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Time for a rebuild

You never change fluid in a trans that
already slips,it will get worse,you done

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Dec 23, 2012 | 196 views

is your ignition key coded

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Dec 20, 2012 | 45 views

That is odd --as you do not have
a Fuel Safety Shut Off Switch

They are only on Ford Products

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Dec 17, 2012 | 174 views

Look at the bottom of the radiator, either on the front or the rear. You will find a tube with wings sticking out. Some screw in to open, some screw out.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Dec 13, 2012 | 73 views

All brands & types of coolant cost the same at the
auto parts store,so I don't see any problem at all
& you need to use the OE Recommended Coolant

Not all that hard,every store has every oem required
coolant,so do repair shops

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Dec 13, 2012 | 67 views

1992 ls400 engine light was on replaced thermostat now lights off......fans dont work anymore,last time it worked was about 3 weeks ago now having overheating probloms

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Dec 13, 2012 | 328 views

If you notice problem with power steering,the hose has to be inspected,if its faulty it has to be replaced.

For your help,i provide you with few solved helplinks showing how exactly to replace power steering hose:------

How to Remove Power steering Pressure Hose ?



How to replace power steering pressure hose?


These will help.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Nov 28, 2012 | 437 views

If this happens you might need to take it into the shop. when you do tell what happened and they can fix it

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Nov 08, 2012 | 14 views

1/ the belt may need to be tightened to turn the clutch on the compressure.2/you may need to check your freon,it may be to low to push the compresser.3/you may have a small leak in 1 of your lines.check all those 1'st.hoped this helped.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Oct 31, 2012 | 97 views

you can go to this link it is a detail of the whole process it also has pictures

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Oct 09, 2012 | 295 views

Toyota products usually don't use a shut-off for the fuel system.
If the fuel pressure is low, you would need to check the fuel pump relay for power and then the pump.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Sep 22, 2012 | 250 views

Please go to this link for full instructions with lots of pictures.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Sep 20, 2012 | 161 views

The lic plate light are on the same fuse as the park lights so if they work the fuse is good, try removing the bulb assembly and look for things like a bad ground caused by dirt or rust, if you have a 12 volt test light you can check to see if you are getting any power to the light socket or the wires leading up to the sockets and you can trace back to where the problem is.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Sep 09, 2012 | 166 views

First things first, if you can not turn the key lock past ACC you are not doing anything with the starter. The problem with the lock must be in the lock or the linkage connected to it.
The price for the starter may be fair depending on where it is coming from.
You have to be able to turn the key to the start position before anything happens with the starter.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Sep 07, 2012 | 246 views

Getting this lock to turn may and may not get the trunk to open. If the lock is in the lock position right now it might work but if its in the open prosition which is where most people leave it its not going to work but because there is a definet problem with that lock its good place to start. First I would go to pepboys or some kind of autoparts place and buy some lock lubcant or deicer and spray in the lock and work the key you might luck out if it don't work its only a couple bucks if it does work you made out big time. If it don't work the unit is gona have to come apart to find out if the lock is froze or the switch. If its the lock take it to a lock smith if it the switch you will have to replace that.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Aug 25, 2012 | 203 views

diagram should be located under the hood somwhere and if not go to nearest autozone and they will print out diagram for you at no cost.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Aug 13, 2012 | 210 views

There is a loud squeak on the front of my 1991 ls 400. The squeak is near the alternator. Any one no what it is?

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Aug 12, 2012 | 864 views


1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Aug 07, 2012 | 179 views

Someone will need to figure out if it is the height sensor, or the pump, or a leak somewhere.
The sensor turns on the pump when the height is too low.

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Aug 02, 2012 | 114 views

this car is 21 yrs old and well past its sell by date ,now is this clear rad container your refering to ? is it the over flow bottle or the radiator header tank If you do have a problem with the head gasket then it may pay you to trade it in quick and buy a nice peugeot diesel manual and reduce your carbon footprint and save a lot of money in fuel as well with 70mpg .Your dealing with a big petrol engine here in this car and lots of things could be wrong and going wrong owing to the vehicles age and their come a time when you have to give it some euthanasia and send it to the great motorway in the sky unless you have a bottomless pit of a wallet

1991 Lexus LS... | Answered on Aug 01, 2012 | 210 views

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