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just up and back down
because of environment requirements it could have been connected to a vacuum connection or up to a hose connected to the air filter box so that any fumes from the clutch area would be taken through the engine

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jun 25, 2017

the transmission problem could be an oil change and the shifting could be a vacuum hose or actuator problem
both fairly simple
white smoke normally indicates water ( head gasket, EGR valve problem) you will have to take it to an accredited service center for a closer diagnosis
But from your opening statement I would cut your losses and sell it while it still runs

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Mar 15, 2017

old post
low engine power, not trans slip.

never tuned up.?
does transmission slip (seem not)?
does it misfire.?
is fuel pressure low??


1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

on what, spark or cam???
this engine 1 of 2, has cam belt timed
and a distributor timed... know that as a fact;. please.


that is cam. on 16v only
the pages there cover both engine,, G16a and B.
TBI 8valve and MPI 16v engine.

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

Remove the lock cylinder housing, and try to get it out that way. Otherwise, get a new lock cylinder.

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

old post
drawing 3

remove belt
and 3 bolts
its out (falls , duck)
is the car fitted with front crash plate under nose
under engine, like mine,?
remove this first.

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

got A/c option?
noise can be caused by many things
from bad blower bearings, to something stuck there.
or just loose vent ratting. is just a blower. in a box and some vents and dampers. those too can get loose.
why not use a rubber hose to ear or better buy a $5 stethoscope at the autostore and find exact point it makes noise. with this tool.
also you can press on vent pipes with hands, so see if that cause the noise to stop. or get better, and you can watch the damper
lever,, to see, if they wiggle and rattle , ?

step 1: defeat air bags, (a great danger to all fidders there)


for 100% sure nobody can guess on the blind as bat forum.
get car serviced"?
could even be a dead mouse there, crawled down cowl vent
then in to heater boxes. (if a/c opted, he must stop at a/c core...)
or same for tree leave and tiny branches, working down that same top front cowl vent..
i had one that whole cowl was packed in dead tree parts.

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jan 02, 2016

there are only but a few leak points, on this water cooled engine.
  1. valve cover gasket tops list.
  2. the 2 distributor o-rings, leaks down bell housing.
  3. or the distributor base housing not mounted and sealed by the book. (need book?)
  4. front cam seal (cover off look)?
  5. front crank seal (or the bolt was never set to 94ft/lbs, torque. 17mm head bolt.
  6. pan never leaks its glued on day one in the Cami factory with RTV, unless prev. owner fiddled with it. (new oil pump done wrong)
  7. last it the rear oil seal, rear to leak.

there are only 2 way sto find leaks, get it clean, drive short distance.
see what leaks.
use the dye kit, a kit with UV lamp and dye, pack.

id do a #! valve cover, the 60k mile inspection , adds one, and most of these cars get on 60k service, ever , so the gaskets are all hard.
and useless on every one ive ever seen.

see oll behind here>?

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Mar 15, 2015

Replace o/d sensor

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Feb 22, 2015

No they are entirely different engines

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Feb 15, 2015

of what?
post the problem or symptoms then ask for info on that.
there are like 500 diagrams in my Tracker manual.
see some free ones here.

i have the books on my self.
why not post symptoms......??????

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jul 30, 2014

open hood ,
look up, see that EPA sticker there?, it shows 0.028"
its a range really but low size is best.

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jul 20, 2014

sure, when unplugged the MAF , the PCM goes to limp home
and mimics the dead or missing MAF.
one reason, of many
is the AFR is lean, with maf present
then you remove MAF and the mimic goes horrid rich. (normal effect)
this huge rich hides the true cause of horrid lean.

see? 2 wrongs, make a right in this case.

its a 97, why are you scan too free.
connect it and see it fail. and why?
see all sensors. here. same engine, same all.


air leaks on this engine cause, lean.
a dirty mAF causes, lean. (clean it with carb spray 1foot away never close up)
clogged injectors cause, lean.
low fuel pressure causes lean.

if you put all the parts back and scan it
you'd see that.
you'd see the 0xysensor (Front) stuck lean B1S1. bank 1 sensor 1
ignore B1S2.

try a new oxysensor front. first. so the scan tool can see true facts.

on a good engine, the 02 swings at idle
if that fails , i jump over that like at tick on a hound dog.
finding car parked and idling hot AFR issues, is easy with any scan too.
the EFI must be in closed loop at idle, hot, MUST.
is it>?
does the maf read right at idle, ?
1.5-4.0 grams per second
or MAF output pin volts of. 1.7-2.0 volts
if the voltage is good ITS NOT THE MAF, its LEAN AFR.

if you gun the throttle
the maf goes higher.
3v or 20grams/second.

here is me driving see MAF hit 55 grams/ a second.
Hills. do that.
the more HP the more Grams /per second, until max engine torque is hit. and RPM max HP.

here is live data plot of a 96 MAF


the blue line is THROTTLE ANGLE> im driving aggressive as heck.

if the maf tests good, its not the MAF>
its easy to test.

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jul 16, 2014

there will be bolts behind the bumper , to gain access remove the inner wheel arch linings and look under front of vehicle as should be able to see the bolts there as well ,may have an under tray to remove to gain access there as well

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jun 08, 2014

Watch a You Tube Video

I think if you ask a question about head gaskets,
it is not likely you will be doing that job.

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on May 22, 2014

You shorted out one of your electrical components

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Apr 21, 2014

my wild guess, timing belt change out?
or valve lash or , no matter it's all here.

this is the G16B engine,
this full timing belt page, is here. and has link to actual FSM page.

related issues here


1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Apr 19, 2014

change your pvc(positive crankcase ventilation valve. torque specs. on valve cover are only 7 foot lbs. if you over tighten would not fix leaky oil issue

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Apr 12, 2014

with zero history (egr valve stuck open is #1 stalls reason ) clean it.
did car run perfect last month or 10 years ago?
1: compression at 170 PSI? x4 , wide open throttle, no? all are low , then timing belt slipped, not doing the 60,000 mile service caused.
2: weak or bad spark to 1 or more cylinders, the 60k , again cures that.
3: under fueling or over fueling (flooding)
read the spark plugs to see if its dry or flooding.

1997 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Apr 12, 2014

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