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MINI Water Pump Replacement

Here is how to replace the water pump on a 2007 mini (cooper s in this case, but the same for others) by only taking off the wheel and inner cover.
Also the thermostat at the same time:

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what is causing my 2007 mini cooper to stall or studder when idling

Could be either Engine mounts worn or soft/Stablizer bar bushes soft or worn/Carby or timing out of sink/ valve timing, tight tappets,
and it has been found that the Fly wheel locking tab coming loose but have only heard of 2 in all the years of mini,s

How do I program my blue tooth phone integration on my 2007 mini cooper s? Theres a button on the dash

Call you Mini Dealer, I am sure that they will help you through this problem. If the dealer cannot help you go to the Mini website and look for a technical support contact.

change a mini cooper wheel hub

Let this YouTube video help you make up your mind.
$1500 does seem pretty steep.

How to Replace MINI Cooper Wheel Bearing Hub Bearing

abs warning light mini cooper 2004

I see a few problems with advice given here. The first is the statement made there is a "sensing plate" at each wheel that the abs sensor reads off of to generate a signal. That is incorrect. Some cars use a tone ring on the end of the C.V. joint that lines up under the sensor. When the axle spins under the sensor, the sensor reads the notches (or spaces) between the teeth on the ring. Washing this would be pointless because the sensor senses MAGNETISM which can't be washed or cleaned. The other statement jumps straight from "...if it's not the wheel speed sensor then it possibly could be a abs control module...". Here is the real deal. These Mini Coopers (like many other cars these days) have eliminated the use of a tone ring on the axle. It is all integral with the wheel bearing now. The sensor is mounted in the hub/steering knuckle, and the face of the sensor that reads the signal is facing the inside of the wheel bearing. On this inside edge of the bearing is a reluctor/tone ring that spins when the wheel is turning. The sensor is able to generate an AC signal while the wheel is spinning. Each wheel does the same thing. If all four wheels are spinning at the same speed the signals should be the same voltage output (or very very close). When the abs controller sees one or more wheels change speed according to what input it gets from each wheel speed sensor, the abs controller interprets that as a wheel locking up (or in the case of traction control, spinning or burning rubber). So in the case of wheel lock-up, the abs module becomes active and the pump comes to life distributing the correct amount of hydraulic pressure to each wheel to prevent lock-up and allow the wheel(s) that it believes are locking up to come back up to the same speed as the others, while still applying the brakes on those wheels. In the case of wheel spin, the pump might become activated and apply brake pressure to the wheel it sees rotating faster than the others to bring it back where it needs to be. Take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt. Jumping from a relatively cheap wheel speed sensor or bearing assembly, to a $2,000.00 abs control module would be a costly mistake.

i had a reconditioned gear box in my mini cooper

Go to a Mini main dealership with proof that you own the vehicle. Also take along the servicing record. Using the VIN chassis number on the vehicle (and also in the service book) the dealer can look up the radio code for you but they may charge a fee. Most main dealers will give it to you for free if you ask nicely or are having any other work done on the car by them.

I'm puzzled by one thing though: a 2007 Cooper should still have been under the manufacturer's warranty, so a duff gearbox would be replaced by a Mini dealer. Part of the job would be to re-input the radio code. If this is what's happened and they couldn't provide you with the code I'd complain vociferously and get it fixed elsewhere in future.
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