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hi Tellyehmaak.
go to this link might help you find where it is.
Where is Knock sensor Toyota Previa 93 Google Search

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Nov 18, 2017 | 244 views

replace the injectors as what you describe is more injector / fuel pressure problem that ignition

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Aug 04, 2016 | 138 views

too much air can be caused by binding throttle cable/linkage try disconnecting it. Next would be cold air bypass that lets extra air in for cold weather and initial startup. It would be located on the throttle body
with 2 wires that operate a solenoid. These become gummed up and can be cleaned with carburetor cleaner. Next the EGR valve on the intake manifold could be leaking. Check for cracks or leaks and sometimes the base it mounts to is plastic and wears out. Lastly is the dreaded vacuum leak. There are so many places and hoses to check that I would need to see for myself. The larger hose can go to power booster for brakes. Intake manifold gasket can also leak due to worn gasket.

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Aug 09, 2014 | 97 views

Reset-confused are we

Code Reader is the safest

IF you CLEAR the vehicle of the dash lights, you
DO NOT reset anything or fix a thing

What your doing, is clearing ALL the vehicles computer
data, needed to work on the vehicle & find a problem

It is not about fixing anything
It is not about you not liking the dash lite up

It is about you taking action right away & be aware your vehicle
has system faults, that have to be found FIRST

Codes do not tell you what is wrong or what to do or replace

Just that a vehicle system is out of range & the reason is because
congress passed laws to protect the environment & most vehicle systems & electronics are there just to protect the exhaust converter

In your case, you have a body computer issue related to a brake
problems & not engine performance, as I mentioned above

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Jul 25, 2014 | 400 views

The bolt is reverse threaded most likely and if the belt is on leave it on while you break the bolt loose. Once it is broken loose remove the belt then unthread the bolt the rest of the way and replace installation is the reverse of removal.

1996 Toyota... | Answered on May 18, 2014 | 65 views

Try a dealer or a parts store they may be able to better answer this for you

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Apr 24, 2014 | 29 views

just one word. (sure CELL tower dropped power feed and....)
no question, the car has 3000 parts.
why not post symptoms.
safety first. do not drive any car with bad brakes.

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Dec 28, 2013 | 24 views

say what your symptoms are, there are many possible.

say what you do and what you see. or feel.
im driving, or parked, coasting, ???????????

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Dec 27, 2013 | 52 views

Model TCR11RR-SGKW brake

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Dec 27, 2013 | 272 views

On my '91 Previa, the drain line comes out of the condenser drain pan directly above the power shaft. The hose makes a turn to go around the power shaft. There's a joint above the curves in the hose. If you take 2 pliers you can wiggle off the bottom piece and then you have a straight shot to take a piece of wire or something and push it up into the drain hose and clear it out. Watch out though, because there's probably water in there and a bunch of nasty junk will come out when you clear it out. Then just put the hose back on the joint & you're good to go.

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Aug 05, 2013 | 521 views

1) Adjust the ignition timing according the specification manufacturer.
2) Readjust the GAP for spark plug, with the s. manufacturer.
3) See for loose , break, or burn wires, corrosion, dust, dirty, vibration, solenoid defective, relais, starter, alternator, battery system. Look for diagrams for troubleshooting. GOD Bless you.
5_25_2012_10_33_50_am.gif5_25_2012_10_34_10_am.gif5_25_2012_10_34_29_am.jpg5_25_2012_10_34_52_am.jpg5_25_2012_10_35_13_am.jpg5_25_2012_10_35_56_am.gifYou can connect remote start switch, side +to the battery, and the other side to the terminal solenoid, must be RUN,and isolate and fix it according your logic.

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Jun 29, 2013 | 361 views

most fuses are under the large cover above the stereo, which ones are you after?

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Nov 12, 2011 | 116 views

what country are you in ??

