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How do you remove it without the levers

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Mar 15, 2020 | 242 views

Well, broken timing belt causes valves to break, valves can be changed but if your mechanic wants to change whole engine then you have to change a mechanic. I had broken timing belts on few cars and never needed to change whole engine. Unless second hand engine is cheaper then new valves for it.

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Jan 02, 2018 | 175 views

You need a suction tool to remove the dents, here what it looks like.


1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Sep 25, 2017 | 375 views

Your sensors that you changed were probably good.here's a link on your code. P0332 OBD II Trouble Code

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on May 04, 2017 | 296 views

I would check the flasher can/cube unit, usually under dash, as it is responsible for both the actual flashing and the clicking sound.

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Apr 24, 2017 | 80 views

If you mean what we call the "Welch" plugs, the cup-shaped plugs about 34mm across that go in engine block cooling gallery, they are both sides of the block on that engine, 3 or 4 per side...I have replaced the ones on intake manifold side, which is the harder ones to get to..

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Apr 24, 2017 | 79 views

Not really could break fuel line prepper have something to attach go to parts store will tell you what you need.

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Feb 09, 2017 | 44 views

This site offers the manual for your car as a download for $9 US which is about half the cost of hardcopy from Haynes or Chilton:
TradeBit car manuals
I've always found having the manual for any car is my first priority when buying a new horse for the stable; they always pay you back. 

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Nov 30, 2016 | 334 views

wow, this is a complicate question. i just take for a look:

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1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Nov 30, 2016 | 269 views

fuel pump is bad

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Feb 21, 2017 | 1,112 views

try replacing the relay

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on May 02, 2016 | 41 views

Hello Cobus
You have an Intermittent connection or short somewhere in the wiring. There is lots of wiring harness running around the car.

That can be mighty hard to locate... even for a qualified auto electrician. It's just so time consuming.

You have to narrow down the cause of what is mechanically setting it off. Then you may be close.
Depending on where it's most sensitive to movement
Then you might start to remove panels etc.

It would obviously be cheeper if you do all the ground work.

Have you had any accidents or panels removed or parts replaced or corrosion points? Only you know your car's history

Using the information you have provided so far would help in the diagnosis.
For example
The engine cuts... so it loses power to the Ignition or spark generation circuit. (I don't know your car model specifics)

You can attach a wire to the battery with a fuse or circuit breaker in series (for safety) and use it to supply missing power when the problem presents itself.
A simple 12v test lite with a sharp needle tip can also be used to trace for 12v when power goes missing.

There are specialised probes worth $200-300 dollars that will help but there are cheaper tools also.

Most Importantly....It's the Long Leads which connect to the Battery that make these tools work so well

Good Luck
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1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Mar 01, 2016 | 128 views

I just gone through this it could be a bad earth or engine stop relay mobilizer so you can sand relays and everything you can including battery take earth of battery for 20 seconds( negative) might start don't listen to sparky or he will put new pump scanner and everything you don't need think about it nothing has changed but time and corrosion and you might have to reset computer by 20 seconds negitive earth good luck. One thing i do know is when they were brought THIS CAR into this country they had a bye-pass anti theft device connected to computer if you lose or flatten battery to your key it will do all the above so you can buy this bypass device online and get sparky to install.It to the computer .And this will problem will be fixed for good hopefully .But i have fount no online memos about this as different teams added this device to your car for our lovely goverment

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Jun 10, 2018 | 215 views

There is no such thing as a new engine for a used car. Are you referring to a rebuilt or re-manufactured engine? If so you can find one online or talk to you're local repair shops.

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Nov 24, 2015 | 36 views

Add or to change?

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Nov 03, 2015 | 367 views

Oxygen Sensor

1999 Daewoo Lanos 1.6L MFI DOHC 4cyl

The Oxygen Sensor is located: Under hood, driver side, lower engine area, above exhaust pipe flange, mounted in exhaust manifold,don't have a picture.Here's a link to what it look's like just remove the electrical connector,get a open end wrench and remove.. http://www.autozone.com/engine-management/oxygen-sensor/bosch-oxygen-sensor/daewoo/lanos/1999/4-cylinders-6-1-6l-mfi-dohc/4971_102074_1784_97999

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on May 25, 2015 | 448 views

Walter: The most common cause of acceleration issues lies in the transmission. However, 2CarPros.com suggests:
Inspect and test all the following:

Oxygen sensor.
Catalytic converter.
Fuel injectors dirty/sticking.
Mass airflow sensor/Airflow meter.
Throttle position sensor.
Manifold absolute pressure sensor.
EGR Valve
Fuel pressure regulator leaking or defective fuel pump.
False air leakage.
Fuel contamination.
Foul/defective spark plugs.
Open spark plug wires.
Ignition coil/Coil packs defective.
Incorrect ignition timing.
Cap and rotor.

1999 Daewoo... | Answered on Mar 01, 2017 | 225 views

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