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How to check for spark

Here are some ways that I use on a regular basis as follows:
1.Remove the plug wire, insert a screwdriver/plier/metal object that has a thick rubber/plastic handle (as you can be shocked through a thin handle). Hold the metal of the tool, about 1/4" away from an engine ground (intake manifold, egr pipe, ac hose, bolt, etc). Be sure that everything is clear off moving parts. Attempt to start the engine (you may need a helper) and observe a spark between the tool, and the engine ground (should be blue).
2. Using a 12 volt test light (available at auto parts store for $5) connect the lead to a ground or the negative (-) post of the battery. Locate your spark plugs, then insert the probe into the spark plug boot. Attempt to start the vehicle, the light should blink rapidly.

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how do i test the ignition coil to know if its good or bad

With the vehicle in 'Park'[Auto] or 'Neutral' and hand brake on [Manual], open the bonnet and locate the ignition coil.
1. Ensure the lead is fully engaged [and that all wiring connections are tightened and free from dirt and corrosion] then follow it to the distributor cap and check that the other end is properly connected and the plug leads are also.
2. Remove a spark plug lead at the plug then remove the plug.
3. Connect the removed plug to it's lead and while holding the threaded portion of the plug in positive contact with bare metal on the engine [exhaust manifold] have someone turn the ignition key to crank the engine.
WARNING: Be careful if the engine is hot and wear gloves and use pliers with insulated handles when holding the test plug.
4. As the engine is turning over inspect the spark plug electrodes for any sign of sparking. A blue spark is what you want to see. Orange spark or none at all is bad news for the coil which needs to be replaced.
5. When you're done, replace everything properly, account for all tools and remember a clean engine is a serviceable engine. 25325059-xy42b42qawgpyeebopf3rzcc-3-0.jpg

Dec 16, 2014 | Cars & Trucks

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how do you take out the metal sleeves around the sparkplugs i have the valve cover off and need to get one out

DON"T yank the wire. A little gentle twisting should free it. If its a toughie the auto store will have a pair of pliers made just for that purpose. They have a semicircle jaw that will allow you to pull the boot from the bottom w/o damaging the plug wire. Well worth the $7-$8 if you do this kind of thing on a regular basis.

Mar 27, 2011 | 2000 Mini Cooper

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i put my car on the computer and it said that my air flow wasnt goin through and that my 02 sensor went so i baught a new 02 sensor and i cleaned out my air filter and it still wont start

If the air filter is the pleated paper type, there really is no way to clean them. They become clogged with dirt and dust. It really should be replaced on a regular schedule. If the air filter is the problem, the engine should start with the filter removed. If not, then the problem is elsewhere. You need to check for spark at the spark plugs. Pull one plug wire from a spark plug, using a philips screwdriver with a plastic handle, insert the tip of the screwdriver into the end of the spark plug wire,While holding the plastic handle of the screwdriver, have a helper crank the engine while you move the screwdriver blade close to a metal surface on the engine, preferably a bolt or the exhaust manifold. There should be a substantial spark jumping the gap between the screwdriver and the metal surface. The gap should be no more than 1/16th inch. If there is no spark, then we need to find out why. If there is a spark, then we must determine if the engine is getting fuel. Since you already have the wire off the spark plug, remove the plug from the engine and see if it is wet with fuel. It should be wet, and smell of gasoline. If it's dry, then you have a fuel problem. Let me know the results of these tests, and we can proceed with a diagnosis. I know it's a hassle and a lot of work. But it;s a necessary process of elimination.

Dec 22, 2010 | Pontiac Grand Prix Cars & Trucks

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1999 cadillac starts but won't stay running just replaced headgasket and radiator and all was working. went to start it and it sounded like bad gas and now it turns over but won't run. the fuses look okay. now what

Check the compression
and remove some spark plugs and then crank if water comes out then there's your problem. If water is present remove plugs and crank for 10 -15 second intervals with one minute breaks to remove water.
Did you resurface the cylinder heads? If not (brace your self) you should redo the job and have the heads resurfaced.
As an alternative you could try some Blue Devil block sealer but it's definitely not a permanent fix.

If no water comes out and compression is good, check for spark and for fuel. You can check for spark by removing a plug wire, inserting a screwdriver (one with a thick rubber/plastic handle) and hold the metal part of the screwdriver about 1/2" away from some metal piece on the engine, when you crank the engine you should see a spark.
Check for fuel with a fuel pressure tester and put a test light on one of the injectors, it should blink momentarily.
By doing these things you will be directed to the next steps.

Jan 06, 2010 | 1999 Cadillac DeVille

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