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how do you remove upper intake manifold on 2004

how do you remove upper intake manifold on 2004 lincoln ls v6 to change coils and plugs?

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direct from my Ford service manual so I would not forget any steps...

With the vehicle in neutral, position it on a hoist.
Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Drain the engine cooling system.
Remove the air cleaner outlet tube. .
Remove the cowl vent screen.

Remove the components in the order indicated in the following illustration

Illustration 2 of 4. Remove the components in the order indicated in the following illustration
Illustration 3 of 4. Remove the components in the order indicated in the following illustration

Illustration 4 of 4. Remove the components in the order indicated in the following illustration


Posted on Jun 18, 2010


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lincoln ls keypad codes

ok i have an 04 licoln ls and i was trying to find a way to get the factory door codes for my car. how would i find them

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i have a 2005 lincoln ls v8, my code was on a sticker located under the center of the dash (driver side). i laid down on my back with a flash light and looked behind the radio, you will see several stickers with numbers on them. i wrote down all the number from each sticker then tried them , it worked i found the code. note: the one sticker that my code was on had several numbers in front of it that i had to eliminate ex: 1003(98501), 98501 was the code for my door. it took me 20 min but it was worth it . the dealer wanted $90

Posted on May 19, 2009


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parking brake

keep getting service park brake warning light what do i do

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05 LS, i also have the same problem, heater blowing hot and parking brake light coming on. i just read that the malfunction from the (dual coil water control valve) will cause a spike in the system an will set off the parking brake light. The dealer wanted $645 w/tax to install a new water control valve Ford Part # 2R8Z18495AA, YEAH RIGHT !!!! I found the part on line for $110 w/shipping, i am going to install my self. Its sits behind the radiator passenger side about 6" deep from the fender. very easy to get to , one bolt, one sensor needs detached and the 3 heater hoses that go to it need clamped off before replacing it. As far as the brake light i read that you have to get the brake re-calibrated by the dealer, I dont know yet. If you want the web address for the part let me know. i also posted where to find your code for your door access on a 05 LS. [email protected]

Posted on May 19, 2009


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Where is the fuse box

Where is the fuse box in a 2004 lincoln ls and where is the fuse for the airconditioner fuse and cigarette lighter

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There are 3 fuse panels located on your vehicle. The first one is located in the right hand (passeneger side) kick panel (sorry I don't have a picture of its location). In that fuse panel in the number 32 position is the cigarette lighter fuse and should be a 20 amp fuse (picture of fuse layout I did have and is below). As far as the air conditioner, there is a couple of things you can check. In the front power distribution box located under the hood in the engine compartment (see picture below) in the number 1 position is a 10 amp fuse which handle the air condition clutch and other componants for the A/C (see picture of layout underneath location picture). Also in that same fuse panel in the relay 08 position is the relay for the clutch on the A/C compressor itself. The last fuse panel you have is located in the trunk of your car and is called the rear power distribution box (see picture of location of that below). Now i'm not sure but this may be what you are talking about when you say cigarette lighter but in the number 10 position in that box (yes another picture below that one for the layout) is the power point fuse for the console which should be a 20 amp fuse and also in that same panel in the number 12 position is a 20 amp fuse for the power point located in the ashtray. I mention those because they are the same shape as a cigarette lighter and wanted to be on the safe side just in case also the fact to let you know that there is a fuse panel back there. i hope this helps you and good luck.






Posted on May 26, 2011


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My remote for the keyless entry does not work.

I have a 2004 Lincoln town car and the keyless entry remote does not work. I have 2 of them and none of them work. Replaced batteries. Reprogrammed them. Someone says there is a fuse. But where is it and what would it be under.......

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does trunk button work? panic button?
here's 2003 info:

  • The doors do not lock/unlock using the remote transmitter
  • Remote transmitter.
  • Driver door module (DDM).
  • Go To Pinpoint Test G .

