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when the check engine light comes on it is the cars on board computer (called a PCM) alerting you that a fault has occurred in the electronic engine, emission or transmission controls, when the light is switched on there is a fault code stored in the computer to indicate what part or parts in the electronics has failed or is not working within the parameters set by the programming stored inside the computers read only memory, there are over 200 poss fault codes so guessing what might be wrong is not an option, you will need to have a fault code test run on the OBD 2 electronic control system, if u are not in California u can have this done free of charge by most Kragen and Autozone parts stores, I do caution u though to not seek advice from the folks at the parts store on the code meaning or what needs to be done, they are parts techs and not certified automotive technicians.

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Dec 09, 2009

it was probably removed because someone wanted to sell the car, I would remove the cluster and put a bulb in

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Dec 03, 2009

do what i do make your own ,these rubber boots are not sold separate so when i prepare a vehicle for the annual vehicle mechanical inspection i will cut some thin rubber then wrap it around and tie it up with some thin bailing wire ,or as i call it my bodgeing wire .

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Nov 26, 2009

just undo the obvious ones

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Nov 01, 2009

All the doors or only the drivers ,if its only the drivers then use a silicon spray in the runners and try that to see it speeds up ,if it does then the guide rubbers are going a bit rough either change them or try some vasaline in the runners beacuse it will last longer than silicone spray

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Nov 01, 2009

headlight switch,relay or bulbs need to check bulbs first and fuse as well to diagnose problem by eliminating these things

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Oct 28, 2009

If the light was flashing when it came on, then it means your engine is misfiring.

A solid light can mean anything from a loose/faulty gas cap to a transmission issue.

This light comes on when the computer detects a fault of some sort in its diagnostic tests. If it keeps detecting this issue, the light will remain on. If the light turns off, then it has detected that the issue may no longer be present.

In order to find out what the exact reason was for your light, You need to have your car computer scanned to retrieve the code that the computer would have stored when the light triggered. Most garages will do this free of charge. The code will tell you what may have caused the light to initially turn on.

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Oct 19, 2009

Simply remove the plastic cover over the headlights and radiator. This is easy to remove by removing the plastic clips. On the headlamp assembly, there are three bolts that need to removed, two under the plastic cover and one at the top of the fender. Once this is done, gently pull it out, it will tend to hold onto the fender as it is grooved to do this...then reverse the steps to reinstall the headlight assembly

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Sep 05, 2009

reccomended every 80k going past 120k is really pushing it. if it breaks while running, it'll damage the engine internally by the pistons hitting the valves. if its original get it done, thats alot of age for a rubber belt to be in svc. too

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Aug 25, 2009

There are a few thing's, one thing is to not accidentally touch the positive terminal with the negative battery cable or touch the negative terminal with the positive battery cable when your removing or installing the battery, if one of the cable's do touch the other post it may blow some fuse's, on some vehicles with radio anti theft systems when you remove the battery the radio will lock out, if you don't have the code you'll have to take it to a service dealer to have them reset it, other than that it's pretty much straight forward. good luck.

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Apr 03, 2009

My information shows that your vehicle has High beam lamps and Low beam lamps .. they are different . which one did you buy?

1) If you bought 1 that is looks like this
It is the High beam lamp

2) If you bought 1 that looks like this
It is the Low beam lamp

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Mar 29, 2009

Engine light comes on on dashboard? When have You replaced spark plus? Fuel Filter? tuned up?
Air Cleaner?, make sure, trimming Belt? You did every thing properly than with a fire extinguisher close to You have the engine idling warm and with starting fluid (ether) spray all over the engine and if the idling accelerates is because Yo have an intake leak, I will look at every possible hose inside the engine compartment first, good luck

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Jan 21, 2009

This sounds like a problem with a sensor on the engine or transmission. You may want to have your car taken to a diagnostic specialist where they can retrieve "engine codes". Your check engine light is informing you of a possible failure of a sensor or switch in relation to your vehicle's computer. A special computer will be capable of retrieving engine codes and a competent mechanic should be able to decipher and perform whatever repair is necessary.

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/david_62314e5b2470e8b5

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Nov 27, 2008

not to sure if they sell them in shops but it should only be the springs so if they do sell them price them up and it should be cheaer, not 100 percent on that tho.

1999 Lexus LX470 | Answered on Aug 12, 2008

There is a plastic tab that a screw goes through. Into the top corner of the headlight, closest to the front marker light. If the screw and or tab is missing, it was broken off at some point. There are three points on the backside of the marker light lens. That hold and secure the fixture. With firm pressure you must pull the marker light lens straight forward, out of its fixed position. Plastic trim removal tools make removal easier. You can pry on the rear edge of the lens without damaging the paint on the fender or the lens itself. I could not find a video for your specific model but I found a similar model with the same removal procedure.

Lexus LX 470... | Answered on Sep 18, 2018

the cable from the door handle to the door lock has either broke or the plastic retaining clip has snapped ,either way take the door panel off and have a look to verify exactly what is wrong

Lexus LX 470... | Answered on Jan 04, 2016

run the fault codes to check for sensor and wiring faults. The ABS and the stability system use the same sensors at the wheels so it could be an air gap problem at a sensor or a loose/ broken wire /connection. Check wheel bearings for condition and adjustment as that will affect the air gap on the front wheels ( especially on turns when the hub is allowed to move out of alignment from the side load of the turn)

Lexus LX 470... | Answered on Feb 08, 2014

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