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Update? If the Motorhome has a carburetor, its pretty old and has a P30 chassis. Gm makes the truck, Honey makes the camper. Check the electric choke and make sure it has power to it when the engine is running, if not check all fuses. I dont have a diagram to see where the choke gets power from. Make sure the choke pull off is working, its a little vac can on the right side of the carb, if it leaks, it wont pull the choke flap open. Anyone that works on Quadrajet Carbs can fix it for you.

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Check your bi turbo charge pipes for positive leak

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first you got to figure out if it is fuel or electrical. spray a little starting fluid into the intake andtry to fire it up, if it starts for a few seconds it a fuel issue, if it does it may be a electrical problem. Fuel issues range in fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel rpessure regulator and so on, elctrical issus revolve around spark plugs and coils and such

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you meant does not crank, (starting is next after cranking it first)
the gear shift works in park or neutral , you operator guide states that.
yes that means the PRNDL switch in or on the gear box is bad.
or wires to it corroded pins or damaged,

also called range switch.
or TRS , tranny range switch,
easy no? you found the hard proof and told it.
when bad switch or bad wires to it.

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Your owners manual should show you how to reset it.

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it is in and or under the back seat. put it toward the middle of the car. if not you will brake it and the truck will not close. So you might want to go to the dealer to find out if there is a fix now to get the cable replaced so if you try to open it the wrong way at least you can close the trunk

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You just go to the link I attached I'm sure you will get the solution of your problem
lotus elise

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There is a manual trunk release that is inside the car near the rear seats. You must make sure to pull the release towards the tunnel/middle of the car, not out away from it. Apparently, a number of sales people have tried to demonstrate it and by pulling on it incorrectly, broke the inner workings leaving the trunk then incapable of latching closed. The repair is not simple. Something about the cable being encased in a tube that is not straight but curved, so that when you pull on it the wrong way, it breaks something. Lotus is redesigning that component.

Also note you may need someone to gently lift on the trunk as you pull the lever. It should be a yellow lever.

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The usual culprits are bad ignition relay, bad module or coil(s). Ignition switch also possible.

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sounds like the coil packs , get the OBD codes read to confirm

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Normal operating temp for any car is 150-170 F, Your thermostat is set for these amounts, water boils at 220 F and coolant boils at 260 F, but the boiling of anything in there is not good, it creates pressure, something is going to give. Your radiator cap has a temp on it too, about 165. It will bleed off the pressure before it explodes. So, you can check your thermostat, they do freeze up, check your coolant, don't run straight water. and then check the inside of your radiator, they do clog up. Hope this helps.

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I have had this on my commodore car !
check how old battery is as I had an old battery that was not holding charge.

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Perhaps one of these will fit or can be wired to fit?


This looks like the only place that might have a service manual? Alumacar appears to be a very small business and also made aluminium trailers. Not much on them at all.

Golf Cart Service Manuals - All Makes and Models - Pete's ...

https://petesgolfcarts.com > general-golf-cart-ownership
Feb. 16, 2019 - Aluma Car Service Manuals; Club Car Service Manuals; Columbia Par Car Service Manuals; Ezgo Service Manuals; Fairplay Service Manuals ...

There a few pictures here



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It would help if we knew what it is ??????

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You will probably need to remove the door card. Remove the screws holding the door pull handle on. Then, with the door open, pull around the edges of the door card to release the plastic 'push in' clips around the outer edge. These clips tend to get brittle over time and break so it might be worth spending the 5 to 10 dollars for a bag of 20 new ones. Once the card is loose it should swing out away from the door and slide upwards to free it from the window channel.
You can remove the switch without taking the door card completely off but I find it easier if you do. The Door release cable usually just unhooks from the back of the door pull lever. It also makes access to the wires inside the door easier if your testing them.
The window switch, (and power door lock switch), wires are a block connector so they should pull off. The switch itself is held in place by two plastic 'Ears' moulded into the front and rear of the switch body. Squeeze these together and the switch should slide up and out of the hole it's mounted in. The new switch should just push into place.
*Note* Make sure the switch is the right way around before you click it down. Like me, you'll feel a bit of a fool when you have to take it out again just to turn it the right way around!
The hardest bit I found is getting the door card back on. Mount the window slot edge first and make sure it is seated all the way down. Next refit the Door release cable. When the window edge is seated correctly everything else should line up right and the clips should just 'click' into place with a firm but gentle tap with the side of you hand. Lastly refit the door handle.

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60-66 PSI
2000 S-10 GM service manual calls out for 60-66 PSI. Higer or lower will throw CEL. Look at changing your fuel filter located on the Drivers side frame rail and then re-check pressure.Dec. 7, 2008

2000 blazer wont start. Fuel pressure? ' S-10 Forum

and videos



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To remove water spots and marks from your paintwork, wash your car with a car shampoo, the dry it thoroughly with a microfibre cloth. After you've removed any water blemishes, apply another layer of wax to your car to protect the paint from future imperfections.Oct. 12, 2015
Water Spots: Wash and dry car thoroughly. Ap...
Fluid Stains: Wash and dry car thoroughly. Ap...
Fingerprints: Wash and dry car thoroughly. Ap...
Stone Chips: Paintwork filler and paint. Or, leave ...

10 Ways to Ruin Your Car's Paintwork Without Knowing It

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To clarify... you want the air gap between the rotor edge and the machined edge of the cap tower posts?

It will vary by manufacturer and I dont know the exact number... probably .010 to .015 in. Maybe more but likely not less.

Wait for other opinions for a consensus.

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What year is the vehicle? Most modern cars often don't need the valve clearances adjusted. They are fitted with Hydraulic 'Tappets' that automatically adjust to suit the valve clearances as the engine warms up. You can usually tell by looking at the valve rockers. Hydraulic set ups don't have adjustment screws fitted to the ends of the rocker.

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