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there is a dimple on the outer edge of the pulley about "o" size

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Sep 25, 2010

the battery is located under the back seat.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Sep 20, 2010

The grinding happens because the rack that is supposed to lock the shaft doesn't engage and the noise you hear is caused by the teeth of the rack brushing the splines of the shaft. Since the steering lock is also faulty that means that the linkage from the transmission shifter is faulty, out or position and must be readjusted. It's a shop job, you need to get underneath the car for that and in this case it will be dangerous to do it at home.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Sep 05, 2010

Check radiator coolant level (while it's cooled off) and see if you notice and leaks while cap is off. If coolant isn't all the way to the cap then you probably have air pockets in the cooling lines. Top of radiator and fill reservoir to correct level. To remove air run the car for a few minutes with cap either on but not closed or get a funnel that fits right into the cap opening (same as oil size) and run car. It will rid off all air but coolant will rise after air is gone or if no air present. Let it cool down for an hour or so and level should be at cap level or below. Top off if necessary and put cap on tight. If you see a leak then fix it immediately.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Sep 03, 2010


Look at the below link for clear instructions to remove ignition switch :-



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1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Aug 26, 2010

Have you had the fluid checked lately? It won't go anywhere without juice in it. And it sounds like yours is empty. One qt low will cause it to slip. Check it out.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Aug 18, 2010

Purchase a Hayne's Repair Manual for you vehicle. Most auto parts stores sell them.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Aug 13, 2010

The chime or alarm circuit probably burnt out. You're in luck , you can use a simple fix that I used and found on the Internet.
Headlight Left-On Reminder
Item# P/N 400 $8.50 USD 1 $8.50 USD Subtotal $8.50 USD Shipping and handling $4.95 USD Total $13.45 USD

This simple fix for reminding you the headlamps are on plugs into any style fuse box and buzzes when the lights are left on and the door opens to turn on the interior lights.

Worked like a charm for me and only took 10 minutes to figure out how to install.
Ignition Systems Inc
[email protected]
Email the above to order the product. Other similar products exist as well.

I got mine about a year ago.

Good luck with this repair.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Jul 08, 2010

the only way to be sure is to go to a garage and have an alternator output test performed, this will probably cost you around 30 - 40 dollars, and will confirm whether or not there are any issues. good luck!

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Jun 15, 2010

after you changed the alternator you should have reset the alarm/immobiliser.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Jun 13, 2010

no way as scrap. many people would buy it to fix, a junk yard rack is around 100 so id sell it needing repairs

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Jun 10, 2010

ok.Try this. Pull the temperature gauge out and use a jumper wire to ground it somewhere. If this
works, you've a bad ground. If not, replace the gauge.

With the wire completely
grounded to the engine block, the temperature gauge should
go well into the normal range if not all the way to the hot
range. If the gauge does not rise, that is an indication
that there is an electrical problem with the gauge or the
electrical circuit. Check the voltage from the sender wire
to ground. If I recall correctly, you should have
approximately 5 volts at that point. However it is possible
to have as much as system voltage at that point. I do not
recall which it is on your particular application. The
important thing is whether or not there is  voltage. If you
have the correct voltage at the sender, then a replacement
sender should return to gauge to proper operation. If it
does not, you likely have a defective gauge that will
require replacement. The gauges on that vehicle are
supplied in pairs, such that you've to buy another gauge
in addition to the temperature gauge which other gauge is
dependent upon your particular instrument panel
configuration. If I recall correctly, it is not possible
for the paired gauge to work properly, and the other not
work properly if there is no voltage present on one or the
other of the gauges. You can also test the temperature
sending unit by checking it with an ohm meter. Do this by
checking the sender for resistance before starting the
engine when it is cold. Checked the resistance again when
engine is completely warmed. You should see a drastic
reduction in the resistance reading.
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1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Jun 05, 2010

The oil pressure sender unit is located on the oil filter housing.These do tend to leak at times. The warning light for this switch is a red oil can and a buzzer. Replace the switch. If warning light still comes on, have the oil pressure checked. The oil level sender warning light is an orange oil can with oil level under it. This sender is fitted on the bottom of the oil sump and can leak past the seal. If warning light comes on, check oil level. If ok, check for damage to wiring under vehicle. Senders do some times become faulty.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Jun 05, 2010

Check for consumers staying on such as interior lights , radio etc.. To check for current draw, you need an AMP meter. remove the negative battery terminal. Connect one amp meter lead to the battery negative terminal and the other to the earth cable. Hold the cable against the battery negative cable, close all doors and press bonnet switch to closed position. Activate the alarm and wait for it to arm. Once it has armed itself, separate the earth cable from the battery terminal keeping the amp meter connected. read the current draw. Should be less then 100 milli amps. Usually +- 40ma. To check which circuit has current draw remove one fuse at a time and check if current draw drops. A drop in current draw will indicate that the problem is on that fuses circuit. Also check alternator charge rate. To check this hold a volt meter across the battery terminals. with engine off, should get battery voltage. Start the vehicle, battery voltage should rise to 13 -14v and maintain this voltage with the headlights on. The battery itself could be faulty, you would need to do a load test on the battery. Load tester needed to do this.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Jun 04, 2010

Manual gearbox- SAE 75 W 90 Synthetic. Auto Gearbox- VW ATF only available from Audi dealers. Differential SAE 75 W 90 Synthetic.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Jun 04, 2010

hi,, ok look at tghe big black hose where the air filter is,, trace it from the end to the engine,, see where it connects to that metal part,, look at it and you will see some wires connected to that,, look at what the wires connec too,, thats your oxygen sensor.. its held in place by a few bolts,, inscrew it and pry it up to remove..

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Jun 03, 2010

wonder land! ask for alice.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on May 15, 2010

If your car is a 1996 it should hook up. If it is a late 1995 then it won't and there is no adapter. It runs on a completely different diagnostic system. If it is 1996 VW's plug looks a little different than the plug on your scanner but it will plug on to it.

1996 Audi A6 | Answered on Apr 03, 2010

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