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Turn on the ignition whilst holding to talking head button in the centre console and hold for about 6 seconds....make sure the Bluetooth is on and you should get the phone activation message on the car when the button is released.....type in the passkey into your phone and all should work.----------- Be careful with turning the ignition on - it must be only to position 1, not to position 2 and back again - its quite sensitive to this, start again if you go to position 2 by mistake. It may also help if you completely clear the memory of all other connected phones from the car - to do this you have to get into "pairing mode" by going to igntion pos 1 and pressing the talking head button for 10 secs, then keep it pressed for another 10 secs till you get a triple beep - then the memory is completely earsed from all prev phones and it may be easier to pair.---------- ------------------- On some cases the iphone4 will not pair with bluetooth, this is due to firmware.------
This is presumably due the iPhone with the firmware update in iOS 4.3 is not recognized by the car's bluetooth system. This can be easily sorted out: First de-authorize your iPhone from your car's telephone system. Then turn on the iphone bluetooth. Update the bluetooth phone in your car. Now the car's bluetooth system will recognize it as a new phone and direct you with the set-up which will include generating a pass-code etc for pairing. After the completion, the iPhone should be able to pair with your car's bluetooth system. ----------- This should help.Keep updated.Thanks.Helpmech.

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Sounds like your Mixture needs to be ajusted. To much gas getting to your engine would cause heavy black smoke. I recommend you have someone give it a good tune-up.

Good Luck

Land Rover Range... | Answered on Jun 22, 2011 | 273 views

You must drain and refill the fuel tank. Some of these systems use optical sesnors in the injection pump and can be damaged not to mention the damage to the pistons and valves. Great trucks. Drain the tank.

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Hi, this problem could be contributed to either slipping clutch plate, mis-adjusted throttle position sensor, or even too much slack throttle cable.

Best case scenario is throttle cable that is a wrench to tighten.

Worst case is sensor or slipping plate for either are pricy, unless you consider yourself a mechanic the first is the only one you can fix and if you do consider yourself a mechanic, get a chilton guide for your car and it will show you those two parts and how to fix the sensor could possibly be an easy fix(coming from me who rebuilds engines). But the plates slip would be a two day long project with specialized tools. so...

Check the cable and if not that take it to mechanic.

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Unplug your battery for a minute or two and then hook it back up. If they come back on, you might need a computer to clear them.

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I'd have either the dealer or Rover specialty shop set it for you. To set the timing you need Rover "textbook" software, laptop and special wiring. (I have a Rover also) The software is about $2k
Depending on what gasket(s) were changed, timing shouldn't have changed. More than likely an injector line or ignition wiring is wrong. In either case I would let a specialist look at it instead of throwing parts at it.

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you have to; go to the authorized dealer for it

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Hello! This problem is well known by dealerships...A solution is to have the transmission software updated...This is not a 100% cure...The Control valve body may need to be replaced...Take the vehicle to an authorized dealer and have a diagnostic run on the transmission...They are aware of the fault...


I’m happy to help further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/david_6df67de3b14de867

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Might be really simple like a battery terminal connector is loose. Check the connectors are tight.. if not tighten the clamps. If the terminal connector is loose you may find that you also have difficulty in starting. If terminal connectors are on tight but still have the issue then check the connections to the alternator (clean and tight) and likewise the earth return strap between the engine to the car frame. If you have access to a voltmeter the battery, with the engine off should read 12.4 volts between the terminals and 14.4 volts when the engine is running.

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Please provide the Yr. and model of your vehicle and if you can describe the problem you're troubleshooting, I will be able to provide better assistance. Thanks

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Hopefully the hydrolic system was not opened when you were fitting, in which case all you need do is pump the brake pedal a few times to achieve correct pressure. If you did open the bleed nipples or worse, you'll have to bleed the system. This will require two people or even three. One person to keep the pot under the bonnet topped up, one inside pumping the brake pedal and the third under the vehicle....The meathod of bleeding is to pump the pedal at least four times and hold it down with the foot. The peson underneath opens the nipple and as the pressure releases pushdown with your foot untill you can't push further and hold it there, at which time you yell, close! The guy underneath closes the nipple and then you begin again. the guy under the bonnet should make sure that the resviour is topped up. Begin with the wheel furthest from the brake cylinder, in other words at the rear and finish with the closest. Cheers and Regards Johngee

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When the Automatic transmission gear shift is not working this is a very serious problem that causes by several reasons and one of those is completely damage transmission. It may also possible that the transmission has a very low amount of transmission fluid. However, if the fluid level is enough, another reason is Bad fluid pump or Gear selector linkage problem.

When an
automatic transmission has bad fluid pump all the gears will not work, because automatic transmission depends on the hydraulic fluid pressure that is created by the fluid pump to pump transmission fluid throughout the transmission assembly to work properly.

Same with the fluid
pump, when an automatic transmission has a problem on gear selector linkage all gears will not work. Gear selector is the one that determines which gear is going to operate. When a gear selector linkage is broken or out of adjustment it cannot operate properly causing the gear not to work.

Diagnose auto problem: Low transmission fluid, Faulty fluid pump or out of adjustments gear selector linkage.

When the problem is low level automatic transmission fluid, just add enough amount of fluid to fix the problem. But if the problem has nothing to do with the fluid level .Then inspect the fluid pump and the gear selector linkage, the mechanic probably will open up the transmission for better diagnosis. If the problem is not fluid pump or gear selector linkage then you has no other option but to replace the transmission assembly with a new one since the automatic transmission gear shift is not working.

Thanks. keep updated for any more query.you can rate this solution and show your appreciation.

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Check and see if the right front door window switch works. If so the master switch on the drivers door is at fault needing a replacement

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sound like a bad fuel filter you could also check the fuel pump to make sure that is working properly too

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/john_2c7bb9c157d0baa8

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sometimes the code is on or in the glove box but if it is not there call Land rover or go in there service drive and they will program it on the spot for you for free

Land Rover Range... | Answered on Jan 27, 2009 | 411 views

Previous request answered.

Land Rover Range... | Answered on Dec 14, 2008 | 216 views

If there are no faults on the display then you can attempt a repair , spray a solution of dish wash liquid and water onto the compressor conections and the air springs and look for bubbling.This will indicate a leak.Otherwise a diagnostic tool is required.

Land Rover Range... | Answered on Nov 21, 2008 | 127 views

sensors on antilock brakes not picking up new info computer ob. must be reset to new specs on rims

Land Rover Range... | Answered on Aug 03, 2008 | 95 views

if there under warrenty ask for the manager ad say you will contact the head office this should be fixed these will blister because of many things but alloy rims should not do that for at least 5or 6 yrs so there is a problem with them ,,,poorley made or so on

Land Rover Range... | Answered on Jul 27, 2008 | 86 views

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