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it doesn't rave to ignite and clean the exhaust system even though i press the dpf button

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Apr 05, 2019

hi mike i had the very same problem with my 55 plate s type this morning 4 feb 2009 had driven a journey of 20+ miles at 9am with 4" of snow on the ground and at this point no problems and i would assume the discs and pads would have been toastie hot and the assoc parts ,
but after a quick stop for ten minutes i restarted the car and drove away up a slight incline in snow /slush the rear wheels lost traction and the dsc sybol illuminated on the dash after getting no traction in this mode switched dsc off and managed to get some traction by hook or crook on reaching the major grit treated road and gaining full trction the dsc was re selected
as per normal start up but then i noticed that i had the amber oval warning light on the dash and park brake fault promt on the info lcd .
On stopping the car i tried to switch off the engine and re start to see if this would reset or clear the display
resulting in the car still showing same fault msg and this time unable to select a gear and the gear selector stuck in park

on calling jaguar assist an engineer arrived within a reasonable time with laptop and conections to do a diognostic scan
finding that his pc would not cummnicate with my car following several attemps the engineer went on to get the park brake disengaged by these next two steps and i can only say that this worked sufficently to get the vehicle off the road to a more suitable investigating area
in my case my drive way less than 1/4 mile away

step 1. inside the boot lift the floor to expose spare wheel and battery compartment
then on drivers side, the interior that covers the rear light cluster should be teesed back there are two black fixings that secure this in place one being 1/4 turn the other a full thread plastic nut
once this liner is pulled back (easier with two people )there is a white (PARK BRAKE ) module sat there with a multi plug going in .
this multiplug contains severa wires going into it.
from what the engineer said the two your intrested are clearly fatter than the rest and control the motors that engage parking brake force to the calipers .
now heres the clever bit take 2 peices of wire at least 2 feet long making sure the ignition is off and key out
(this is also where a friend comes in handy )
where the battery is, remove the cover from atop of the live + terminal and place place /hold /secure one wire to each batery terminal this done then carefully touch the exposed other ends of each wire into the little gaps where the individual fat wires go into the multiplug trial and error will do one of two things
1/ nothing and the brake motors will just remain powered to keep brake force applied so by swapping them round should give the desired result in powering the motors to RELEASE breaking force and thus disengage


so stage one complete but error msg and drive selector still not moving

step 2.
go to
center console where ashtray is ,lift cover to expose cigar lighter
the trim panel that is sheild shaped and surrounds the gear selector should be grasped firmly by placing your four fingertips along the flat top area where it meets the ashtray and prise upwards toward the roof this removes the trim plate without any damage and exposes the Jgate selector linkage and the plastic dust shroud that rotates when various positions are selected .
now on the pasenger side look into the gap that has become visable and a small aprox 1/2" to 3/4 " protrusion with a flat straight lump similar to a slotted screw but in reverse if you get my drift sits on the side of the selector by rotating this button/protrusion with your finger tip or screw driver tip and trying to move the gear selector from its park position this should allow the selector to move down the gate,while the engineer did this in my case i was sat in the drivers seat and had the car held on the foot brake so that the normal protocols of selecting were observed also the engine was running on moving the selector neutral was selected and at no time was park re selected til the vehicle was recovered to my drive way
however whilst driving the car the parkbrake fault warnings were still present and the asssoc beeps were audible .

strangly once we were on my drive the car was re plugged in to diagnostic laptop after the engineer had tried it on the land rover disco he had attended in and this done just to elliminate that his laptop and cables were funcioning correctly which they were ,
my car began to communicate with his machine and a reset was done
the get you out the S**T CHEATS were put back to normal
the PARK BRAKE FAULT warning was cleared and so far so good

its been very intresting to note that all the posts i have read on the web seem to refer to 2005 models and that adverse wheather conditions seem to play there part i was relieved to have this fixed and very grateful to the engineer who was so very helpful and happy to share his wealth of knowledge without which i could not have passed this on

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Jan 15, 2018

more than likely you need an ignition coil or two. s type jags chew coils regularly if you know what I mean!good luck and god bless.

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Nov 29, 2017

check for air hydroc throwout bearing

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Aug 29, 2017

Hello Check the sensors , you still might have bad one in the group which will effect the full function of the sensors. If sensors are good , then you need to check the position of the sensors and set up correctly as if one of the sensors is out of alignment , it will cause this problem. If not , the you need to check the electrical wiring for the sensors

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Aug 16, 2017

the water heater control valves are front right down low behind the radiator and are electricaly operated ,the AC pipe that runs under the engine but above the sub frame could be corroded out as this is a common fault with these cars ,also the electrical solonoids that shut off the heaters can corrode up as well but i have known them to stick open.

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Aug 14, 2017

the most likely cause is the dual control valve in the cooling system and/or the wiring to it. you can change the settings back to the origional settings using the touch screen or the dash switches . @ your model/year there was a factory fix which was about changing the servo motors on the climate control unit for that problem.you may need to take to a jag dealer. but first make sure the outside temp is reading ok on the dispay that can also cause that prob if its gone faulty

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Aug 10, 2017

Sounds like bad window regulator.
If you get lucky you can spray silicone in the window run channels. That won't fix regulator but it could help a weak motor move it up.
If you broke the side view mirror off and caused this then your channel is bent and needs straightened

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Apr 06, 2017

no code of this number exists in the jag code listings , P0285....Cylinder 9 Injector Circuit Low but the code for a ford which is what the software is i think for a vehicle of this age remember that ford owned jaguar at this stage ? P1285 Cylinder Head Overtemperature Condition

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Dec 03, 2016

Check the ajar switch is working ok. This is by the latch on the boot lid to the left under a rubber cone cover. Whilst the boot lid is open push the switch fully in and see if the light is still on then you have a switch fault

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Sep 26, 2016

it could be one of several things causing the problem,
faulty thermostat
faulty water pump
blocked radiator
blown head gasket
cracked head
take the car to a radiator repairer and have the cooling system checked, they will tell you what the problem is in a short period of time

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Mar 09, 2016

With the car started press on the brake pedal. Listen carefully for a "Click" sound coming from under the gear shift cover. If you do not hear one you will need to test the brake pedal switch, if you hear a click then most likely the lock somehow became disconnected from the solenoid. Remove the shifter cover and the assemble is can be seen for troubleshooting and repair.

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Mar 03, 2016

You have a fuel cut off safety switch . Verify it is on and if it is, go to your relays and fuses.

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Feb 16, 2016

yes.... my friend has a jag s type and he said the horn sounds when he locks the doors

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Nov 29, 2015

First off clean and lubricate the tracks the sun roof operates on, using a good quality lubricant with Teflon in it. The find the fuse and relay for it, remove the fuse, blow out the receptacle and clean the contacts on the fuse w/a wire brush before re-installing..do the same for the relay, often a bit of corrosion on these parts allows it to operate partially.

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Nov 26, 2015

I am assuming an automatic transmission, 2nd gear is the default gear when there is a mechanical or electrical issue with the transmission. If the check engine lite is on, this would also verify that. If that's the case only a dealer or certified Jaguar shop can take care of this. If you need further help, reach me via phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/daniel_4061c3d97c12c4c7

2005 Jaguar... • Answered on Sep 22, 2015

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