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take the head off bent valves thats for sure

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Jul 04, 2020

Check the fuses. You might have blown one of them while charging the battery.

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Mar 03, 2020

Sounds like there is a cylinder that is miss firing. Could be a plug or plug wire.

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Apr 25, 2019

Are you sure you got the dustributor in the right tooth? Check timing using procedure at link below. Or, maybe you got a bad rebuilt. Here are some tests to check it out:
See Figures 6 and 7
  1. Check for spark at each spark plug with a spark tester. Check at least 2 plug wires.
  2. If spark is only detected at some plugs, check for a faulty distributor cap or rotor. Also check the spark plugs and plug wires. Replace, if necessary.
  3. Measure the resistance of the distributor connector C1 when cold, between terminals 3 and 6, using a digital voltmeter. If the camshaft position (CMP) sensor resistance is not between 185-275 ohms, replace the distributor housing.
  4. Measure the resistance of the distributor connector C1 when cold, between terminals 2 and 5, using a digital voltmeter. If the camshaft position (CMP) sensor resistance is not between 370-550 ohms, replace the distributor housing.
  5. Measure the resistance of the distributor connector C1 when hot, between terminals 3 and 6, using a digital voltmeter. If the camshaft position (CMP) sensor resistance is not between 240-325 ohms, replace the distributor housing.
  6. Measure the resistance of the distributor connector C1 when hot, between terminals 2 and 5, using a digital voltmeter. If the camshaft position (CMP) sensor resistance is not between 475-650 ohms, replace the distributor housing.
  7. Measure the air gap between the signal rotor and the camshaft position (CMP) sensor. If the air gap is not 0.008-0.016 inch (0.2-0.4 mm), replace the distributor housing.

Fig 6
Fig 7
Repair Guides Ignition Timing Checking And Adjustment AutoZone com

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Sep 07, 2017

Better check out the motor. It may be damaged from the overheating to the extent that only popping the clutch will generate the torque to turn over and start the engine since the starter cannot overcome the new engine resistance.

And if that is the case any other remedy(ies) are not practical. Only if you can start it with your starter should you consider checking out the radiator, water pump, hoses, and every other part responsible for cooling the engine.

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Aug 24, 2017

Check for spark at the plugs and compression at each cylinder. If you have fuel at each injector it should start unless your timing jumped.

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Jul 10, 2017

wow no engine stated, 1.6L or the 1.8L , they are not the same.
working with no shop manual, why>?
its toy corolla in snake (gm) skins
they made 40million corolla, a record,
means ,no lack of info on it ever.
the spark plugs in screw, like all do, right tighty lefty loosy.
do not exceed 15ft/lbs, tightening torque , on alum heads.
spark plugs have many sizes,
if you pretend to buy one from NGK
go to NGK dot com, look, yours up, see that p/n
then click that number (its data sheet on this shows spark hex sizes. in clear text... 13/16" or 5/8's or what ever.
a real shop has all sizes, so, its gander pick.

the cat is just bolts and nuts.
what is there to ask here.????
sure rust.
many will be real hard to remove with rust
there is no limits on rust and its effects.
what will be, will be.
in a real shop they have tools to handle all states here.
1-cut off the bolt and replace them.,
2-or use lots of Penetrating oil and muscle.
way 3 is , use a torch and heat them real hot, the metal explands.
the rust bond breaks and bam its loose. (turned)

why not read a book first???? or youtube all day and pretend,
like "autorepairs for dummies".
amazon has it.
buy it and read all those warnings first.

ill not do the NGK trick for you.
i pick 1.6L
the oem plugs
the click tab , part info
bingo 5/8": hex. is the spark plug deep socket size.
is that hard>
works on all cars.

it must be gaped to YOUR ENGINES, spec.
unstated engine.

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Jan 23, 2017

wow ,no posted smog report, (the failed gases) now that makes this 10s harder, and for sure more expensive.....
many post,. why not just add to one post
click comments and add.
or edit one. post.
all engines that fail smog run fine. (so says all owners)
(fine means zero,) in the real world.
what's worse is owning a 1995 in USA, and must get sniff tested.
(cant fool that method) no report by you, (paper)

ignore all statements by all smog testers,
only one statement (it fails!)
all others are lies, guessing and BS.
after all if they were fully trained and skilled they'd have a real job.
a fact. (or they get huge retirements from the state?)
The car needs to be check by a pro.
it needs to be scanned, with a custom scan tool that is not sold in any auto store until 1996 happened.

but if that NOT IN THE CARDS./ no money for a real ASE tech?
then yes, do a tuneup..

1: spark plugs. and new wires, cap and rotor.
2: filters. and fresh engine oil, (the oil can be full of gasoline is why)
3: the cat may be ok, is spending a fortune on that good?
on a wild guess,? like your smog guy quipped?
that be your call. no? (shot gun method or testing) your call.

in a shop they would get the engine running perfectly.
in closed loop hot and light cruise.
A NEW front 02 sensor for sure.
then they test the cat last, the CAT is always last.
i think this car has 3 way cat too, so is really 3 cats in one.
all 3 must work. or you fail... (for sure)

what if only NOX gas failed.????
if yes, we fix EGR first. then CAT last. (they work as a team)
what gases failed matters
and was not stated by you.
in a real shop they can sniff front of cat and rear
and tell you ,
bad engine, or bad cat. in minutes.
or both, sure.

bad engine means
1:engine is bad.
2: EFI controls failing, (fuel or spark)
3: misfires. (even some humans cant hear, omg)
4: and many more. but no smog sheet posted, no savvy.

a pro shop knows the pre cat gas levels that are normal.
if they are, then the cat is bad.
end story.