SECTION 501-14: Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems 2003 Town Car Workshop Manual
GENERAL PROCEDURES Remote Transmitter Programming
  1. Cycle the ignition from OFF to RUN four times within three seconds. The locks will then lock and unlock, confirming that the program mode has been entered.
  1. NOTE: When the first keyless entry remote transmitter is programmed, all other keyless entry remote transmitters are erased.
    Press any button on the transmitter to be programmed.
  1. If additional keyless entry remote transmitters are to be programmed, repeat Step 2 within 7.5 seconds.
  1. To exit program mode, turn the ignition to START or wait 7.5 seconds.
report back

Posted on Mar 22, 2009


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How do i change a

How do i change a 2004 Lincoln LS fuel pump?

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Hi. here's how to change the fuel pump. The actual electric fuel pump is in the tank on the right side. The tank is directly below the rear seat. If you remove the seat bottom you will find a 6 inch or so cover. Under the cover there is a plastic, threaded collar that locks the fuel pump into the tank. The driver's side also has a pump, but it works only my venturi effect from the electric pump on the other side. This pump is used to equalize the fuel level from left to right. The drive shaft tunnel prevents all but the very top of the tank from communicating left to right.

Posted on Aug 12, 2010


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which ignition coil is bad?

2004 Lincoln LS -- running rough at 50+mph when accelerate-- dtc indicates coil problem-- how to tell which one?

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I went thru this on my 2002 LS as well.
I replaced one ignition coil at the dealer - only to get the same misfire code on another cylinder. After a little research found out is actuall a gasket/o-ring problem design of the block. Spark plugs are deep in the block - under the oil - which is why they are supposed to last 100,000 miles. But the o-rings start to leak some where between 65k-85k miles. Coils go bad because of oil contamination. If you don't solve leaking oil problem will have to replace coils again - but sooner - because leaking oil will be progressively worse.
Cost - 8 ignition coils
set of spark plugs (who knew they were that expensive
and a ton of cash for the labor to tear down the top of the motor

Posted on Dec 14, 2008


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2004 Lincoln LS 3.0 engine stall codes p2107 p2110

2004 Lincoln LS 3.0 engine stall codes p2107 p2110 have replace lots of parts.

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hi your problemis your throttle actuator control position sensor its a small piece that goes in the front of the engine cost about 120usd

Posted on Nov 19, 2009


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what is code p2106 on a 2004 lincoln ls

what is code p2106 on a 2004 lincoln ls

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P2106 ---Throttle Actuator Control System-Forced Limited power

I have that car -2004 L/S V8

----------listen carefully-------

It has Nothing to with That Code

It has nothing to do with the Throttle Body or the TACM on it


IF you can not find a dealer or local shop to replace ONLY
the failed coils & they probably hate that car & have no idea
of it's system strategy-- I will explain it all to you on the phone

I have had that car for 11 years & am well versed, well beyond
the factory service & diagnostic manuals & have had all those
unsolved problems-- no one knows about

You keep this to yourself:

When an ignition coil fails, it does so, when it wants to & under
no real specific condition

You cannot for the most part use any codes & only some coils
will show up under misfire counts on a scan tool

When they choose to fail- they spike the PCM (computer)
drivers & somehow you loose throttle plate position inside
the PCM Quizzer area

The 2100 codes you forget about-- as well as the PO300
codes-- you forget about & many other unrelated obd codes
on a ford

With the vehicle being driven by wire, when you have no throttle
recognition is goes into ETC Fail-Safe & you can only go 6 mph--
thus the code you got & do not need use

The fix is find & replace the failed cop coils or replace them all

All you need is a 7mm socket to get off the coil covers & remove
one coil bolt

NO reason at all not to work on it yourself

You replace the spark plugs every 3 years & ONLY use the
OEM plug number with is SPECIAL to the Lincoln L/S
& is an NGK only spark plug from the assy line & ford

Also you replace the oxygen sensors at 100,000 miles

You use only 5W-20 full-syn oil & change every 4,000 miles
Not 4,001

On the V8 you have to use 92/93 octane fuel--
it says so on the fuel door

Posted on Aug 17, 2014


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engine diagram showing location of

engine diagram showing location of crank sensor on 2004 lincoln ls v8

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Hello cmalstrom.

The sensor is mounted to the right of the harmonic balancer at the front of the engine.
On the diagram below look to the left about 3/4 of the way down.
I apologize for the size, we are limited here for amount of room.
If you need more help with this please ask me.
Thank you for using FixYa.



Posted on Jan 15, 2011

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