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How to remove a broken bolt or stud with an easy out

If you've broken off a bolt or stud, you no doubt think the end has arrived - not necessarily!! There are several ways to get that troublesome piece of metal out - even if it broke off flush with the surface, and the aftermarket has several different tools available. First on the list would be an Easy out, which comes in a set of several different sizes. Instead of using a standard drill bit to drill a hole in your workpiece, buy a set of left handed drill bits and chuck up the appropriate size in a reversible, variable speed drill. Use a fine point metal punch to make a dimple in the CENTER of the bolt or stud. The closer to center you are the greater the chance for success. Set the drill at a slow speed. It would be best to have the piece horizontal so you can use cutting oil ( or motor oil in a pinch) to help lubricate the hole as you drill. In either case, drill slowly into the bolt, making sure you are level and straight.You can guide the bit by maneuvering the drill at different angles to keep your hole centered. Drill at least 3/4 inch into the bolt, using plenty of oil and making sure you don't overheat the bit - you don't want it to break off. Watch closely as you drill - it is possible that the bolt could back out of the hole as you go! When you've reached the desired depth, remove the bit and, for added help, use an oxygen acetylene torch to heat up the bolt. stop just before it begins to glow orange and quickly push a plain paraffin candle into the side of the bolt.( If you don't have access to a torch, you can try a rust buster or other penetrating oil to release the threads from the hole cavity.) Now lightly tap your easy out into the bolt with a hammer and carefully turn it with an open end or crescent wrench. You'll need to work quickly before the bolt cools too much. The wax will work its way in between the threads of the bolt by capillary action, releasing the bolt for an easier removal. If this doesn't work, then you'll probably need to drill out the bolt fragments and use an appropriately sized Helicoil kit to replace the threads. Before you re - install a new bolt or stud, get the right size and pitch of a thread tap and tap out ( or re cut ) the threads to make sure your new fastener will not strip out the old threads.
Best of luck!!

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Removal of broken bolt on thermostat 06 Chevy cobalt

There are a lot of youtube video movies about this process. It can be a mess. Bolts are harder steel than the surrounding metal. Drilling them out and using an easy out is on way. If there is enough stud left to get a grip on it with a vicegrips is another, welding a piece onto it is another and the heat helps loosen it.

Nov 19, 2016 | Cars & Trucks

3 Answers

I have a 2003 Ford Ranger 3.0 and I have an exhaust manifold bolt that has broken off inside the manifold,and the evaporator coil,and other AC parts are in the way .what options do i have on this

With the exhaust manifold off. If there is some of the bolt sticking out. You'll need a torch to heat the head up, red hot around the bolt. Also a pair of needle nose vise grips to grab it with and turn it out. You'll have to heat it several times to get out. No bolt showing, you best bet it to pull the head. Drill the bolt and extract it.

Jul 26, 2016 | Ford Cars & Trucks

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1994 V6/AT Isuzu Trooper- Exhaust Manifold Bolt Studs stripped at muffler pipe connection. Can they be replaced without removing the passengers side manifold? What is best manual to cover this? Bob in Puerto Rico, US

there are several stud removers on the market and several broken bolt removers as well.
The best ones are the ones that have a reversed spiral inside them and tighten down on the stripped or broken bolt / stud as they are turned to remove it.
The Sears unit I use are about 1 inch tall and can be used with a wrench or socket.
Set over the bolt / stud , tap lightly as you slowly turn the tool with a small hammer to start it on the bolt, as soon as it catches switch to a wrench and remove as you would a regular bolt.

Jan 23, 2010 | 1994 Isuzu Trooper

2 Answers

i was attempting to replace my thermostat adn i broke both stems to the thermostat HELP!!!!!!!!!!

That's because of corrosion. It happens!

The broken studs have to be cut, or ground down flush, with the thermostat housing. Then a center punch is used to make a deep dimple, in the center of the broken stud.

Next use a small drill bit to make a pilot hole.
Two times smaller than the stud. (Bolt)
Use caution, as you don't want the drill bit to walk off to one side. Keep the drill level, and vertical.

Now come back with a larger drill bit, but one that is smaller than the stud/bolt, and will stay away from the threads. Try to drill at least one-half inch in depth. Use an Easy Out, bolt extractor.

If it feels as though the Easy Out bolt extractor, is being forced too much, and you think there is a possibility of it breaking, STOP!
Use a drill bit that is large enough, to drill a hole that will not touch the threads. Then work a small chisel along the outside edges of the bolt 'Shell', and work that thin shell to the inside. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to try to extract the shell out. One piece at a time.

(After you have drilled the center of a stud, or bolt, out to where the threads are, there is a thin metal shell left behind)

Jun 12, 2009 | 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

1 Answer

Broken manifold bolts / manifold removal

Whatever it takes, but make sure you soak some penetrating oil oi wd40 on others to avoid any more being broken. Pulling the manifold is the safest and quickest way. With it out of the way, you'll have someting on the broken bots, now studs to work with. Always drill a broken stud or bolt clean through. Penetrating oil can work from both ends and a broken easy out can be driven in far enough to work arounf -Good Luck, force nothing, Tap stud and apply only stesdy even presure when extracting.

May 19, 2009 | 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

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