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Dec 29, 2016

old post.
This is really a suzuki G16 engine question
thats ok,
The G16s are used on Suzuki's and Trackers
Vitara's , Esteems, no others world wide.

I have all the photos and books on those cars.
real books and all parts lists. on them , graphics tool.
the freeze plugs (core plugs on all over.)
IN 1996 only one engine, G16b.
But all G16 blocks these are the same.
sides on all G16 base blocks.
2 left side 1 above filter, one just to rear of that, they are huge.
have to be blind to miss left side, (left means same as left car door)

the problem here is there are 2 engines in 1995, then one in 1996
the heads on both engine are NOT THE SAME>
the head is 8v and 16valves heads
and the 16v has freeze plugs in the top ,next to the cam. inside under valve cover !!!.

why not say where the leak is so we can narrow the search. or state the JOB?????????

i have photos of all parts in any G16.
there are no freeze plug in any 8valve head.
but the 16v yes !!!
the 16v head small inside plugs, if leaking turn the engine oil to milk chocolate fast and worse of driven. (just undid worst)

the blocks are the same, both engines, not pistons,
there are no front or rear engine block freeze plugs only side plugs 4 total.
and sure the right side under intake man will be hard to see. look under car right side to see em.
2 left easy to see and 2 right harder.
the right engine block has 2 freeze plugs one in easy view center , under intake man.
and one tucked behind that water manifold that can leak too.
now the last plugs
the 16valve head has a front freeze plug behind the cam cog wheel. and none on the rear of the head.
so 1 front and 3 inside, top.
My guess, G16b has 8 plugs total.
G16a has 4.

things that go POP in the night (cold night)
the rear water outlet fitting (head) does explode every time one runs this head on pure water, frozen, ask my how I know that, and what clueless girl did that,, heheheheheheheheh

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 23, 2016

old post
screws /nuts are inside all doors.
or thieve would have a hay day.
and where else could it be,, really?>
when lost like this youtube has like 10,000 people ripping
door skins off, all are near same. skins.

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 23, 2016

old posts , geo. day
well the prizm is toyota , corolla in drag.
and has 4AFE or 7AFE engines
that both have fuel rails and FPR on the rail
we always look in the rail first on MPI engine
if not there its in the fuel tank on cars 2000 or newer. (EPA law)
see FPR with its vacuum hose there, bingo FPR

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

double posted, why?

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 08, 2016

it needs a new total lock assumbly,
or a new cylinder, the secret pin on the rear unlocks cyl.
and assembly muost be pulled reach it. (antitheft rules)
id remove the whole thing, and take it to any lock smith.
and they can fix it.
they re-key it,
some look at it and say, its END OF LIFE,
i cant see, can you put it in brighter lights?(sarc)
looking for magic silver bullets. sure... but there are non in this physically world of tumbler locks, 100s of years old in design.

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 08, 2016

blower fan in dash.
fan on RAD
fan in front of ac condenser in front of car.
does the fan in dash blow , on high?????????
does it? if not say so.

the car is Corolla,
and same car.
and works same.
when the Blower dies, in the dash , the A/C will be cut off fast.(but not if blower is dead)
this is normal for blower dead. (power to it, dead )
this is to prevent icing up of the evap core (might crack it)
are both speedo and odom are dead?
why not say so/?

26232154-4g1iytzfkimywqjfw30jhjyb-3-0.jpg rule 2, if the dash blower blows on high , its not the resistor block

on high the resistor block is bypassed,
if blower works and that center fuse below blows, the AC goes dead because 12v dont make it to the the clutch relay.
if top fuse below blows, a./c and blower die. even on high.
you can see all this stuff on mitchell's, if you want. as most do.

btw , the a/c compressor may work , if the the blower has power, but the blower is burned out.
the A/C amp logic module sees the 12vdc leaving the switch and assumes the blower works.
this rule on blower on, is to keep the core from icing over, and that can bend things.
that resistor block is air cooled, and is on the fan chamber to get cooled that way, if not it burns up.
but why not tell us if the fan works on high.
that way we save 90% of all BS guessing.
why not?

first is fuses.
then if fan blows on high only, then the fan is ok and the resistor block is bad.
if blower dead on high, the blower is bad,
the fuse blown or the wires to it are bad or the switch,
what a tech does is use his voltmeter, a $10 tool.
if you have 12vdc to the motor then the fan is history, dead.
if not, 12vdc there, fan on, then you work them meter backwards until you find the open circuit.
really its that simple.
if confused ask quesitions.
if you cant test the fan on high, tell why?

1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Aug 31, 2016

dead engine,
do head lamps work?
on a dead car, dead engine, all power comes from the main car battery. and all power feeds are fused.
if fuses blow, no power to that feed.
if the battery is dead so will be the head lamps and hand lamps
do not take a key top work (a safety feature)
this car is toyota corolla. (with geo stickers)
how do you know power is missing from F10?
you used a voltmeter there? or test lamp? how>?
there were 2 engines, 4A and 7AFE engines.
ill guess and answer for 4AFE engine
Fuse 10 is not a number its the current rating of the fuse.
and is maked (you didnt show a photo of fuse, nor where it is)
is marked IGN
now ill answer with the schematic. (makes it 10x more easy)
now power feeds IGN fuse, from the key switch
if that switch works the power come to it from
AM2 fuse
If AM2 is dead then the battery is dead. or
the battery ground is bad.
or the battery lugs are rusty
or the battery is only discharged, so charge it.
or jumper cable start car like you see the AAA tow truck man do.


1995 Geo Prizm | Answered on Aug 01, 2016

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