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here is no switch.However, it does have an ASD relay (ASD = Auto Shut Down) that controls both spark and fuel. This relay on your car is in the fuse/relay block under the hood and should be clearly marked as "Shut Down" or "ASD" on the fuse/relay chart on the cover. These are easy to check since there are often several different relays that are the same in that block. Take one from a known good source such as A/C (just make sure the numbers printed on the top of the relay are the same) and swap them to see if it will start.

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If you're finding it difficult to service/repair your car, get one of those online manuals. You'll not have to wait for others to answer, or rely on
mechanics and all. Plus i know a website that has very good manuals online, without expiry i.e. for lifetime. www.reliable-store.com

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Have you had the vehicle hooked to a diagnostic scanner ? Check the ASD relay ? - auto shut down relay . Relay's do go bad . The ASD relay on your vehicle power's fuel pump , ignition coils ,fuel injector's ,O2 sensor heaters etc...

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Replace The Starter !! Also Be Very Careful When You Pull The Starter Looking For Bolt's And Nuts That Might Have Been Rolling Around Possibly From Vibration!! Again By The Description Of What You Have Stated Sound's Like The Starter (Did You Try To Jump The Solenoid To The Starter?)that would be a reassurance that the starter was bad if you did try to jump the (S) On The Solenoid To The Positve + The Starter Should Turn Over If it Just Spark's And You Are Sure the Battery Read's At Least 12.4 VDC Then Your Starter Is Bad!!!
(Hope This Help's) Best,

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Without knowing what kind of vehicle make model and year, I can not help. But, I would suggest instead of removing it, I would suggest try using expanding foam in a can that you can get at all hardware stores. But be careful not to go to crazy with that stuff!
And, not to get the heavy expanding stuff!
This should expand and it also works as a glue and a sound barrier so it should solve your problem!

Hope this helps.

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Check to see if there is a you tube video, they are pretty straight forward. If it is too complicated or needs specialized tools, I would have it done at a garage.

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Open trunk. Remove the threaded wing nuts on each tail light assembly. With the wing nuts off, pull the entire assembly out to exposed the sockets.

1999 Plymouth... | Answered on Oct 13, 2017 | 95 views

You have to make sure battery has a full charge and that means testing. Your saying the starter motor won't even crank the engine? I'd have to check starter wiring circuits for voltage drop?Also, make sure battery connections are good. Engine cranking, your systems get battery voltage. Engine running, the vehicle system get generator voltage which can be several volts higher than battery voltage.
Use a digital multimeter across battery posts, everything off, what is the reading, the generic spec for a full charge is around 12.6 volts. Leave the meter leads hooked up, have helper turn key to crank, what is the reading, how far does it drop? The generic spec says it shouldn't drop below 9.6 volts, that spec may be subjective but, close.

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Check fuel pump fuse and fuel filter.

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A temp sensor information is used for all kind of things even on 1999 vehicle . The PCM/ECM -engine computer use temp info for fuel control strategy , turning on the radiator cooling fans , information for the temp gauge . The temp. sensor really doesn't control anything , it's a input to the engine computer , the engine computer controls thing's . How Engine Coolant Temperature Sensors Influence The Modern Powertrain

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Hello your problem is simple if it is just sitting there running and you have heat but if you drive it and you lose heat it is the thermostat, it is stuck open and the fluid is passing threw the motor to fast to heat up. get a new thermostat and problem will be fixed
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light control module , faulty connection in the harness

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Check for voltage at the connection, could be a broken wire or a bad socket

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Bad head gasket, burnt/stuck valve, or bad piston rings. Do a compression test. None are worth fixing in a high mileage car. It only creates other problem.

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Intake manifold leak , vacuum . Valve seating problem . check compression . Check for vacuum leak . Videos on youtube on these thing's .

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You could possibly have a gear shift cable that's stiff or starting to seize up not allowing the shift lever to go into park .or if the car sits a lot the shifter shaft is starting to seize in the housing.

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to stop fogging of the windows you have to remove the humidity in the air inside the car
to do this quickly turn on bothe the heater and the ac ( climate control )
the ac removes the humidity and the heater stops you from getting to cold
fresh air will only introduce more humidity into the car and the problem will never be solved
as to the damper flap not moving , you will have to fix that to get fresh or recirculated air

1999 Plymouth... | Answered on Dec 31, 2015 | 165 views

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