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You can fix the problem with the help of service and repair manual which will provide you step by step help to locate and fix the problem easily and you will get the manual from the given link https://toolsnyou.com

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Sep 10, 2019

Any tire dealer or reputable BBB approved auto care repair center can service the brakes, also any Suzuki dealer is a good choice as they have the best knowledge of the product by far. As far a specific locations that can do brake work and have well trained brake repair technicians, Firestone auto care centers and Big O tires are good choices as well.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 15, 2019

You have two temperature lights that come on when you start the car, one red and one blue. After the car is started the red light goes out and the blue one stays on. According to the manual, (and from my personal experience with my '03 SX), the car needs to warm up to a proper operational temperature. This temperature is reached once the blue temperature light turns off, (or within seconds afterwards). If you don't allow your car to warm up you will notice hard or long shifting, rough idle, and poor engine performance. Never drive your car if the light displays a constant red temperature light.
If this solution does not work see a Transmission expert of take it to your local Suzuki Dealer.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on May 06, 2018

After you replaced the computer, you need run the car for at least 75 miles before the check engine light will go out on it's own. You disrupted the system norms be swapping the computer and the systems need to reset. Be patient. If it doesn't go out, have someone shut it out for you and see does it come back after 11 miles. If you don't get that hiss when you pull the gas cap. replace the gas cap. If you still don't get the his when you remove it next time, your system is not sealed and is sucking vacuum somewhere. Possibly the gas fill tube has a pinhole or the tank vent tube. Maybe the connections are not tight. It could be any of these.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Jan 06, 2018

check cam senser on top at driver side of engine. check plug to ensure no corr.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Sep 06, 2017

Hello Jgilly90,

I'm not sure if i would place a jumper across the low pressure switch. Unless the troubleshooting tree in the service manual
suggested this test I would be careful experimenting.
Here is your HVAC schematic:

2003 suzuki aerio hvac schematic-lgkuwp4aw4khkvxj1psb51j4-3-0.png

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Aug 17, 2017

Don't buy it from the dealer, just buy a used remote from eBay. Use these instructions to program it.

1. Confirm that all doors are closed and the ignition key is out of the ignition cylinder.
2. Open the driver's door.
3. Within 10 seconds, Insert key into ignition turn to ON position and back to OFF and remove the key.
4. Within 20 seconds, close and open the drivers door 3 times. (Drivers door should be open)
5. Within 10 seconds, insert key into ignition turn to ON position and back to OFF and remove the key.
6. Press and hold both the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons together on the same remote for at least 5 seconds, the doors will lock and unlock (that's a very good sign)
7. Within 5 seconds, press the LOCK button on the same remote and release. You just programmed your remote ??

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Jun 23, 2017

Look in the service manual for the ident number.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Apr 15, 2017

Myself, certified ASE auto tech, would start by scanning the computer & get the sensor READINGS. Bad readings don't mean the sensor is NG, it can possibly be an electrical problem too. For the problem u are describing it can be a result of a crank or cam sensor. Its very possible. Just make sure u get a warrantee by a repair. PS the crank & cam sensors are common causes for this problem. I warrantee all my repairs. Sorry, that's the best I can do from here. Good Luck

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 26, 2017

what engine, in what country?
Each engine has its own EFI even gas and diesel
we can not guess what whats under your hood.

why not log into mitchell DIY and read it your self'
oops it asks same question.
the FPR is DYNAMIC and has 3 tests. not ONE .
the service manual covers all that, if you buy one,

  1. key on pressure
  2. idle
  3. and WOT< wide open throttle (same as #1)
and at full vacuum even less.
our engine is 2.0L and 2.3l j20 AND J23

31.3-36.9 psi.
but, (physics 101)
IT WILL BE more at wot by about 6pis (at sea level)

and less at full vacuum.
its a 1 bar, FPR.
wot = wide open throttle

this device does 3 things.
and compensates for altitude
and compensates for induction plenum pressures(vacuum)
at all throttle angles.
make sure the vacuum nipple does not leak fuel or its bad.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 11, 2017

no engine stated or countryl
open glove box,take out that OPR guide
read, its there.
or go to shop
the drain it
and fill it to the dip stick full mark , whatever. it takes
or measure what came out? (6th grade,tactics?)

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 07, 2017

If you are able to drop the fuel tank without disconnecting any other components (brake lines, suspension and exhaust), and remove the fuel pump, the answer is yes.

Best to drain the fuel from tank to make it lighter when dropping down enough to clear the pump.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Dec 27, 2016

Generally if a hose is leaking under a clamp it's because there is a crack under it You will need to take tank down and empty it and replace the hose that is leaking.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Sep 14, 2016

Unless you have fold down seats this can be exceedingly difficult if not impossible.
My advice would be to contact your local automotive club or a towing company and pay a very nominal fee to have the door opened.
All the best.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Apr 02, 2016

why do you have ? on facts? odd that.
my guess replaced ECT ! not ?
my guess, doing so , now engine is full of air, and not fails.
as all do.
front RAD cooling FANS, right? (not heater blower )
it don't work like you think, ? huh?
what does" not in Rad "mean? with ? marks?

means you trust the silly side tank and not look in rad? fail you will.
when doing cooling service, learn read a book first.
read how to fill and burp your engine, Just like feeding a baby it is.
is engine overheating?
did it , has it, or ? , what started this saga, tell a full story?
and WIN !
Facts: on this system.
the fans are controlled by the computer brain, under a complex set rules now. it's not some mindless switch like days of old.
ill now answer for USA 03, how ours work,
ours has one fan., (not fans)
ours has a 3 speed fan (at rad back side.)
and has rules to run all 3 speeds, via 3 relays
the PCM/ECU decides this, based on if A/C is on or off.
and a complex set of rules (uses the ECT for this magic)
Fact 2: ECT will not work with air pockets !!!!
The PCM even turns on and turn off are not same temp!!!
1: Rad must be filled of AF/ 50% antifreeze cold, to the top neck of RAD filler.
2: rad and engine burped of all air pockets, ask it's same on all cars.
3: the ECT must work, right, if air pockets there, it CANT work.
4: park car, idle until the minimum engine time is reached parked.
about 180F, but all cars overheat if parked, idling and fan stays dead.
fan is off , and at some point, the fan goes to low speed.

this varies by engine option, but is around 225F. (stage1)
THE FSM covers these checks, and rules, and temps. for all 3 stages of fan speed.
scan the pcm yet>?
got P0128 DTC? or others, for temperatures wrong,
not scanning is a big mistake on all modern cars.
big time!
yes, rad must be full parked cold, yes, yes, yes...
side expansion tanks do fail. for many reasons. ask.

a 2.0L engine. only, here. 7.4quarts cooling cap.
here is ours. usa fan. a 4 wire fan it is....
the ecu controls it using SOFTWARE, (firm-ware in truth)
26098393-rlcj0qgtvzvpudyok3p1nj5o-4-0.jpg do not drive car until all air is burped out of engine and rad.
in fact run it idling to hot. 180f. ( too hot to touch long)
, kill engine with key.
let cool, to luke warm, or cold.
check rad level. (sure its low)
top it off, cap it,
repeat 3 times, before driving or if it holds levels.

2003 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 18, 2016

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