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there is a valve in one of your heater core lines in the engine bay that controls the flow of the hot engine coolant to the heater core and is controlled by the hot/cold selector on your dash by a cable. have someone watch the valve while you move the selector back and forth from hot to cold and make sure it's moving the arm on the valve.

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if it is the factory alarm then it cannot be can ie send the ecu back to a company here in the uk to have the immobiliser bypassed or you can have two new fobs reprogrammed from your old fob,email me [email protected] and i will pass company details on.

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Best way to get the sequence and torque is from a Chiltons repair manuel. There not cheap so unless you plan on doing a lot of your own repairs in the future I'd go find a copy in the library and write down the info you need. The only time I bought a Chiltons was when I was restoring a classic MG. I believe it was about $50 at the time. You might also try a LR owners club on the internet.

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It takes 3 amps to run your ecm, you need to check your power wire to the ecm and ground wire however I do expect you to find the power wire bad or corroded, and that will give you all your faults,I have had this problem before

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in briten the child seats must fase forwards unless there made to fase the other way,,,, so its a big NO,,, never ever put children in the rear side seats of any 4x4 its just not safe for them to be there,
4x4s can and do turn over so easly in a crash and in the rear side seats there going to get realy hurt, however there your children

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your valve covers have nothing to do with the starting it must be something you unhooked to get it off

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yes. there is a small weep hole in the snout of the water pump. if you see the coolant coming from there, it's time to replace it. coolant could also be leaking out of the front cover seal. but that would be lower than the water pump. check it well.

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Hi this is a common problem with vehicles the age of yours its not a major problem its just a case of getting the starter motor replaced.

The clicking noise you hear is the selanoid on the starter moto not engaging properly.

Its best you change it sooner rather than later as you could find that it wont turn over at all.

If you are ever stuck anywhere and cant get the car to turn over then you can give the starter motor a couple of hard hits with a hammer or something hard this usually gets you out of trouble but get it changed as it would save all the stress of being broken down somewhere.

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There is a few things to check ,,, if it a manual gear box put in 2nd gear and rock it forward and reverse and open the bonnet and check to make sure the engine turns a little bit {it dose) ok take out of gear h/brake/on, Turn on Head lights then turn key to Start do the lights go very dim or out ..if yes then the battery is lower than 12 volts and needs a jump start or the Alternator isent charging it or battery lead on engine Earth lead loose , check all these first and then get back to me as there is a lot more to check
Let me know how you get on Ron

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1. check tie rods and ball joints
Door hinges lift up on the outside of the door up and down if it raises more than a 1/4 inch it is worn out walk away. check transmission fluid. and do a price check at kelly blue book and look up the price private party and whole sale, put in mileage and such. go to and run the vin number and see if it's been in a crash a flood or fire or has been stolen, if it has walk away. ask to road test the car and take to your own mechanic for a vehicle inspection. It can save you thousands of dollars of repairs before you buy.

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a housing gasket is causing the antifreeze leak thats not a big problem to repair ,but the dash light are another issue and without the right connection cable and software programme to sort out the lights i would suggest the main dealer .

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sorry but its not that simple my good fellow!!
you need to get aan auto electrician to sort out where the fault is in the wiring loom!
& then can you will needa new ECU swell so expect a hefty $$$$$ cost due to labour [hourly rate]
& ECU,s are expensive
Cheers Rob

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The older landrover used to be left hand thread.But with that model its a right hand thread.You will need to give it a sharp nock with a chisle firstly.Good luck.

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1590 is not really an "ABS" code per se. It is an ODBII code for a rough road fault that the computer throws when you have an ABS code. You need to get it to a dealer (or someone with a T4, Testbook, Rovacom, Hawkeye, or Nanocom system) for the ABS codes to be read properly.
Odds are? Shuttle valve, Wheel sensor or Wheel Bearing.

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Remove the road wheels, clean the exterior of the calipers. Remove the split pin from the retaining pins on either side and then remove the pad retaining pins and anti rattle springs. Remove the brake pads and clean exposed parts of pistons using new brake fluid. Wipe away excess with a lint free cloth. Using a piston clamp, press each piston back into its bore ensuring that the displaced brake fluid does not overflow from reservoir.
Refit the new brake pads, retaining pins and anti-rattle springs, using new split pins to secure them. Apply the service brake pedal several time to locate pads. Check fluid reservoir and top up if necessary using correct grade of fluid.

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an insect has most likely made a home in the drain tube, under the hood.

if your not allergic to be stings, nead the tube to see if it is clogged.

if not clogged there, you may want to take it to a mechanic

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Guys with questions on brakes scare me. They are the single most important system on any car. On the discovery the caliper must be removed by removing a brake pipe and therefore openeing the hydraulics, If the system is not bled properly, the brakes will be compromised.

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