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hi this sounds like it could be a couple of things, first the obvious have you checked the fuse? or it might be the relay in the fuse box might need replacing, and the fuel sender unit in the fuel tank, you also can check out the wires going to the sender unit, sometimes you can find these under the rear seat or in the boot/trunk area might be a simple case of one of the wires have come adrift there is a couple of things to check before having the sender unit replaced or the Gage..hope that helps

1999 Kia... • Answered on Jan 07, 2021

I had the same problem and in my case it was a short in the ignition. If I wiggled the key, the accessories came back on.

1999 Kia... • Answered on Sep 08, 2019

for heavy machinery cars etc. luckily there are many websites that can help you repair for eg site like reliable- store is very active in this.. instant help, emails and all that's fantastic

1999 Kia... • Answered on Feb 14, 2019

Hi There is a bleed nipple at the slave cylinder attached to the bell housing . There is a bolt on the side of gearbox about the middle take this bolt out and gearbox oil should be level with the hole DO THIS ON LEVEL GROUND

1999 Kia... • Answered on Feb 10, 2019

You will need to locate the clutch slave cylinder/concentric slave bleed screw usually visable. You will need brake fluid, bleed bottle, correct spanner to slacken off bleed screw, top up clutch fluid resevoir, fit pipe to bleed screw get someone to press down clutch as u open bleed screw watch for air and the tighten do this till no more air is visible in the pipe. Remember to keep reservoir topped up.

1999 Kia... • Answered on Feb 10, 2019

Have you lost your Key? Immobilisers are designed to stop vehicles being stolen. Because of this it is VERY difficult to disable immobilisers. They are wired into several systems in the vehicle. Contact a good auto electrician and ask there advise. You might have to take the hit to you bank account and pay for a replacement coded key for the ignition.

1999 Kia... • Answered on Jul 14, 2018

What you've replaced are what most people would consider "consumables". They need to be replaced at regular intervals. I don't see spark plugs on the list. And do try a bottle or two of a concentrated fuel injector cleaner, because clogged injectors would definitely cause the issue you describe. The most recommended cleaner comes from the gas company with a star as a logo. This cleaner is actually in several car manufacturer's approved service tools list.

1999 Kia... • Answered on Jan 18, 2018

O2 or HO2S that is the question O2 sensors are after the cat converter/s where as HO2S sensors are in the exhaust manifold before the cat converter/s and report exhaust gas composition to the ECM so that the air /fuel mixture can be adjusted May be you replace the wrong sensors

1999 Kia... • Answered on Jan 06, 2018

Start with the ignition switch. Work from there.

1999 Kia... • Answered on Jan 01, 2018

Check the shifter linkage to make sure nothing has slipped.

1999 Kia... • Answered on Apr 11, 2017

It's possible the key is worn, do you have another key to try? Could be ignition inside is worn not catching the groove in key.

1999 Kia... • Answered on Mar 12, 2017

It sounds like a head gasket issue. Do a compression check to see if all cylinders are within specs. If you find there is an issue, decide if it is worth the repair cost. If you choose to repair it you will also want to check for an exhaust leak close to the engine such as flex pipe and also back pressure from a plugged converter. Otherwise you could end up blowing the head gasket again.

1999 Kia... • Answered on Mar 12, 2017

Well for starters, you need to diagnose the problem before replacing anymore parts. I say this because you mention both the fuel pump and sensors dealing with the ignition system which are 2 separate main things. Basically it takes 2 things to make an engine start, fuel and spark at the spark plugs. You need to narrow down what is missing because it seems since you replaced sensors dealing with spark and then you mention the other need fuel. I'm not sure as to where to start to help until whatever is missing is diagnosed and then find the cause of the loss. There are a couple of things you can check. Below is a picture of the relay box in the engine compartment. With the help of somebody put a finger touching both the fuel pump relay and the EGI main relay. While touching them have somebody turn the key to the "on" position (no need to try and start). When the key is turned on you should feel a "click" inside both of those relays. The fuel pump relay will click for about 3 seconds and the click again to shut off. The EGI main relay should stay on. If both seem to be fine you need to make sure of the fuel pump gettting "juice" and for power to the ignition system like the coils. You can get to the power/juice wire at the fuel pump pretty easy. You can access the connection at the fuel pump by lifting the lower part of the rear seat. Once the seat is lifted you should be able to see a part in the carpet that is cut to be able to lift the carpet up and access the plate covering the access to the fuel pump and/or the top of the fuel tank. Using a test light, check the green and yellow wires at the fuel pump. You should have power at those wire when turn the engine over or if the key is just turned to the on position you should have power there for about 3 seconds. To begin checking for spark or power to the ignition system you need to make sure you are getting power to the ignition coils. The red and white wires at the coils are your power wires. Check those. Also you can check the power at the fuel injectors. When the key is turned on or when trying to start, you should have power to the green wire at each of the fuel injectors. You should have constant power/juice at each of the fuel injectors. This is where I would start to narrow down the loss. Start here with these tests and let me know how the tests come out by replying/commenting here or you can email me directly at [email protected] ith what you have found out. Once the first tests are done and I know what the results are, we can go to the next step with a couple of other tests to figue the problem out. If one of the relays don't "click" then you have a possible bad relay. The EGI main relay is a common thing to go as well as the fuel pump relay. Don't mind helping and there is no cost to you for it but I don't want to tell you to start replacing parts until the problem is located. Hope this helps get you started.4_24_2012_10_38_55_am.jpg

1999 Kia... • Answered on Feb 17, 2017

remove door panel, remove switch panel, remove switch replace with new switch reinstall.

1999 Kia... • Answered on Feb 03, 2017

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