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U can easily fix it.....there can be to things.... - lose screw of locking motor which connect with the lock ...or - a bad locking motor.....simply replace... Hope it helps Regards Asad

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Apr 13, 2021

You may need a fuel pump. Please remove and check the fuel filter for metal and debris (could be clogged?) If there is metal filings found inside the filter. That is an indication of a fuel pump failure. I hope that helps, good luck.

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Nov 26, 2020

is it possible a fuse that may have blown? something simple anyway,im pretty sure of that.

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Sep 07, 2019

Any tricks after you replaced the filter my car won't start now

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Jul 27, 2019

yes but if leak is from hose on back of motor they are sealed by an o-ring so thats all you need

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Nov 22, 2018

Hi, sounds like the headgasket as failed and is leaking into the water jacket in the cylinder head. with the engine running remove top off the reservoir and see if you can smell exhaust fumes coming from the bottle, there could be bubbles coming up aswell. if so replace the headgasket, good luck.

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Nov 22, 2018

Three days ago my key was stuck in the ignition on my 2008 Kia Sedona. I could start it. I could shut it off and the key would turn to the acc. position but it wouldn't go to lock so I could pull the key out. I unhooked the battery cable and the key came right out everytime. I called service departments at two different dealerships and they were no help. One dealership told me the switch was in the transmission and he thought they would have to go in deep to fix it. The other one told me it was either in the ignition switch or it was an electrical issue they would have to track down. I guess the last one was kind of right but this is how I fixed it. Just understand my problem might be different than yours. This worked for me and I feel it's worth trying. It wasn't a hard fix once I dug in and found the problem.I want to say that this is just for "Informational Purposes Only". Even though this should be an easy enough of a fix just understand "I am not responsible for accidents." Use your head and you should be fine.Getting started,1. I took the trim cover off around the gear shift. It just pops off but still be careful not to force it or you will break it. No need to unhook the wires once it is off. Just let it hang to the passenger side out of the way. 2. Hook your battery up if it isn't already. This might sound strange to some because normally you unhook your battery before working on a car but you need power to check this problem. 3. (O)Make sure your PARKING BRAKE is set.(O)4. Locate the key release microswitch under the left side of the black cover plate that has Park, Rev., Neutral, and Drive on it. Between the cover plate that I just mentioned and the interior molded console itself is where I could see the microswitch but only with a flashlight. It's actually mounted under the area where the P, R, N, and D are located on the cover plate so while sitting in the driver seat you will need to bend down with your light and look up under the cover plate. (If you don't see it try this.) Turn your key on and press the brake to release the gear shift button. While looking under the cover plate and pushing the gear shift button repeatedly you can see the parts under the cover plate pushing up on the microswitch. (Here is where I noticed my problem. When I let go of the gear shift button there is a plastic piece that pushes up on the lever of the microswitch making it close the circuit. The problem was the plastic piece wasn't pushing the metal lever of the switch "far enough" to close it. I fixed it like this.)5. I reached in with a small long screwdriver and placed the screwdriver under the middle of the metal lever on the microswitch. With another small screwdriver I reached in and pushed in the end of the lever down just slightly. It will bend easily. Make sure to hold pressure up with the first screwdriver against the middle of the metal lever to keep it from bending back at the switch. I was afraid it could break the switch if I hadn't done that. It took a couple of tries not to bend it too much. 6. Try pushing the gear shift button now and release it. If done right the switch should close. I could hear a relay click in the ignition switch when it closed. The key then pulled out everytime like there was no issue. 7. If it worked put the the trim cover back on and I hope you never have any problems with it again. If it didn't work try engaging the switch with a screw driver and see if you hear the clicking in the ignition. (Make sure your battery is hooked up for this or your wasting your time. I'm just saying.) If it doesn't make a clicking sound or if your key still doesn't remove than it has to be either that this microswitch is faulty, ignition switch or something else completely. At that point hope you have a good service department where you live.I couldn't find anything anywhere on the web that helped with this issue so I hope this does help someone else who has been in a bind. Good Luck!

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Mar 29, 2018

I know a website that has every info on all vehicles and vehicle problems (common/basic and technical both), with their solution In detail.. it's www.reliable-store.com

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Mar 09, 2018

This website www.reliable-store.com has the largest collection of repair, service, parts manuals of any vehicle on earth. Best website I came across for manuals.. Very helpful website

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Mar 07, 2018

I suggest you get one of those manuals people get nowadays to do it yourself.. My nephew use it to repair my car and it's totally repaired now. Here's the website he got it from. www.reliable-store.com

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Mar 07, 2018

Usually they are on the valve body inside the transmission

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Mar 02, 2018

stop by autozone or pep boys when light is on . have them check codes while it is still running, it will show what is wrong now, keep in mind if you turn the car off it will reset to factory when started. have them reset codes before leaving this will turn off change oil code for 3000 miles then you know it is not oil change code. they should check it for free.

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Jan 31, 2018

a vacuum leak can make it idle ruff so check all the vacuum hoses also if the check engine light is not (on) replace the spark plugs and the fuel filter.

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Dec 28, 2017

Ok I'm assuming the codes you named are like p0200 and p0325 act. If so the p0200 generally means a malfunction in the injector and the p0325 is a knock sensor code. You need to provide a little more info as far as how it's running and what has been done to it If you need further help, reach me via phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/grayson_15ffad3aaeb66fef

2003 Kia Sorento • Answered on Dec 14, 2017

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