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Aug 24, 2011 | 72 views

Try looking looking at your local auto parts store

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Jun 24, 2011 | 394 views

it could ba a lot of things ... lets start with the least expensive:
1. Check your spark plugs. If they are dirty or worn, they will not have the correct amount of snap to get your engine going right. While you have them out to inspect them, (if they still look usable) wire-brush them to get the corrosion and carbon off the tips. Make sure the gaps are correct (an oversized Gap will keep the plug from functioning correctly). While you are in this area of the car, take a look at the distributor cap ans the spark plug wires. Do they look worn out? are they arcing when you are starting the car? If they do, you are probably best to give these parts a tune-up (at least the plugs and wires, you can leave the distributor cap until you have tried the other options). These parts are all inexpensive and relatively easy to repair, so they should be the first step.
2. Check your air filter and intake. If your engine is not getting enough air, the fuel will not light.
3. If it is not the plugs, plug wires or air, check your fuel filter. If the filter is clogged it will not be getting enough fuel to the engine, and it will take a lot more effort to start the car. Once its started, the engine itself forms a bit of a vacuum to pull fuel in, so with engines, once it's going it will tend to stay going .. but this can cause hard starts.
4. Check your fuel pump. If it is weak, it will have the same effect on the engine as a dirty fuel filter. It will also be more likely to die while you are on the road if it is already weak, so it is best to be sure that this is not the problem, to avoid getting stuck later.
Check on these issues first. If none of them solve your problem ... we can work harder to figure it out ... there are still a lot of options, but these are the least expensive and most likely to be the cause. Also, please be careful about running your starter for too long. It is not a hugely expensive part, but turning the key and running the starter motor for more than 15 seconds at a time can overheat it and eventually burn it out. I hope this helps .. if not, just leave another comment on this post and we'll move on to the next steps for you. If you want to fix the car yourself and not have to keep coming back online to check for solutions , a Haynes manual for your car could be a big help. It has a list of options that could be causing your problem, with pictures and step-by-step instruction on how to repair the issues (and is specific to the make and model of your car -- so the information is accurate and usually will give you the best fix in less time). Good luck!

1996 Toyota... | Answered on May 27, 2011 | 119 views

This problem can be due to cheap fluid being in the transmission

put some synchromesh in it and it should smooth out your shifting.

This can be a serious problem, especially when the engine warms up and the cheap or old fluid thins out.

Check this video out, it is not the same model as yours but the ideas and the general location of parts are the same.

1996 Toyota... | Answered on May 25, 2011 | 348 views

Hi. Normally any squeeking sounds will come form the shock mountings. You can try a bit of oil. If you open the trunk, you will notice two large bumps, one on either side. Lift the carpet and find rubber mountings with a bolt and nut. Spray a little silicone spray or other lubricant and give it a try. If all else fails, go to your nearest dealer. Hope this helps

1996 Toyota... | Answered on May 25, 2011 | 158 views

on the previa, the main fuse box is located in the top of the dash board, the panel above the heater switches comes off to reveal it. There is a little level/clip just above the heater switches hidden by the curve of the panel, push and lift. Turn the ignition switch to the "Off" position. Insure the component with the suspected blown fuse is turned off. Reach under the central instrument panel cover, located above the air conditioning controls in the center of the dashboard, and press upward on the panel cover release latch. This is where most of the fuses are located in a Toyota Previa. Lift the panel cover up and off. Observe the underside of the control panel cover. It will have a schematic diagram along with the name of each circuit controlled by the corresponding fuse. Determine the location of the fuse that controls the affected component. The Toyota Previa makes use of three different types of fuses: type A, which are thin and elongated, type B fuses that resemble a box with a window in the top to reveal the fuse link, and type C, which also resemble a box with a clear plastic top. Grasp the suspected fuse and pull straight up and out. Look down through the clear top of the fuse. If the metal connector is broken and not connected, the fuse is blown. Insert a replacement fuse of the same type and amperage rating into the vacant slot. Replace the instrument control panel and press down until it snaps closed. Turn the ignition switch to the "On" position. Activate the suspected component. If replacing the fuse did not solve the problem, troubleshoot further or take the car to a qualified technician for repairs.

Read more: How to Replace Fuses on a Toyota Previa ' eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4558504_replace-fuses-toyota-previa.html#ixzz1LmKZ6Zqn

1996 Toyota... | Answered on May 08, 2011 | 684 views

Sounds like your transmission has come to the end of its life. You can try getting the transmission flushed , and an additive I.E. No Slip added. That might cure some of the problems but obviously if its slipping the clutchs inside are worn out and transmission needs an overhaul.

1996 Toyota... | Answered on Mar 16, 2011 | 282 views

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