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Take your Geo to a real mechanic, not a "guesser".

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Sep 19, 2019

replace that old radiator

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Dec 28, 2017

That will be very difficult to find. Your best bet would be take it to an auto body shop. and have them treat the rust and weld a panel over the old one and treat it with rust proofing. if you plan on keeping it for a long while.

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Dec 12, 2017

remove and have the injectors cleaned and set
leaking injectors will allow fuel in when not required causing the detonation

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Jun 04, 2017

Due to the amount of miles on it I would check the cat and the muffler to see if the exhaust is plugging up. It sounds like the engine is flooding and that is why you are seeing the black smoke when you rev it up. I would also check the ETC switch (it looks like a temp. sw) it sends a signal to the computer as to the outside temp and the amount of fuel need to fire the engine on start up until the idle air control kicks out.

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on May 20, 2017

50 causes, ill skip
ever get at tuneup this decade"?
24 yo spark plugs, ouch
24 year old filers hopeless
24 year old cam belt, that lasts 60,000 miles.
hopeless. to the extreme...
but just sold my 55k miles 1991... so...a gem

1884 to now, below is oldest still runs car.
and still tuned up.



1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Feb 24, 2017

posted 2 time, why
answered 1, fully.
and no thanks.

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Jan 19, 2017

old but great post.
this car is not full time 4wd (4x4)
its part time
that means it dont work on dry pavement of any kind
works off road
on pavement with ice only.
its no 2006 Grand vitara with real full time 4wd.
sorry, its not, its like and old ww2 jeep. part time.
sold 3 , of these cars. id did , great car but suz sux now.
they bugged out in the USA and Canada.
parts hard to get, super hard besides, sundry items...

read this. first
read the warnings first and the wind up damage and danger
doing so to you, and others on pavement.


keep one tire on something loose, or all H3LL to pay.
it no center differential

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

old post
some have it others dont, its an OPTION.

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

old posts
wont auto shift or slips in Drive or reverse? or 1st gear?

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

sure. old post
free, yes, I'm all about FREE, zero spam, zero $ , sam I am.

accessory belts.

cam belt. both G16s, engines


1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

its not bad, seen many replace mains for no gain,, vast....
on many forums.whe do that.(if a/t is oil ATF)
and were wrong every time.
the reaR VALVE COVER GASKET LEAKS, skipping 60k mile service is Reasn.
AND This oil then runs down back top of BELL
the finds the magic secret, suzuki bell vent (gravity is a beach)
and then runs into said vent and fools all owners that rear seal leaks(even me.... )

see this.

all that oil ,is VC gasket and distib 0-rings bad.
every drop..
this be first.
ask how to fix both , have links to all pages

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

old post
go to walfart or any autostore on earth
buy the car radio adapter kit $10, for 93 tracker or Sidekick
plug it in and it works
easy huh> PNP , plug and ply magic of ADAPTORs.
if car was hacked, different long answer.

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

one or both sides (said axles, 1)
or the whole total axle, (some call it an axle and is not, its and axle assembly and housing with gear sets)
or just the carrier? out?
old post.

no symptoms stated, and matters big time to any helping mech.
let me guess, a seal leaks. left side. (tossed coin)

with full video..... we have 3 videos on file, some sux.
hint1: do only 1 side at time, for sure brake bits.
hint2, drain axle.
have a slide hammer ready.
I just did one, so is fresh in mind, and not first.
hint3, take photos of brakes, bits as they dismount (a big win)


the FSM book (GM only) has errors.(factory serv.man)
skips the RTV step,, jokers. at GM cant even copy a good
suzuki FSM. and not skip steps. sad.
same on all 89-2004
the early 2 years have bolt on drums 4 bolts. is difference.

to replace bearings on axles that is another story and longer video
but your machine shop has the press (huge) to do this right
let him, DO THAT, and WIN.
using hammers is fail... and repeat.
ignore videos with man in gutter, with large hammer.

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

Hi Billy,here's a link to a vacuum hose routing for your 93 Geo Tracker. Repair Guides Vacuum Diagrams Vacuum Diagrams AutoZone com

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Dec 11, 2015

there is no CARB on this car.
that must be the throttle body engine, TBI EFI.
1 injector engine not the 4 MPI engine.
G16a is TBI G1b is TBI and both sold day 1 , new.
its is supposed to spray, but you forgot to say when.
just key on over and over not running, (not spray is correct)
it sprays cranking and running,, that be its job1.

lets say it sprays key one.
That means:
1: injector leaks.
2: injector - o-rings are bad. (cracked)
3: ECU injector drivers shorted (bad ECU)
you can look at the inject on this car, air pipe off TBI horn.
see if the seals leak or injector tip leaks ?
if the injector actually leaks.
unplug the injector connector (4pin plug)
leak now.
yes, injector is bad or just o-rings
no, the ECU is bad. (common on this car)
i can even tell you which transistors are bad.... etc.....ask.

both engines covered here.

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Dec 11, 2015

at the risk of saying FSM, the book is free.
and the steps are clear as day, and is linked here.
if you want me to paste the words from a free book then ok, I guess we can do that."spoon fed sure"
possibles, switch bad, or not adjusted per book.
sorry had to say book. very sorry.
i know folks here hate books...
in the military we say, read the book yet?,
then hand it to the guy and point to brake chapter.
Please read it and ask questions we say.

so here it is,
the switch ,also has a jam nut and is calibrated, adjusted when installed. the FSM is free, and online and shows how to adjust it. here, ill post the link and page so you can see all steps.
it is common on this car for the nut to come loose and switch stick closed.
chapter 5 page 16 covers this 100%
no need to guess. at all.

to test the switch for bad.
key on.
remove switch. still wired per figure 13, id 509
if the switch center pin extends fully
and the lamps still glow the switch is for sure bad. (stuck closed or shorted it is...)

and if the pedal is not damaged or spring
this adjustment works, if not, not.
as they say first things, first.
it's just a pedal and 2 springs.
1 on pedal spring
and one inside the switch, must work.
all first things, that must work.

here is the switch with a real photo.
frame 14(clear photos or group restores them, many)


the clutch switch left and brake right.above,
another test is to unplug the switch
if the lamps go out, BINGO, switch bad or not adjusted right.

pedal not broken, sticking or jammed in any way or bent.
spring on pedal not broken?
pedal returns 100% to up position?
pedal pushes the switch plunger down.?
switch unplugged, lamp goes out.
it is just a simple switch, no magic electronics.
the switch must be calibrated per the page above.
besides the switch this is pure mechanics.
a lever. (pedaL) springs and a simple switch.

1993 Geo Tracker | Answered on Jun 25, 2015

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