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It is probably your ignition wires. When moisture can penetrate the wire it shorts is out. Check them for cracking and especially where they are close to the exhaust manifold. I hope it is due for a tune up, this should take care of the problem. If not, you may have a dirty connection in the ignition circuit. Check all you connectors for corrosion and spray them out with a penetrant/moisture chasing lubricant.

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Apr 21, 2021

Computer not grounding the relay. Check ground wires. Possible bad computer. Use a scanner, you might find something else.

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Apr 24, 2019

Clean the throttle body and idle air control valve.

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Apr 22, 2019

Run a fuel pressure gauge where you can watch it while you drive and see if you are loosing fuel pressure. Also make sure you do not have a restricted exhaust system.

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Apr 19, 2019

should hold six quarts...just to be sure, add five, run it and then re-check.
It's good to fill the filter before you put it on...doesn't need to be "full full" but just pour some in it, tap it on the ground a few times and add more...helps priming after oil change.

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Nov 12, 2018

Firstly, Check your starter relay and any fusible links. Since there is power to the solenoid, then there is a short in a relay, a bad fuse, or faulty ignition

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Sep 29, 2018

you can get one at auto zone,or go too ebay and order one

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Aug 02, 2018

take it to the junk yard electronics submerged with the battery connected burns out vital components, damages rectifiers , ECM, BCM and TCM modules burns out dash controls and clusters you gave it a good shot but the reality is that bearings will be damaged , mud will be behind the rings , in the oil galleys, in the transmission and diff units , brake fluid contaminated , power steering damaged

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Oct 26, 2017

Make sure you have a good ground. There are ground straps from engine to frame and frame to body. Make sure they are all hooked up and clean.

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Oct 06, 2017

This appears to be a common occurrence in some Ford Products. (i,e Taurus, etc, 2003 to 2010?) Seems the cruise control cable can catch on the uptake and fail to release. One way to check is to jack up the rear tires, start the car, (and engage the cruise control to attempt to duplicate the problem SAFELY. Look under the hood, at the behavior of the cruise control cable. Is it kinked, or snagged? If so, re position the cable slightly to clear any possible obstructions. Good Luck!

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Oct 03, 2017

Did you change the fuel filter?

1998 Jeep... • Answered on May 04, 2017

What is liter size of engine? The fuel pressure specs that I looked at for your model year, all were over 40 psi and some close to 60 psi depending on the engine.

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Apr 08, 2017

what country are you in, USA/? we are what engine is there, ? we have like 2, but more outside USE must we guess both facts? so the engine runs great that it, all things ok but the trans fails to shift due to obvious , limphome (limp-in) mode ! that it? You just want shifting to work, right>? what is the nss, ( that is not an SAE.org legit term)(VSS???) (sure tranny bad , VSS swapped, but was not it) sure.... as is the case most times here. not scanned correctly first off learn rule one on EFI cars you can NOT ERASE problems, or you can't erase REALITY. problems are cured then , you push reset and see if they return if they DO? THEY ARE REAL and must be corrected. p-700 means do a full scan of the Tranny TCM to see all errors there you scan tool is weak. my guess and can not do jeep factory codes that transmission TCM is in limphome mode. by light you meant CEL, check engine Lamp that is its name and comes on for smog fail and other things, (gross errors DRIVE LINE all) p0700 means (TCM has errors stored, only) p0100?? that must be a wrong code, written down. says export only. 143 = O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 3) the oxy sensor B1S3 reads, 0volts all the time, so is bad. did you replace S3 or the wrong sensor. on calif 4L it has a split exh, man with 3 sensors, is that your engine? if yes, its the extereme rear o2, (smog only sensor) S3 is CAT check sensors. XJ jeeps we have 2 engines, only in USA< (EPA regs) 2.5L and 4.0L GAS only. and rule 2, is the transmissions match engines, power. rating! so there is no one transmission fits all engines. I owned a 99XJ so know it well. the export car had a 2.5L diesel , a total different setup end to end. i have the USA service manual open there is no p0100 code on any Gas engine , usa. type or is this DIESEL, post?> why not post engine and fuel first. that tells me drive line (a/t) lets change your post HOW TO GET MY TRANSMISSION (UNSTATED) OUT OF LIMP-IN MODE.? A: GET IT SERVICED b: scan it with a real scan tool, not a toy reader. here are the jeep works on P0700 This SBEC III or JTEC DTC indicates that the EATX or Aisin controller has an active fault and has illuminated the MIL via a CCD (EATX) or SCI (Aisin) message. The specific fault must be acquired from the EATX via CCD or from the Aisin via ISO-9141. takes a matching scan tool to scan this box ISO-9141. is such a tool, spec. and needs to read P17xx codes (jeeps) too, or you fail. our 2.5L gas uses the 30RL trans. the 4.0L gas (petrol) use the AW4 ,tranny "aisin warner box" with TCM brain what the diesel uses, is not in my book (USA SM) now my recommendation drive to any shop ask for the transmission to be scanned do not pull your battery cable. do not push reset. on your cheap or tool old tool. leave the codes stored in the TCM so the man can scan it and win. oddly my jeep book does not explain, oxy sensor 1/3 at all. just that it reads 0v all the time 143 code, odd that. but no engine or trans stated by you or country

