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Check your oil again, its low

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Hi,it sounds like you have damaged your own battery . I would get a auto electrician to pinpoint the failure or someone who can check your battery to see if its holding a charge and if its ok you need to move on to say the alternator.

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You may have mistakenly drained the transmission fluid. Was the oil reddish in color?

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I assume you mean the cooling system overflow reservoir is emptying out and you need to keep topping up the coolant level.

This means you either have an external leak or internal leak in the cooling system. Yes that is a big concern because the cooling system is critical for your engine. There can be numerous causes and you need to have the loss of coolant investigated. If the cooling system loses fluid as it is doing your engine can overheat and if this occurs you will experience very expensive engine damage. So have it checked out by a professional very soon. In the meantime ensure that the cooling system is topped up to the correct level and monitor the coolant temperature gauge on your instrument panel which should stay below the half way mark.

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After the car is at operating temperature feel the top radiator hose with car running. you can feel the movement of the water'
You should also check for a bad thermostat part open b4 anything else
Hope this helps Mike

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If jump starting one hooks up backwards, even just a moment, it is possible to blow a fuse or fusible link, and on some cars even damage the ECU or other components. Check all fuses, then fusible links. Good luck.

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Undo the outer axle nut, then undo the strut (two bolts) and fold the upright outwards. You can then get the axle put of the hub, then out of the diff.

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Sounds like a loose wire connection

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I would check for a large exhaust leak, somewhere between where the exhaust manifolds attach to the engine heads to the muffler. Since you had the heads done, I would inspect the connections between the exhaust manifold & heads, the manifolds and the down/flex pipe, and the oxygen sensor housings.


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its common when using a running engine to jump start a car that the car being jumped recieves a power spike in the process.start by checking all the fuses mainly the big ones eg 50 60 80 amp and the fusable links in line of high amp positive supplies.if that checks out get the ecu tested

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It depends on the error code(s) being reported. A very common one (P0457) is that the engine computer thinks the gas cap is loose. The gas filler neck often develops rust holes which cause this code, fix is repair usually quite easy, or replace. There are many other error codes. Look around your area for a Subaru shop other than the dealer. Your problem fix may much simpler and cheaper than the dealer, who often give the most expensive, worst case, repair options.

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You gotta track down your short. Is it blowing a fuse?

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at

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The linkage or nuetral safety switch problem. Call a mobilemechanic thats xperiencd. If hes good takes money aftr job

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Look for too tight valve clearance or worn piston rings.

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First: The Forester's radio/Bluetooth is almost brain dead. We should ALL demand Subaru to provide firmware (software) update to correct to numerous problems with this system.

To somewhat correct your problem:

1. Reserve a big amount of time and patient. It will be painful!
2. Navigate the menus to reset all the radio's Bluetooth settings. Make sure that no phone or device is paired with the radio.
3. Reconnect (pair) your phone to the radio by pressing the TALK button on the steering wheel and follow the voice prompts. Do not pair your phone to the radio by pressing buttons on the radio.

NOTE: ONLY ONE PHONE can be connected to the Subaru's radio system and used automatically when starting the car. Kind-of. If you have another phone or user, then... good luck!

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