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could be the cat.but i would look first at the egr valve and the vacume lines that run to and from it,and vacume test it to see if its working correctly.

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clutch fluid level droppin means that ur clutch master cylinder is leaking,u can check by looking inside car where pushrod goes thru firewall to see if its wet with brake fluid where rod comes thru wall inside car, a wet ,stained carpet.the other possibility is ur clutch slave cylinder located at side of ur transmission,usually drvr side is leaking fluid.if this is the case u will notice clear brake fluid at the bottom center of ur trans,right where it butts up towards ur engine. anyhow its a good idea to replace both pieces at same time to avoid any further issues with clutch pedal. good luck hope this helps

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Remove the rear diff cover (use a pan under there's full of gear lube).Rotate the diff till you can see the pin that holds the spider gears in place. At one end of the pin, you will find either a roll pin or small bolt that retains it. Either drive the pin out or un bolt it (depends on what you have), then remove the pin. (careful when rotating carrier after it's out or, the spider gears will fall out. After it's out, DO NOT rotate the carrier or the same thing can happen. Dont turn the driveshaft or axle). Push the axle in and the "c" retainer on the axle will fall out. If not, help it a bit so it does. You can then remove the axle and access the seal.
After the seal is out, check to make sure there isn't any metal debris behind it. That indicates that not only the seal is bad but the bearing as well. Keep the new seal square with the axle tube so it goes in straight. Put some lube on the seal so it doesn't self destruct before lube reaches it. Remainder of the job is the reverse of removal. Don't forget to re-fill the diff before using it.

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please look for the fuse for the side indicators.

also look for the turning switch wirring and connections.

look for the bulbs condition too'


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You may want to check the coil also to see if it is getting fire and if not the ECM may be bad. Hope this helps

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when you switch it you may have blown a fues. make shur that your relay is good then if the relay and fues's are good then you may have to replace your pump. if those check out fine and you replace you pump again. some time it helps if you turn your key from off to run a few times then check how much pressure you have. i had one case that it was in the ignition its self.
i hope this help. if you need anymore help let me know

stockam auto

If you need further help, reach me via phone at

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fuel pump is out of this vehicle .There is a pump in tank when you replace make sure you take your vin number with you ,so you get the right pump and filter its not cheep Warning: Shop around get the best deal and warranty.This is a big job good luck

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Check to make sure the check engine light lights up in the dash, before cranking. If it does not come on, your jeep ecu is in need of repair.

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1991 4 cylinder with no AC

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I assume you are lifting the tire/wheel assembly and seeing play?
The only two places you will see any wear related play is from the bearing or the ball joint, neither are adjustable. Movement of the entire assembly is controlled by the shocks and springs but play would not be evident in either.

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Check your drive line, a universal joint thats going out can make a sorta ringing, pinging sound. Also check the collar there at the slip joint, if it has come unscrewed it to could make a ringing sound.

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Are you sure this is rust and not oil? Head gaskets can leak one way or the other or not both. Hoping you did not just buy a vehicle with a head gasket leak. Check your oil level and the color of it. Chocolate milk looking oil is a sure sigh of a one form of a head gasket leak. If your oil is low add some and pay attention to if it gets low for no apparent reason. If you truly just have a bit of rust in your antifreeze then perform, or have an anti freeze flush performed. But this alone will not make it smoke.
Regards, Tony

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Pop the door panel off and you will be able to put the window back on track.

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First thing you need to do is check the venting system. Jeeps use either a PCV valve or a ported valve.
In either case, make sure that the valve on the valve cover is clean and able to flow. PCV valves are not expensive so I'd just replace it if you have one, CCV (ported) can be cleaned out with a small wire and carb cleaner.
Make sure that there is vacuum present at the valve, if not, clear the line or fitting of carbon.
Both systems can only function well if the engine itself is in good condition. If you have worn piston rings, crank case pressure rises above the capacity of the system and excess pressure will vent to the air filter.
If that is the cause, nothing short of rebuilding the engine will stop it from doing that but I have seen some that people have removed the hose from the air filter box and diverted it into a vented "catch can"
so it doesn't foul the filter. it's not a "fix" but keeps the oil off the filter.

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go to sign up for free then find the fuel relay. study the wiring and jump the fuel pump relay or get the cover off of it and sand those contacts and see if you get any action. it may have been your fuel relay the whole time. if you jump the fuel relay and it doesent pump fuel then tour going to have to study further. crank angle sensor, collision sensor may caused a halt like that. keep a fire extinguisher handy when your working with fuel system and not in the

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This is the correct diagram for non-AC vehicles.

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Take it back to where you got the work done.Radiator is proberly blocked.If not.Bad job done.Hope this helps

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brake hose needs replaced

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Thiscompany has pdf & video instructions on their website to give you firsthand viewing of how to remove, disassemble, and reassemble the tilt column youare talking about. They are broken down into step by step detailedinstructions. Although the instructions are not for your exact car, the columnis very similar to yours. Ihope these instructions can help you. Lastly, if you need parts to repair this column simply locate the partand you can purchase it directly through their shopping cart. They stock just about everything you wouldneed to repair your car properly. Goodluck

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Hello rsellar.

You have a couple possible problems here.
First is the replacement starter had a defect (overunning clutch slipping).
Secondly your battery may be low on charge and hasn't the energy to kick the drive into the ring gear.
And lastly, check to make sure the teeth in the ring gear are in good condition.

Two types of starters are used. The first type is a direct drive starter motor with an overrunning clutch type starter drive. A solenoid switch is mounted on the starter motor. The second type is a permanent magnet reduction gear starter. A planetary gear train transmits power between starter motor and pinion shaft. The structure is different on both type starters, but electrical wiring is the same.

If you have further questions on this please ask me here. Be glad to help.
Thank you for using FixYa.


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