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the oil is filled and checked by lifting passenger seat and hatch. The under bonnet reservoir tops up oil as required to ensure all the oil ways are filled. This ensures the top end of the engine does not run dry. If all is well then you will rarely ever top this up.
Try and determine where the oil leak is coming from and keep an eye on the oil level in the sump (under passenger chair)

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up to 1994 Previa's the cam sensors are located in the distributor, there is one for each cam. labeled G1 & G2 which are the center 2 of the 4 wires to the distributor, if you want to test them first.
Also, top wire is crank sensor, bottom is ground.

I believe you will have to replace the whole distributor.

1994 Toyota... | Answered on Mar 11, 2013 | 418 views

check fuses do u know where fuse box is it is in center of dash above heater a lil button push up and it should pop off

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bad resitor for the blower motor

1994 Toyota... | Answered on Dec 01, 2012 | 272 views

What water bottle? If it is the windshield washer, then either the hose, pump, or bottle itself is cracked. Find out exactly where the water is coming out.

If some other bottle, answer the first question.

Thanks, Jim

1994 Toyota... | Answered on Nov 27, 2012 | 281 views

all are the same furthest wheel away right rear,,, left rear,,,, passenger side,,,,, drivers side

1994 Toyota... | Answered on Sep 30, 2012 | 142 views

use a vacuum bleeder start at the furthest bleeder port and work up to the closest

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Duplicate question.

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hi ive got the same motor but mines on a 96 plate check your electric fan shis should be cutting in to reduce temp when u are stuck in traffic

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You may need to try to find a used shop manual for this repair.
The DIY books don't show wiring diagrams for the a/c system.

1994 Toyota... | Answered on Jul 13, 2012 | 474 views

Often a sign of faulty plug wires or cap and rotor.
The moisture makes the spark jump around too much.

1994 Toyota... | Answered on Jul 11, 2012 | 247 views

. Place a set of wheel chocks behind the rear wheels of the Previa. Lift the front of the automobile on the side that you are starting with. Place a jack stand under the Previa and raise it to the frame of the vehicle. Remove the wheel using the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts.
2Remove the brake caliper by loosening the retaining pins with a socket and ratchet. Secure the caliper out of the way using a wire tie. Do not allow it to hang by the hose. Remove the brake rotor from the wheel. Disconnect the ABS sensor from the strut if the Previa has anti-lock brakes.
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Bridgestone PromotionGet Either A Reward Card Or Kindle When You Buy 4 Select Ecopia Tires.BridgestoneTire.com/Promo3Remove the nut securing the brake hose bracket to the strut with a wrench. Disconnect the stabilizer bar link using a wrench. Loosen the two lower bolts on the strut assembly with a socket and ratchet but do not remove them. Remove the cotter pin from the tie-rod end using the pliers.
4Remove the castellated nut with a wrench. Separate the tie-rod end from the wheel knuckle. Remove the top three bolts from the strut using a socket and ratchet. Access the bolts from inside the engine compartment on the wheel well. Remove the bottom bolts and take the strut from under the Previa.
5Place the spring compressor on the coil spring and tighten it enough that the pressure is taken off the spring seats. Remove the center nut from the strut shaft using a wrench. Remove the coil spring cap, coil spring and spring seats from the strut. Put the coil spring on the new strut along with the spring seats and cap.
6Install the center nut and tighten it with a wrench. Place the strut on the Previa and loosely install the two bottom bolts. Connect the top three bolts and tighten them with a socket and ratchet. Tighten the bottom bolts with a socket and ratchet. Connect the tie rod to the wheel knuckle. Install the castellated nut and tighten it with a socket and ratchet.
7Insert a new cotter pin in the tie-rod end and spread it open with the pliers. Connect the stabilizing bar link. Tighten the bolt with a wrench. Connect the brake hose bracket to the strut and tighten the nut with a wrench. Connect the ABS sensor if the Previa has antilock brakes.
8Put the brake rotor on the wheel assembly. Cut the wire tie securing the caliper using the pliers. Place the caliper in the mounting cradle and tighten the locking pins with a socket and ratchet. Install the wheel on the Previa. Tighten the lug nuts with a lug wrench. Remove the jack stand from under the Previa. Lower the vehicle to the ground.

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Hi Ken, Is the vehicle cranking (the engine turning when the starter is engaged or does nothing at all happen. If its the latter, I believe you have a problem with the battery. Get a friend to help with an jump start (Positive to positive and negative to negative) and then crank and it should start. If the engine turns but fails to start, when the ignition is turned on, do you see the engine check light with all the other warning lights. If not open the hood and replace the ECU fuse nod then try again. If you see the light, let us know and we can go on from there. Regards John

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you may have a vacuum leak or the idle control valve is going bad

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Good at start up then lack power under load,a plugged exhaust can do that.If there was a misfire that has been ignored the catalytic can only handle for so long. The 1994 Previa uses a vane airflow meter.so a torn intake duct can also cause lack of power under load,so check the air duct at the MAF to the intake and inspect for false air.

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look closely at the valve cover there should be a cap that seas oil.

1994 Toyota... | Answered on Feb 16, 2012 | 105 views

I would suggest getting the areas between the cylinder head and the exhaust manifold checked for leaks. Your description sounds like a classic beginnings of an exhaust manifold gasket leak.

1994 Toyota... | Answered on Aug 12, 2011 | 391 views

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