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Mar 29, 2017

it always restarts instantly or only when cold or???????????? THAT IS CALLED STALLING, 4.L I-6 BUT need to know some facts first, here they are. 1: you failed to use a fast right foot, stalling to save it. answer: easy, hard, impossible , which was it??>>?? costs you nothing to do that or report it.!!! 2: did any lamps dim just at the stall????? called electric DC power failure. radio, head lamps, dim or anything else beside the Engine stall, 3: the 4.0L inline 6 (owned 3 cars with it) my 2nd car only stalled in tight left turns, the ground lug(new car) on right rear of head, was never crimped right in the factory and failed, (kills all EFI dead as a door nail too!) I know it was engine flex related by doing tests and BINGO but that is just antidote evidence and useless in most cases. but is illustrative of just what can go wrong (LOTS), I also knew the right foot actions failed, and was ASD drop. 4: no mention at all if the CEL lamp stuck on (running) CEL comes on key on to prove lamp is good. this is not an error. CEL also comes on at all stalls see line above, for why. 5: your shot gunned the EFI, why do that? why not use all that wasted hard cash on a real scan tool for way less I might add.. yes really and then can fix this car and may the next 2 owned cars, buy a tool 2008 or newer !!! if you had such a tool and scanned the PCM at the stall. every 10 miles( or just one time) then you'd have the reason. why, (or not) 1: yes you get DTCs, there are 8 possible just for ASD drop alone. including the SKIM lamp turned on and you failed to see that IMMOBILIZER lamp glow at STALL. i think yours has no VTSS/SKIM/SKIS, immo... so ill skip this.... 2: no, no errors, no pendings either (keep the key on and scan do not turn off the key, and see if pendings show errors. many a DTC take 1 , 2, or 3 hot trips to set. so PENDINGS are very very important, to look at. Push the button pendings now. if no errors at all, then it must be fuel pressure loss. or a bad engine, a bad engine can in fact CHUG what if a valve in the head stuck open.>? now is 5 cylinder engine. recap: yes fuel pumps can go dead, intermittently, (bad segments on the pump motor commutator. does this) hitting side of tank can wake it up on no starts bad engine, do chug. bad spark plugs. ok new. gapped right? bad spark plug wires? get 6 new NGK mag wires now. if the spark wires are 17 years old , get them the H3LL out of there now. the cheap carbon wires can fail at engine flex. or hot, or damp the distributor cap, and rotor are next. all part of a 10 year tuneup in my book. if live scans show ok, the pump pressure may be dropping the SM covers this , says all things the ECU are blind to. blind things in short. 1: engine can fail and the dumbb ECU does not know why, sure it might show P300 errors, but is not for sure it will. 2: pump pressure wrong. 3: loss of DC power, the ECU needs 10-15v to run if the power is now 0, how can the ECU brain think, answer IT Cant nor can it monitor or report errors with ZERO POWER> 4: the ECU (its a pain yes) does not report many errors until many trips. but now cars starts and so it never reports that last stall. read the SM and read the rules on DTC trips, and understand this better. in my PC here it can show me errors I had 1 year ago. in a log file cars have no such log file. , only a TRIP fail. and pendings and freeze frame. to get the same effect as my nice DT PC , on a car we can use a scan tool , ours logs. and can drive for a week and log all ECU/PCM errors and all live sensor data for a week. so in effect I can do just that. see all errors for a week or a day. mine has a RECORD button, whole thing set me back a whopping, $200 (Palmer software too) that's the key to finding the issues are , for 100 + years. 1: engine bad. 2: spark bad. do the full tune up this time. 3: bad EFI , fueling. for many reasons there are tests for each. ask.

