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total check the engine. check the cooling system ,check the engine pistons, check the piston valve ,check the the thermostat which also part of the cooling system .cooling system ;means these the parts of engine that provide the engine not to over heat . Engine piston, engine block , engine valve and the other parts these are the one that compress the gasoline that makes the car run.if you have tools to u can do it your self .its better to be safe while on the street on your 1995Geo metro.

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Mar 03, 2020

The synchro rings are probably worn.

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Apr 25, 2019

check to see that you have clutch fluid filled up, usually a separate cylinder on firewall near brake cylinder reservoir,and I believe uses a brake fluid for the the clutch cylinder,once refilled if low,shifting should be o.k. hopefully

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Jan 03, 2018

Bad bushing in the distributor is affecting ignition signal at pick up.

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Jun 05, 2017

I have a 97 Geo metro with a broken key inside the ignition. I have removed the column cover and have access to it but don't know how to remove the switch

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Apr 30, 2017

Have you cleaned the throttle body plate and throat of any carbon/build up that may be restricting airflow ?

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Apr 05, 2017

boy that is bummer.
the suzuki parts lists never show size, only p/n
you lost them both.? why say that, so I answer shorter.?
if not they you have 1 on now the thread sizes is known
M8 or M10 my guess.
so leaves what length , use a ruler?
measure distance?
25.4mm to one inch.
so if bolt is 4 inches, long, 4 x25 is mm size, shop math.

if both are lost. wow. golly good show, no./?
the find a both (long) that fits, now you know thread size and then measure lenght.
this is all cover under stop practices, in all mech, books. (and class)

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Mar 08, 2017

a GM suzuki swift.
G10 or G13 engine? both are EFI no carbs here, in USA. 95.
last carb usa 1994 Isuzu.
OLD gas goes bad clogging that Injector or if MPI ? injectors.
Old spark plugs cant burn old gas, like a double bad effect.
give a tuneup> last decade?
Nix, that sEA-Floam, use Chevron, Techron injector cleaner
its got the REAL clearer called Benzene, costs more but is MORE.
all that said , i never use additives. (snake oil ever)
after all cleaning and injection system correctly is hard work.
so I offer this comment based on, (fast and dirty fix)

sure, ISC dirty, they love to jam parked for a year.
EGR and PCV gasses, there form gunk,
Gunk cloggs, ISC, valve, (electric) idle speed valve
i cant drive car, see if right for overcomes a dead isc easy
if the lower RPM is from MISFIRE< i can hear it and feel it.
and Misfire has over 50 causes, spark plugs bad tops the list.
when it wont start to the operator guide , stated unflood method work. cranking wide open throttle, work?
I bet the PCV is clogged to. valve

steam, is a whole other matter, non of which is good
do a hard leak down test?
new head, was it milled (shaved) or put back not checking
for warp-age like the Service manual directs?
warped head bust be de-warped using baking oven.
Ask your machinist this is knows this very well on alumin, heads.

Id work steam issue, hard and not drive too far, like that,
Most heads replaced, DIY fail.
for 2 reasons,
not dewarped, and not surfaced correctly and other reasons.

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Mar 04, 2017

are you asking for a hard copy book in print
or a PDF, why not say that?
asking for books,
are you asking for free books,

if yes, learn to use google, (good luck with most are virsus infected or the sites selling them)

This is GM GEO metro, a suzuki swift with G engine options.

they sell books in , books stores.,
ebay has them
the compendiums are sold in car parts stores
in the rack of books but 1995 is too old so most stores brick dont waste space for rare cars.
but gee ask them to special order it.
This books are bad, 10 years in 1 thin book
forcing you ON LINE.
online 101:
google it.
ebay sellers have it , i see them now.
amazon sells books. even used book, lots.
so does abe's books
and others. online. learn to search.

here ill type for you


is this hard, searching>?

there are online virtual books.
Interactive books.
mitchells tops my list. then alldata.com

i think the Virtual books were made by mitchells
buying the raw data from GM.
and then republishing them. from scratch.
and is why they are not FREE, (gobsmack me.)

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Dec 12, 2016

old post.(day)
low beams, they are.
both low beam lamps.dead but are PARK/tail dead too?. (a key fact needed here to save time finding cause)
there are more that one cause.
but fuses are first, some cars have 2 fuse.
one for highs and lows.
or for left and right.
they do that so at least some lights work and not all go out at once, on a dark rainy night on a country road (or cliff road)
GEO, the car brand GEO is sold mostly in USA and Canada
if in CANADA the law says its DRL lamps.
in canada they have a Drylight Running lamps and laws and have a unique controller for that (DRL module) and can fail and mess up lamps. so GOT DRL>?
on this car the fues box shows, left and right HL
the next question is does it run a relay.
DRL, the DRL module runs low beams totally so that be first.
and its DRL relay.
non DLR metro, works like this
im reading the online schematics for you, and so could you.
the no-DRL is brutally simple.
the fuse runs the lamps direct, means lamps hot all the time.
the park and head light switch, grounds the low beam wire feed.
no relays , magic , DRL just a simple switch, in the combo switch.
for you or others seaching Metro head lamps.
here is the schemo.
red/wht wire must be 0v on low beams if not switch bad.
if g200 is good, but g200 is used in highs so can NOT BE BAD.
as you can see the switch grounds the HL lines below.
to make the lamps GLOW,

23880969-flsdwf0rx41rbdaez4cmhnol-2-0.jpg good luck to metros

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Oct 23, 2016

First did the belt break? You have an interference engine. If it broke while a stop. It maybe OK. If at highway speeds, it is trashed. This has to be checked out first. Remove the cams and do a leak down test on the cylinders. Interference engines will bend/break valves and punch holes in the pistons. If any of this happened, the car is not worth fixing. A replacement engine will cost more than it is worth.

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Aug 31, 2016


1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Mar 23, 2016

According to:

code 12

everything is fine, you just need to take the fuse out of the diagnostic slot.

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Jun 16, 2015

there are 3 of them. (no reason giving for easter egg hunt)
the fan thermo is next tot the below.
water temp is on the or below the thermostat housing.
water temp for guage or EFI water temp, there are 3.
the 3rd sensor is in the throttle body.
(whats a throttle body, that thing that sucks air as you step on the throttle)
the one with 1 wire is guage, the one with 2 wires is EFI.

the oil pressure is on the side of the engine.
12pm above the oil filter, (see 1 wire sensor there?)

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Jun 02, 2015

Next time it doesn't start, spray your plug wires and distributor cap with WD40. If it fires right up replace your plug wires. I had the same problem with my 3 cyl 1.0L .

1995 Geo Metro | Answered on Feb 21, 2015

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