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Hi: I would first check all the fuses to the CPU and fuel pump. If everything OK , then I would run the codes. Surely it set some code when it quit. Didi you check for ignition and power to fuel pump. Can you hear the fuel pump when you try to start the engine?
Let us know what you find. Robert

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Room lamp?

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On this website, you find fuse box diagram and description for Lexus ES300 (1997)

Lexus ES300 1997 fuse box diagram Auto Genius

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Code P0420 indicates cat convertoer efficiency below threshold. Sorry, but this usually means the cat is shot. Probably will need pro diagnosis, and if cat is indeed bad, have them try to figure out what killed it. Can be anything from misfires, to coolant getting in the combustion chamber. Outside chance of o2 sensor problem, but this one usually requires the sensors to be working correctly to set. Due to the diagnostics neccessary, probably you will save money by having it looked after by an experienced independant, who's familiar with this model.

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fuse is labeled "CIG" 15 amps, the fuse panel should be on left side of dash, near the drivers left knee area.

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Call around find a shop that will give you a free estimate on it, have them scan it. Don't think the interment panel will show up on there scan, but it also won't make your car run bad if your interment panel is not working. I would guess you have a bad ECM, or some fuse or relay that is bad. Mechanics are like doctors never trust the first diagnoses until you have heard it from another two doctors. Unless of coarse they are you long used trusted mechanic.

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Air conditioning is one area where the owner generally is not qualified or equipped to perform the necessary repairs. If you are overheating and the ac isn't cooling I would check the condenser (radiator in front of the engine radiator) and made sure it's not obstructed. Also make sure that the electric fan comes on when you engage the A/C. Beyond that there isn't much you really can do except have an professional run a diagnostics on the system.

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The noise you hear is probably the belt slipping. Turn the A/C switch on and look at the compressor under the hood. the part of the pully on the front side of the belt should spin, stop periodically and then start spinning again. It's tough to tell from here but the odds are that the belt may need to be changed and the system charged with Freon. When the freon level gets too low , the system won't start up and cool the car.

Best wishes.

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Hi, you will find the tensioner position and belt replacement instructions at this site:

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I copied this from the on the P0773 problem, but I do not think that the solenoid problem it calls out could cause the car not to start. Have you taken it to a auto parts store and had them read the codes for you. It is usually free and they will explain them also.

Background (from the FAQ thread):
Solenoid E (SL) is the torque converter lock-up solenoid. If the torque converter is a little slow locking up, it will set a P0700 code.

The ECM compares engagement condition of TCC with lock-up schedule in memory to detect MECHANICAL trouble of lock-up solenoid, valve body and torque converter. (The P0773 trouble code is probably from monitoring electical signal to the solenoid. Might be worth checking the electical connection and wiring before you replace the solenoid) A P0700 trouble code is set when TCC lock-up does not occur during appropriate speed, or lock-up does not release at appropriate speed.

There are simple electrical tests to check the solenoid and plunger but the transmission pan must be removed to gain access.
A Toyota service tech can check the system without pan removal with his analyzer.

Keep an eye on the rpms when you are above 50 mph. They should be constant at constant speed, like in a manual transmission since the torque converter is supposed to be locked up above this speed. If the torque converter is not locked, then your mileage will suffer, and your tranny fluid will heat up above normal temperature. If you use synthetic fluid, you will minimize the problems from overheating the fluid. The life of the fluid will be shortened in any case if the torque converter doesn't lock up and you drive at expressway speeds, particularly in hilly country.

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I am sorry, but with the information provided it is apparent that some details are missing and I am unable to assist you with your problem. The only part of the problem that I have seen is the "also I forgot to mention...." That tells me you have more information that is not on this post and without more details I can offer no solution.

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pull rear seat base -------push back hard and lift to unclip
then unbolt seat back and lift up ther should be holes in metal
spot your keys and fish them out

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There should be some lil round plastic cutouts that cover the bolts find them and u should gain access to it good luck hope this helps

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The jackpoints are usually located along the pinch welds close to the rocker panels. They are characterized by the "nubs" along the weld. There should only be two to four per side, and they will be close together. If you can't use those either because you can't find them, or they are to badly rusted out, then go off of the frame.

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you should be able to see wires coming from the body to the distributor you need to pull one of those wires out of the body or valve cover. JUST ONE you don't want to mix them up. then with a spark plug removal socket you should be able to run the socket down that whole until you feel it grab on the spark plug don't wrench really hard on it. if it has been a while since they've been changed then they may break with too much force. then after it is out put the anti seizing grease on the new one and install it repeat the process with the other spark plugs.franktilt_2.gif

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Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome to the site. There are many things that can cause your check engine light to come on. When it does come on, this means the computer has detected a problem with the vehicle. Every car has this system. Anytime it is on, you can usually get a code number off the computer scan. The hookup is under the dash in most cars. You can buy a cheap one for around 50 dollars at most auto part stores. If you do buy one, you may need to find what each code means. If you don't own one or you can't get to one, you can take it to Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts to get your vehicle scanned. Most places do not charge for the scan. Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts do not charge when your check engine light is on. They will be able to scan it for you and give you the codes. They will let you know what it says and what parts you will need as well. if you ask. If your check engine light is flashing, this means there may be internal engine failure. If this is your case, get it scanned as soon as possible. The longer you go with the light on, the greater the chance you have to make the problem worse. Some of the newer vehicles has this system already built in. You will need to know sequence though, to make the code appear

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Welcome to FixYa. There are many reasons a check engine light can come on. Knowing that, you need to take it to Autozone and have it scanned. It is free and the staff there can tell you exactly why your light is on. This is the best way to go about this so there is no guessing at the issue. Best wishes and thanks for choosing FixYa.

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P0420 is catalyst below threshold. It is triggered via the rear o2 sensor (post cat), so you may want to check that sensor to make sure it's functioning properly.

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I have 1997 Lexus ES 300. The engine light is on. The problem is P0446. How to fix?

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It appears that there is a problem with your #4 cylinder. either no spark, or fuel. The other problem you have is with your EVAP system. Have you driven with your gas cap off or loose?

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