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Mar 25, 2017

yah, intermittents do stink,, but that is what cars can do 1/2 the time vast numbers of ways, in fact. (and my bailiwick, and spec. tools) that's called a NO CRANK, silent starter (is the starter relay (tiny) also silent?? it can just be, green battery lugs, (clean them first) the system is simple. 1: a charged battery, (batteries can be INTERMITTENT !!! 2: good battery cables ( at this point hot wiring the starter works if) 3: starter good. (means solenoid tool) 4: key line good. (not a seized engine, you know that) the key line can be cheated, if car is A/T. car is it?auto/trans my 99 XJ was 5sp stick, so.... what trans is there? shift to neutral per operators guide, crank now, this uses fresh contacts in the PRNDL (TRS) switch allowing cranking to happen. (and park) park gets worn out , SEE? if you take a car to a mech, and its now working he then looks for things loose or green (corroded) and does the neutral check if savvy. he can load test your battery. tighten all 4 ends of battery lugs. sure can. and if it works for him, how can he fix the real cause.? its working now. in many shops that see NOTHING the guess. so out comes the coin toss. lands on Battery , try a new battery for $150 next week, , new starter. next week , new TRS next week new starter relay or we can go one here, on every inch of wires failing here but you get the idea, whats up.... the best way to fix it is to do so failing with a voltmeter in your hand. As just the average owner, just take it in, what else can you do.? with no tools? sure check battery lugs. or when it dont crank, use jumper cables (call AAATow) cranks now, then the battery is bad.(or just discharged) that is all you can do , i bet. some take the battery out and to a store and get it tested (called load tested for free) other remove the starter, this is silly, before hotwiring it; if it cranks ok hot wired, there is no need for a new starter. the best starter tests are ON CAR tests,

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Mar 25, 2017

the tps is not adjustable, its 1v at idle and 4vdc at wot its not the TPS., it has 3 pins, its just a pot, (a variable resistors is all it is and is cruede) 1 pin is ground. 0v one pin is 5v, (about) and is POWER> 4.5 to 5.5v typ the output pin is 1v to 4v, as you advance throttle it does that 1 to 4 gradually. end TPS , guessing, its autolearned each key on. i see you are reading the wrong Jeep books, its a 1988 not 1992 to 95 we cant tell you all the tests, and if no tools to do them be silly to pretend you do.. on the beach. but if timing is off its off. the crank flywheel markes are fixed so those cant be changed, but the distributor is not spark timed its injector sync timed so your guess, is wrong, but if was messed with its a impossible for you to correct it lacking a scan tool. the only words you posted that help are it starts to move, then give it a little more gas and it Hesitates and stalls unless I give it about half throttle. but totally left off does engine have full power at wide open throttle if not then the fuel pressure is way too low. or cat melted. or map sensor, vacuum port clogged.

1998 Jeep... • Answered on Mar 14, 2017

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