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Check and lube the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve,

This tiny electric motor is mount on top valve cover and close to the accelerator cable.

The function of IAC motor is to idle up the RPM when more load is added.

Example: A/C on,light on,stop light on and radio on.

A stuck IAC can be free by few soft tape on the body of the motor.

To lube the worm gear,you will need WD-40 to free up the old grease and lube white lithium grease.

Clean the electrical contacts with CRC electric part cleaner.

This electric motor is very expensive.

Please handle it with care.

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 01, 2019

Did you have a manual with you to find the torque specs on the job you were preforming? If not your gasket job will be too tight in some areas or too loose in others!

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 06, 2018

Ohm meter is not a reliable test for an oxygen sensor, the output of which should be tested with a bar type digital voltmeter so the voltage pulses can clearly be seen.

In theory at least, the required idle speed is programmed into the management computer which should be maintained by varying the ignition timing and the idle air valve.

In the absence of other faults a failure to idle could indicate a faulty or sticking idle air valve.
It is wise to check for such things as intake air leaks and basic engine settings, breather system...
Considering the age, if nothing else is found it would be wise to suspect the injector spray patterns.

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Dec 23, 2017

you are being lied to. easy fix.avoid this mechanic purchase a new bracket or get one much cheaper at a auto scrap yard (you must remove yourself) . you can go on youtube type in year,make and model/replace power steering bracket. you will see a step by step video to do it yourself. good luck.

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Apr 08, 2017

got it, you in states, wife's car outside Continental USA.
it's 3 way post, you to remote person, kinda matters no?
at zero cash what to do.? you never said, how to fix a car with no cash, so, that matters too, (like 10x so)
well,pull the HL fuses. in the day.
at night put them back in
0 buck fix.
if they dont come on at all, bad fuses.
or will cost money.
the operators guide shows where the HL fuses are. head lights.b417e69c-6ea6-416b-ada5-1a758ddbfbe1.jpgf-kyshyww44u0t3va0ptth4szy-1-2_0.jpg910-kyshyww44u0t3va0ptth4szy-1-3.jpg


1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 26, 2017

G16b engine , in USA>
owned 3, know them too well.
that is alternator shorted out , 1 of its 3 phase huge diodes.
60amps, im looking now.
at real esteem book.
sad but there are 4x 60amp fuses there.
that tells me which branch on tree shorted
here ill do them all
80amp 1 alt shorted
60amp 4 ABS shorted
30amp 5 rad fan shorted
60amp 6 heater short, (HVAC heater blower)
60amp 3 IG , feed 33, feed 15 cab box. with 15amp fuse, (nah)
60amp 2 lamp. (huge )white -blk feed. all have small fues
but. tail light relay? shorted?
off hand if fuse 2,3,or 6 blows,
then the cab box has a huge nasty short to body
or someone was hacking there.

60a-rafhz5f2ue04uln2ew1uxszq-2-0.jpg which one?

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 12, 2017

no trans mission stated
auto or stick shifted?
the auto has 3 specs. on fluid.
  1. total rebuilt
  2. drained
  3. or new clutch and fill.
my wild guess , using this method. #2 DRAINED. only.
guess 2, A/T box.

is ATF , automatic transmission fluid
on a drain, what comes out is UNKNOWN. by no man on earth.
think of a large sponge, (full of ATF)
and know that only 1/3 will comes out, the rest is in the SPONGE
and the BIG clutch (TC)
so what we do is measure what came out and put back what you found, assuming it was correct to start.
all A/T same answer, mostly.

the service manual lists those 3 ways.
and then says, volumes can very by normal variances in the building of the transmission.

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Nov 18, 2016

befor replacing the fuel pump check your sparking plugs , fuel nozzles they may be clogged

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Sep 13, 2015

pull the code from the SRS system and check out problem then it should reset on its own. some have to be reset through the use of a scan tool.

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Sep 09, 2015

Spark plugs in your case 4.
New air filter.
Carburator cleaner to clean the throttle body.
In case you want to change the oil, oil filter and 4 quarts of oil.
In case you want to change transmission fluid, 5 quart of transmission fluid and transmission fluid filter

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on May 02, 2015

1.6L or 1.8L
400s are evap or EGR.

EVAP Pressure Sensor Range/Performance

reset it, tighten the gas cap, and see if 451 come back.
or a new cap if it leaks.
if not that, then the EVAP venting system needs pressure checking next. (takes tools to fix cars so....) get it serviced.

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 14, 2015

out the bottom but you may have to loosen the motor mounts to give enough clearance

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 07, 2015

G16B engine, with mAF and is air density EFI.
sure they are all easy. if you know a few tricks
if spark is good x4 (after all it takes 4 to run), then try test fuel
my guess, is you never do 60k mile tune ups, this decade.?
the cam belt slipped and compression is not 170 but 80 PSI x4
and test fuel test ,fails.

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Dec 15, 2014

putting gas where?
gas tank
or doing the Test fuel procedures?
is this a barn find/ field found car, or it ran perfect last week, and DD for months. (daily driver?) all this maters and is unstated.
1.6L or 1.8L engine, G16 or J18 suzuki enignes? major different they are.
with old engines, we do this and win every time.

all FUSES good, (EFI and spark fuses up to 3 or more)

1: compression test, sparks out , wide open throttle. warm to hot engine.
180psi on all,, good, if like 90, the timing belt slipped. if J18. we have
3 folks now on our forum that managed to slip a chain (they ingored huge noises from engine,,,, amazing)
2: spark got good on all 4 cylinders. and timed right not guessed at
using a real tool called a timing light for 20 bucks.
3: with fuel pump relay pulled i test engine on test fuel.
runs for 3 seconds, each spray and SOUNDS good.
ok it does that.. (this avoids flooding issues)
4: i put back the fuel pump relay.
and it dont start. i check for injection,
i find all injectors, dead.
the ECU is cutting injection,
i connect scan tool and see the CKP DTC errors , the CKP is dead
or CMP on G16. dead. the ECU reports them cranking only, on a dead engine.
the ECU will cut fuel if it seen spark dead.
the ECU will cut fuel if the TPS sensors signals wide open throttle cranking
i checked all that and its good.
i find fuel pressure a 0 , cranking, (one more cheap tool)
i find 12vdc good to pump cranking (a 10 buck meter at walfart)
the pump is bad. no the wires are corroded. at the pump line....
super common on old cars.

this is 1 example path of 100s.


1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Sep 09, 2014

the pump is fuel cooled and fuel lubricated.
lacking fuel it can wreck a good pump, if key is left on.
or cranked for long times, with no fuel
the operators guide warns all drivers of this fact.

make sure you have 12v to pump cranking
yes, the open (crack a fitting there) the fuel rail and crank, no fueL?
then bad pump.
if you see fuel that dont mean it can run like the OLDEN days carbs
it takes over 28PSI (or as the FSM STATES) pressure for injectors to even work.

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Sep 07, 2014

You can try some starting fluid sprayed inside the air cleaner box.
An engine needs 4 basic elements air, gas, spark and compression.
It is a good idea to test for all 4.

1998 Suzuki... | Answered on Jun 27, 2014

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