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bad thermostat, clogged radiator, no coolant, bad water pump...hope this helps

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Jun 17, 2015 | 25 views

This yellow sign is called Malfunction Engine Light (MIL), Engine Light Soon or Check Engine Light (CEL). This light is provided to let the driver know that something has happened wrong with any of the sensors and needs to visit garage to diagnose the problem.
You should get it checked from any of the workshops ASAP.
After the light comes on, the engine runs in fail safe mode, the emission system is disabled which may result in more fuel consumption, poor drive ability and unstable engine rpm.

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Feb 18, 2014 | 145 views

u need your code

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Jun 09, 2012 | 56 views

you will have to call toyota for that

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Jun 09, 2012 | 277 views

the only way to make sure is take a look right there and look for a kind of lid, if this lid is in the same place than the fuel tank, that is gonna be the one! good luck!

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Jul 02, 2011 | 64 views

If it looks like this ( ! ) it's the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System). One of your tires is low.

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Aug 08, 2009 | 120 views

1. In the back of the headlight, you should see a rubber insert and a plug going in that's in the shape of a cube.

2. Disconnect the cube shaped plug by pulling it out. There is grease on there so have a towel to wipe your hands just in case you don't want your hands dirty.

3. Remove the rubber insert simply by tugging it out. It's a lot easier than you think so don't tug that hard and hurt your hands. Now, after the rubber insert is removed, this is the trickiest part. I tried to take the bestest picture I can. In the picture below, you see 3 metal stick sticking out and to the right a bit, you see a little tab. What you need to do is push that tab in, towards the headlight direction, and unhook the bulb that's connecting to it. Give it a few try and you'll know what I'm talking about.

4. Now, after the hard work of getting the bulbs out, remove them carefully from the car. Replace the bulbs you would like on back inside the bulb. The type of bulbs the Echo uses are H4. I bought some off ebay for around 9.99. Xenon HID, they give off a white light with a dark bluish tint to it. Putting back the bulb is easy, just put the bulb in, hook the switch (tab thingy) back on and reconnect everything. You might want to put some grease on the new bulbs though. Grease the part where the 3 metal stick sticks out.

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on May 19, 2009 | 268 views

Yes, vitz 2006 got idle engine stopping system.
I got the same model and was told by my mechanic that these car have that system installed.
Also you can notice yourself that when you are reducing the speed while turning or stopping, you can feel the engine going to die. i mean idling it self.
I h ope you get my point as its hard for me to explain

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Jan 28, 2009 | 398 views

Have you gotten all of the routine services? What is this blue light shaped like?

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Jan 23, 2009 | 259 views

We use 5W30 at my dealership.

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Jan 15, 2009 | 112 views

You might also have to swap the ECM (engine control computer) because most new cars also read readings from the transmission and because you changed it to a manual, it no longer gets readings it needs from the auto transmission. The only way to know is to hook the car up to an ODB II code reader or take the car to the repair shop and let them pull the codes from the computer and tell you if they relate to the automatic transmission. There is no way you can shut off the transmission side of your computer and use the same old computer that you used when you had an automatic transmission.

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Nov 10, 2008 | 412 views

Please check the spark plug. There might be too much carbon present on it so you need to clean it. If cleaning wont fix it, try replacing it. If you can't do it, just bring it to the nearest auto mechanic.

2006 Toyota ECHO | Answered on Oct 14, 2008 | 506 views

sometimes you need a puller most of the time you can tap it out with a good old hammer

Toyota ECHO Cars... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018 | 149 views

passenger side under the dashboard.

Toyota ECHO Cars... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018 | 315 views

no unless the tires on your car are 13'' I tried to replace the 14'' tires on mine with 13'' they don't fit

Toyota ECHO Cars... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018 | 90 views

Is it one of your belts check drive belt and power steering belt. also check your water pump and alternator I have had trouble with alternators in the past 2 have seized up.

Toyota ECHO Cars... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018 | 215 views

they are usually on the sprocket sometimes an arrow or a circle. make sure the timing is on TDC when you replace it

Toyota ECHO Cars... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018 | 38 views

sounds like a sensor check the unit that plugs into the block on the top part of engine passenger side.

Toyota ECHO Cars... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018 | 161 views

take off the console and under there is the nuts you need to let go to remove the cables

Toyota ECHO Cars... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018 | 179 views

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