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Does it seem to have less power going up hills ? Compaired to flat surface driving . Possible plugged catalytic converter . Back pressure test the exhaust system . Videos on youtube showing how to do both test's . The one jack mentions also . Also hooking up a professional type scan tool an viewing engine sensor data , fuel trims , O2 sensor switching rate etc...

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Jan 26, 2018

kinda rough indicates excessive gas in the system or excessive high pressure the orifice tube is in the evaporator ( TX valve) best if you take it to an accredited ac professional and have the pressures tested with gauges

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Jan 06, 2018

Are you doing diagnostic for the code's or are you just replacing parts ? With each code in a factory service repair manual is an associated diagnostic procedure , testing electrical circuit's for what ever sensor the code is for . Sounds like you should take your vehicle to a qualified repair shop that has the diagnostic equipment an knowledge . Sounds like you have no clue how OBD2 works . Just because you have a code reader does not mean you have the ability to repair OBD 2 vehicles . Motor Age TST Diagnosing Driveability with Global OBD II You don't even know what the wrench light is for ! You like making part stores rich ? The SERVICE (Wrench) telltale is pulled to ground by the powertrain control module (PCM). When the lamp is pulled to ground, current from the ignition circuit flows through the indicator lamp, allowing it to come ON. The PCM will turn the SERVICE (Wrench) telltale ON for all non-emission related DTCs that require that a telltale be turned ON (some DTCs do not turn on a telltale but are stored to aid in diagnosis). The SERVICE (Wrench) telltale will also be turned ON if the ABS control module has detected a fault in its own warning indicator system. If the ABS system cannot turn on its own telltale, a message will be sent to the PCM through the class 2 data bus (circuit 1807) to turn on the SERVICE (Wrench) telltale. The SERVICE (Wrench) telltale will be turned ON for 2-3 seconds when the ignition is turned to RUN for a bulb test.

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Dec 30, 2017

What is the vehicle?

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Dec 14, 2017

The interior lamps system consists of 2 main features. Illuminated entry and a battery saver feature that will turn the interior lights off after 20 minutes if they are left On with all doors closed and the ignition Off. The body control module (BCM) controls both of these functions. Battery power is supplied by the BCM through CKT 1732 to the following lamps: • The dome lamp • The map lamps • The rear reading lamps • The rear dome lamp • The cargo lamp • The glove compartment lamp • The courtesy lamps • The sunshade lamps The BCM also controls the ground circuit side of the dome lamp and reading lamps for illuminated entry. The dome lamp and reading lamp will remain on for 20 seconds after the ignition key is removed and the last door is closed. In addition, if the vehicle is equipped with remote keyless entry (RKE), the dome and reading lamps will turn On and stay on for 20 seconds after an UNLOCK signal is received from the keyless entry transmitter. The reading lamps, dome lamp and map lamps can be turned On at any time by moving the appropriate switch to the On position. The rear dome lamp is fed battery voltage through CKT 1732 from the BCM, through the liftgate ajar switch, and is grounded through CKT 650 to the rear ground splice pack. The rear dome lamp will turn on when the liftgate is opened. The cargo lamp is fed battery voltage through CKT 1732 from the BCM, through CKT 744 and grounded through the decklid ajar switch. The courtesy lamps are fed battery power through CKT 1732 and are grounded through CKT 745-- left front, CKT 747--left rear, CKT 748--right rear, CKT 746--right front. These circuits will ground through the door jamb switches. The courtesy lamp will be illuminated when the affected door is opened. For example, when the right rear door is opened, the right rear door courtesy lamp will turn on. Not a fuse problem , if the BCM had blown fuse other thing's wouldn't be working as well . . Probably wiring or BCM . Using factory diagnostic,s instead of guessing as to what the problem is , is the proper way . Interior Lamps Diagnosis Symptom Procedure Important: Before proceeding with these diagnostics, check for DTCs. If DTCs are present, complete the associated diagnostics. If the condition still exists, return to this chart. All of the interior lamps are inoperative when any door is opened. Chart 1 The dome lamp is inoperative in the ON position, but OK in the door position. The map lamps operate normally. The dome lamp switch is faulty. Replace the dome lamp switch. The dome lamp is inoperative in the DOOR position, but is OK in the ON position. Chart 2 The dome lamp is inoperative in any position and both reading lamps are inoperative. Disconnect the dome lamp connector (BLK 3-way). Check for voltage at terminal "C" CKT 1732 ORN wire. If OK, the dome/map lamp is faulty. If no voltage is present, there is an OPEN in CKT 1732. Either the right or the left sunshade mirror lamp is inoperative. Chart 3 Either the right or the left rear reading lamp is inoperative in the ON or the DOOR position. Chart 4 The rear reading lamp is inoperative in the ON or the DOOR position. Chart 5 Battery rundown protection is shorted to ground - B1482. B1482 The left rear reading lamp is inoperative in the ON or the DOOR position. Chart 6

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Dec 12, 2017

There are different kinds of solenoids. Didn't he specify? I am suspecting he means the idle air motor. The PCM controls that with information from other sensors. So your idle air motor or pcm or coolant temperature sensor or throttle position sensor could all cause that. This problem should be diagnosed by an experienced diagnostic tech. I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/kim_3202917d7c587455

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Nov 09, 2017

I would recommend taking it to a qualified technician and have them see if any codes were set on the car's computer. You don't want the car dying whilst you're in a hurry to be somewhere.

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Nov 01, 2017

check all of the wheel sensors and wires run the fault codes for other related faults

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Oct 29, 2017

Parasitic drain on the battery . Could be caused by a number of thing's , not just the trunk light staying lit . A computer (module) not powering down when it's suppose to. Insturment cluster's have problem with silver migration , the solder they use . Google that . Testing for a draw on the electrical system is the way to see if this is your problem . How To Perform Parasitic Draw Test EricTheCarGuy The BEST Way TO Perform Parasitic Draw Test The Trainer 27 3 Ways Of Finding The Cause Of Key Off Battery Drain...

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Aug 09, 2017

Sounds like u have a few problems happening there. Sounds like your dealing w a weak battery & head gasket problem. Get it to started first but don't run it too long (HOT), then deal w the head problem. Good luck

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on Jun 25, 2017

try replaceing the CPS

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on May 03, 2017

sl1 and ion are NOT the same car the only thing that will work from the ion are the rims sorry for the bad news

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on May 03, 2017

sounds like the alt. is on it way out

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on May 03, 2017

is your car sohc or dohc ? 1995 to 1997 years are the same 1998 to 2002 years are the same find out what year he put in

1998 Saturn SL • Answered on May 03, 2017

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