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Hi Rich the best way to determine what hose is the fuel feed is to disconnect the hoses and place the ends in a container or empty bottle and switch the ignition on for a few seconds and then see which one supplys fuel or the other cause could be it needs time to regain fuel pressure since ir was disconnected.
Hope this helps

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jun 15, 2017

old post.
this car is coil spring car on all 4 corners all are.
89 to 2004 and newer.
so are sidekicks and Vitara's . same car.
so why not just ask how to lower coil spring cars and not guess at parts name,
they sell kits for this and are not cheap.
why have low rider 4wd, odd that.
The only way to do that is shorter springs,
the car body fits on a real A frame,. so the body can not be lowered ever. nor can a frame,
only the suspension can be lowered.
only samurai cars (jimny) are easy to lower with leaf spring mods.
see? (apples and oranges different they are)
in the old days, kid would , TORCH the springs on coil spring cars.
and as the coils got red hot, the car settled, and the guy on the
oxy torch yells over to owner , this low enough?
fun to watch , no fun to drive,

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

old post and posted 2 times.
a tracker has coil spring's its not a Samurai. (no leaf springs here)
so what are you touching, name a part. of car.
and exhaust hanger, on this car is a rubber donut with 2 holes.
a shackle is not seen here. unless you can post a photo of the car with fingers pointing to SOMETHING AS A CLUE.

why not ask, how to lower my car,
its a 4wd with a real A frame with body on top.
lower is not like raising so ,
You will need , at the lest shorter springs
you car is not a Jimny (Samurai)
sorry your car is a:
Sidekick,tracker,vitara. sun-runner.
This car is coil sprung car, it does not have leaf springs nor does it have leaf spring shackels
not a one. on the car.
stay off , samurai forums. its no sammi.

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

charge lamp on , running?
old post
but common fail on all cars made , forever.


1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

the lever dont move, (called park lock out)
or the lever moves to Drive. but car will not move
and engine races fast , when you press throttle pedal.
old post.,

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

old post


well , if the head makes noise its sure is not the cable.
99% sure.
use $5 stethoscope to cluster face, some needles scream.
hear that , as is common, its the ***** scream, of IM AT END OF MY LIFE, (needle bushing shot) btw no speedo shops in usa will touch this cluster, not one.

the cable can vibrate, and make a weak sound
but if rusted, inside, rust can cause any sound it wants.
thank about that. but will be in the cable not the head.

do not put grease in the rear of the head, it will migrate in to the head and wreck it.
use a new cable, it has non migratory grease inside.

"special it is"

the last one i did, had to buy 3 used heads to make one good one.
good luck on car this old, finding past that work.
both suzuki and geo no longer sells heads. so.....

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

old post, MFI, key word you have the G16b engine.
and with false cam marks.

all ways to mess up and not covered on this one page.
and the secret to fALSE marks, told.

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

seems you asked this 3 times now., old posts.
there is no dedicated fuse. here. sorry, !
its IG-coil

not only that, but the ECU software does not run the pump for 3seonds, key on ,like all 1991+ sidekicks/trackers, etc.

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

normally one
it is near the thermostat housing and has up to 4 wires attach to the plug
it is used to repot engine coolant temperature to the ECM so that air/fuel mixture can be adjusted and the fans switched on through a relay
don;t confuse it with a coolant temperature sender which has 1 wire and works the temp gauge

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016

low fuel pressure tops my list.
does the cluster lamp CEL glow , key
then go out, running (idling) it must
of not that means scan me , if in usa, are you?
in canada its different.
this engine makes power in limhome mode.
so my guess , low fuel pressure. the FPRs are failing now
this old, btw
it can stick open and pressure drops to 15psi and not 35,45psi.
btw , that was guess, and as most guesses, useless.
i do the tests, and least the results tell me truth.
i can rattle off, 10 top reasons or or even 50 , inside engine.
Low power has many causes, does it help guessing?
there are like 1 to 10 tests, to do and bam, cause.
folks that love to guess, send endless useless cash.


I i can tick off many top causes
your engine dont read my list it does what it wants. fate, miles, abuse, bad service, endless this topic. truely.
1: needs a tuneup.,
2: compression (cyl) low, its and old car.
3: maf dirty
4: low fuel pressure FPR , is toasted.
5: cat melted.
6: huge vacuum leak , in the main induction and Air fuel ratio goes super lean.
that top pipe for air on top engine loves to fail
and large number of ways, and all LEAK AIR.
I seen over 10 like this. even broken mount to it and sucking air like mad.
those are the top fails as is a slipped timing belt
but that is part of the tuneup, its replaced at 60kmiles, if you skip this service point it fails.
it slips and compressing drops by 1/2 and so does power. seen 100s like that.
why not just get car serviced if you dont own mech. tools?

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Oct 08, 2016

they timing here (both are there and full FSM 96)
see timing belt G16b
do not use the 2 false marks !!! see real photos there, unlike most books.

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jun 05, 2016

old post
all 96 trackers 89=98 for sure)
the hubs are a 15k service point
they are bad, if automatics
or need service if manual locks.
in the box
type hubs

bingo city

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jan 22, 2016

old post
there are over 50 causes
#1 (on the hit parade) is no tuneups for 10 years
endless ,near.....(eg. cracked valve spring...see?)
(i can drive it and noodle the 3 basics)
engine,spark and fuel. 1,2,3
or 1 to 10 tests find it.
guessing never. (if i dont have all week)
i check spark timing first. if way off cam belt slipped.
zero tuneups caused this.
is the check engine lamp on ,?running? ops check flash codes yet.

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

old post.
cam or distributor?
we cant guess what ever.
type timing in the box here.
and win

the finder is smart to , uses fuzzy logic rules and a big win that.

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

old post
the car has 4 shipping hooks from canada cammi plant
there are NOT tow hooks
no idea what you are attempting, but will be dangerous....

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

old post
the cable is bad, replace this or it happens over and over,I PROMISE YOU!
only 2 places
suzuki (gm may scratch head)
and car-parts.com (used)


SUZ TAKES LIKE 2 TO3 WEEKS TO GET FROM DEEP WAREHOUSING.. (have links to oem parts asks0
or google the p/n.....

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

old post
4wd is only for, offroad, and ice on pavement only
its called part time 4wd, for that reason
its not AWD,
ever on any pre 2004 suzuki or tracker.
and causes damage

4wd means front axle is locked, if not,that means you are not in 4wd . (makes since right?)
with auto or manual front locking hubs.

1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

old post
just 1 cylinder or all 4???????????????????????????
cranks but does not start. you mean, i guess.
over 50 causes
here are 27+


1996 Geo Tracker... | Answered on Jan 17, 2016

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