.

Posted on Jul 06, 2010

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Just finished installing rebuilt injectors and new sleeves on my 2001 7.3 in an F350. Won't start.

if it is a common rail diesel , check the fuel control module ( run fault codes)
if the pump has steel lines to each injector
bleed the air from the pump and then loosen of each line at each injector
turn the engine over until you see drips of fuel from the injector line nut
tighten each nut and it will start
indicates air in the injector lines

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Hyundai 2004 diesel engine starting problum

air in fuel system
glow plugs not working
engine cranking speed to slow
(diesel engines have to crank at a high speed to get the compression high enough to ignite the atomized fuel)
injectors squirting --not atomizing
injector control module failing

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Mu Mercedes actros truck is mis firing I tested the injectors and found 4 not getting power have found common wire to those 4 injectors not working tested at ecm plug all ok. is ecm at fault?

The ECM controls the ground to the injectors, and each is controlled by a different driver IC, so if the engine has three working injectors and one bad one and the wiring is not defective from the computer then the computer MAY be at fault, it is a guess without being there to test it.

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Will not start. Fuel pressure ok, new plugs and wires. Turns over, wont start. What to check next?

Check for spark at 1 or more plug wires. If no spark, possible crank sensor/computer/fuse/wiring. Check for injector pulse. Remove 1 injector harness and install test light between the two terminals of the harness and crank engine. Test light should flash if computer/wiring ok. Make sure check engine light comes on when key in on position for bulb check. If no light, look for blown ECM fuse/s

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Hw can i fix toyota hilux d4d 3000,2006 model cannot rev over 1500 revs

There are alot of factors that could prevent the engine from revving over 1500RPM. Some sensors like the crank angle or cam angle have to be connected in order for the engine to even start, other wiring loom plugs like the turbo controller need to be connected or the car goes into limp mode and it won't rev past a certain point.

Then there are the automatic throttle controller area wiring loom type plugs near the inter cooler, sometimes people forget to put them all back and the engine won't rev high. Making sure the vacuum pipes in this area are all connected properly, one unplugged pipe, no vacuum, the injector pump relies on the vacuum system and if it doesn't work then not enough fuel delivery, engine can't rev high. Also if the fuel rail is leaking or if the fuel filter is clogged then engine won't rev high.

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I have a 05 Nissan altima 2.4l engine. Vehicle stopped running. Replaced cam and crank sensors as well as all plugs and coils yet vehicle will not start help please. Fuel pump is pumping but spray starter...

If the crank sensor is not working, the engine management computer will not actiavte the fuel injectors. Verify the wiring to the crank sensor.

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Terraza P0303 Code. What's most likely cause? Injector, spark plug, wires or any of the above?

Might be dirty injector or burned valve. Check the connector on the injector. If good, run a compression test on all cylinders. If compression is significantly lower on #3, the head will have to come off. If compression is good, pull up the injector rail with injectors and wiring attached. Watch the injectors spray as someone cranks the engine.

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Runs terrible, p1391 is the code, replaced computer, replaced distributor, replaced crank sensor 2 times, new wires and plugs, new timing chain set, great compression,tps, ais, map, all replaced....

since you've replaced all the expensive components 1st.i suggest you look towards clogged fuel injectors next.try some sea foam,add it to your fuel tank to clean the fuel injectors.your computer tells the injectors and the crank sensor tells them when to pulse. you may only have partially clogged fuel injectors or water in the fuel.the seafoam will dry up any moisture in your fuel tank and also unclog fuel injectors. lucas fuel injector cleaner is what i usually recommend,but your issue call for extreme cleaning. try the seafoam,it costs $7.99 per bottle and treats 25 gallons of fuel.follow the instructions on the bottle.but if you suspect alot of water in the fuel tank,i suggest clear rubbing alcohol !/2 bottle to your fuel tank will not hurt the engine,but will remove excess water from the gas tank. thank you,for choosing!

Apr 14, 2011 | 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Glow plugs might be on when starter is not engaged. wont cold start. have new g plugs no fuel leaks

That is a self priming system on the 6.0 diesel. It has an electric fuel pump check to see if you have fuel getting to the filter up on top of the engine. If you crank the engine and immediately loosen the upper filter housing or crank the engine over with the cap loose it should spray fuel. If you have fuel spray up on top than you most likely have a computer or injector problem. I did have a 6.0 once that would not start because of a shorted out fuel injector. Also check your engine oil level the injectors in that engine are operated by oil pressure. No oil no start.

DO NOT USE STARTING FLUID of any kind on that engine or any engine with glow plugs. Severe engine damage can and will result from use of starting fluids in diesels with glow plugs or heating grids.

The only exception is if you disable the glow plugs or heating grid before using a starting fluid and even then you need to be certain that you know what you are doing

Feb 28, 2011 | 1988 Ford F 250

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I have a 2.4L diesel Toyota Hilux. Its was -30 and the battery died. I have since jump started it and it drove fine (when the battery was dead and tried to start it in very cold, my husband thinks it could...

diesel engine have small starter helpers called glow plugs that heat the combustion air so that it can self ignite the diesel fuel
reasons for hard starting are
slow cranking speed---battery not charged enough or not big enough to do the job
injectors squirting and nit atomizing--- take the car to an accredited diesel pump/ injector repair shop for tip replacement and adjustment
the check engine light could be from faulty glow plugs
keep the fuel tank full ,especially in cold climate as there is hot return fuel from the injectors that causes condensation in the tank--water -- and that promotes the growth of a fungus which damages the pump and injectors
use diesel fuel condition on a regular basis to prevent that condition or keep the tank more that 3/4 full to stop condensation occuring

Apr 20, 2017 | Toyota Cars & Trucks

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