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SEE information posted to

mine did the same, so i had to stop using it
i did read somewhere that there is a way to ground a particular wire to disable (trying to locate that article for you ... i have not tried that yet).

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jun 11, 2014 | 92 views

have the battery tested for holding charge and the alternator checked for charge rate as this code indicates low power supply to sensor/s, although it does'nt give a specific sensor it would suggest the power supply is the cause , keep me posted if you wish

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jun 09, 2014 | 35 views

dome light bulb is loose in the socket. take off the cap and adjust bulb.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jun 05, 2014 | 44 views

Most probably the crank or cam sensor which is getting bad.Did you get it scanned to see if it has a fajlt code set?

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jun 01, 2014 | 164 views

Hello. Security systems (alarms) can cause problems when they become bad. The best thing to do is disconnect the fuse for the alarm. Look in the fuse panel of your car and see which one is for the security system (alarm). Then you can pull out the fuse and it will disarm the security system. Good Luck.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on May 28, 2014 | 315 views

I doubt you will find just the button/switch. You could take the switch apart and see if you can fix it. Or you can replace the whole module.


This one is 164.00

MOPAR Air Conditioning Heater Control 55115904AC

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jul 31, 2014 | 169 views

This is not much information to go on; but I can ask questions, and you can check.
Does this have the 4.0? Does it have a chipped ignition key? Does it have a security system? I am going to guess you have recently cut a new key? I am not sure, but think you have a key with a chip in it. If you switched keys, you will need to have the key programmed. If you have the old key, try going back to that and it may start. I know you are looking at the engine, but if this suddenly started, it could be the key. If it was running rough and then stopped, you may need something as simple as cap and rotor(4.0).

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on May 11, 2014 | 31 views

old post
this is an HVAC question, did you read that chapter in the FSM.
then ask questions.
stuck in mode x.
in all cases. can be:
1: check fuses.
2: bad wiring to these parts.
3: bad control.
4: bad damper actuators.

here is the FSM

see hvac , chapter.

the tests are all there. if unclear any ,ask about them.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on May 08, 2014 | 94 views

still bad. still guessing?

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on May 02, 2014 | 285 views

can i buy a comma there, i cant figure out which is what.
what fuse dont get power, name it. (?photo it)

98 is older car, many have bad or hacked up wiring this old.
a mechanic can see that in 1 min, flat. I cant.
in fact i cant do this.
1: check all fuse with a real DMM meter on ohms.
2: check voltage at each fuse (both ends) works 100x better.
3: is battery at 12.65vdc ? if not, it's Discharged or BAD. (charge it)
4: do the head lamps (easy) work at full brightness.? key off.
5: key on do all the cluster warning lamps glow, like new car did
or as the operators guide tells you? (brake,oil,charge, CEL,etc)
5a; the CEL must glow, that is the CHECK engine lamp, if not the ECU/PCM has issues,
6: the turns are dead, but IS the emergency flasher working.?
7: Does the CEL lamp glow running?
8: DID you SCAN the PCM and see if there are DTCs errors.
any shop can scan any car, made, scan it with a real scan tool.
in the USA even the oldest junky scan tool works on 98.
even a $9 tool off fleabay. works.

by now we will have evidence to make better diagnostic tests.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 28, 2014 | 55 views

My first thought would be the system is low on freon... other causes would be that the belt is off or not turning the compressor. Another thing to consider if its NOT low on freon is that the pressure switch is unplugged causing the compressor not to engage.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 28, 2014 | 105 views

first id check for vacuum leaks.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 24, 2014 | 19 views

veh, comparisons. that be bad idea.
power assisted brakes very greatly in that word POWER.
first off, the brakes need to great.
then the assist active
try driving with the booster (safely) defeated. (pull hose and plug it)
is that 6 times harder to brake, that is normal.
if the same, then the booster is failing, they can.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 21, 2014 | 87 views

Could be a bad wheel bearing, pilot bearing in transmission or even a problem in the engine itself. Needs to be put up on a lift to isolate the problem area.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 21, 2014 | 47 views

not 100% on your details but if your saying you can fill it in your steering wheel while stop with your foot on the break. check your power steering pump.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 21, 2014 | 117 views

Throttle position sensor is not the only sensor or component involved in Idle, or full speed driving. Remember that on a fuel injected engine AIR is everything. Unless the computer can't send the proper signals to the injectors, fuel ( aside from a bad fuel pump ) is not going to be an issue. Make sure that the other sensors on the throttle body are working fine. Take a look at the throttle body yourself. It's not a hard procedure. Just look at it and run the engine. Is running correctly at all temperatures? As far as the directional signal, you have to trouble shoot that one, but it may not be difficult to find the issue. Check for a loose bulb.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 18, 2014 | 113 views

This is a rare instance of an actual "short circuit". You can tell because a fuse is blowing. Shorts circuits normally can't exist without some damage taking place, and in this case it's a blown fuse. The high stop light should not be related to the dashboard, but you really should check the stop light, it might be filled with water, which would blow a fuse. Have you identified, which fuse is blowing? That might be a clue. Either way, you have a real short circuit and you have to find it. Not always easy, but look for obvious things. Wires that are pinched, or rubbing on something. Check anything that has been tampered with since the vehicle is new, like an aftermarket alarm system. They are famous for poor electrical work.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 18, 2014 | 43 views

double posted, back up one ,please.

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 15, 2014 | 118 views

double posted.
we can not answer what you can do, skills. tools????
but first you might tell which engine is in the car.
what does need mean? got DTCs, or just what?
the 02 sensor come in 2 3 or 4 each. (each) or if Calif car. looking and counting helps. the i6- can have just,2 one front one rear,
depends on which engine you have. 4l or 5.2L?
i you just take 5min open hood and look the exhaust headers.
and look, from there to rear the the CAT/CATS, youd see them all.
in 5min flat. this works on all cars, made, USA.
they look like shinny steel (SST) spark plugs with 4 wires each. and matching connectors. you can google 02 sensor and see 10million posts on what they look like.

your car is ZJ, jeep.
go here
and read the exhuust section of the FSM.
its there.
you unscrew them, unplug them.
and put them back.
it's literally that easy if not too rusted.
read cars for dummies book, first. an then ask questions.

Bosch sells PNP sensors (they just pulg in and play)
the bosch.com web site has and ecatalog. use it to get the right
02 sensors. for USA fed or USA calif. car.....

1998 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 14, 2014 | 93 views

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