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It's more likely a fuse is blown, the tail lights are on the same fuse as the dash illumination, check the tail lights if they are not working replace the fuse marked 'tail' in the fuse panel on the inside at the left side of the dash under the cover. At the same time check the 'gauge' fuse', there is a fuse location diagram on the cover.

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Here it is f7897ceb-21fb-4529-bdca-9cf54b311dbd.png

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Make model and engine size, please.

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The Jam nut adjusts the throttle plate. Be careful when playing with that cos if you go out of the "range" of the accelerator position sensor the throttle will stop responding

The other (screw) is to set the maximum range of throttle movement (WOT and closed)

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There are many reasons that light could be on. You either need to get an OBD2 meter at an auto supply place and follow the instructions to get the error codes indicating what are possible causes or go to an auto repair shop and have them look it up.

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Below is a picture of the location of both O2 sensors for your vehicle. Also the last picture is your evap. system. In the "dotted lined" area I would check for rotten or lose hoses in that area as well the vapor pressure sensor could be faulty as well. Hope this helps.


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I believe your lexus has more than one fan, there is one at the water pump and I think 2 or 4 electric fans in front of the radiator, If it has been determined that the water pump bearing is bad it is a really good idea to fix it or you might be replacing a radiator and shroud, it will hit both if the fan goes out.

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Bank 1 sensor 1 --- on left side of engine in exaust manifold .
Bank 1 sensor 2----- on exaust system near converter
Bank 2 sensor 1----- on right side of engine in exaust manifold
Bank 2 sensor 2 ----- on exaust manifold near converter

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belt to powersteering is loose

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lock cylender or ignition switch

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Intake manifolds are not difficult. Simply remove and fold back what is in the way, undo bolts and nuts until it comes off. If you are careful, you may not need to replace the gasket in between. The difficult part of doing a starter is that they are heavy (for one hand in a weird position) and they are difficult to manuver into place. Also there is a very small nut and wire that sometimes strip off after you have connected them when you drop the starter and that little wire is the only thing catching it.
Maybe 3 hours tops professionally.
Here's what you do. Simply go for it slowly. Have a friend with you to bounce ideas off with so you think through each procedure carefully. A helpless friend can be more help than you think. If you think this is getting too involved for your skill level, reverse process and put it back together. If you can't get it out in 4 hours, put it back together and hire someone. No shame in that. Find an old shop where the mechanic is over 50 yrs old. They like to teach. They even might let you watch, depending on how sophisticated the shop is.
I once took my truck to some 25 yr old with glasses, pocket protector with pens, screwdrivers and a couple of flashlights attached at the belt. If his computer could not tell him what was wrong, he was at a loss. I then took my truck to a bent over old mechanic who could no longer stand up straight. He walked me through the mind set and procedure and I then did it myself, with his guidence. Not the typical shop, I agree. But I learned more from that old mechanic than these "Johnny on the spot" mechanics who think they have it all figured out.

Slowly attempting a procedure and backing out is how we learn. Just don't go deeper than you can deal with. Don't cut anything either, like wires. All wires disconnect or move out of the way.

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They should just come right out. Get some penetrating oil and squirt a little bit one the fuse as close to those "legs" as u can, let sit a bit and hne try to gently work out the fuse. After you get it out, clean off the penetrating oil with a bit of electrical contact cleaner. ( just whats its called).

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I did not know there was
any other engine than the

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need to replace blower motor.

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usually your first sensor is located on the exhaust manifold

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I recently had to retrieve a small object (camera battery) that was dropped in the cup holder. The battery allowed the cup holder to close properly, but it would not allow the cup holder to open all the way, making the cupholder useless. Getting access to remove the object was quick and easy - all it takes is a small flat blade screw driver. Use the screw driver to gently pry up the wood trim panel in front of the cup holder. Be sure to pull it up evenly from both sides and it will pop out of its retaining sockets. You'll then have the access you need. When you've finished, just realign the wood trim piece and tap it back into place. You can see a picture of where to pry at http://info5000.com/LS400_trim.jpg

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It sounds like a bad connection on the starter, if not the check the solenoid and the brushes...

best of luck:D


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Check the ignition switch, there is battery voltage to the fuel pump and ignition, because the engine starts with switch in the start position, now check the above with the switch in the run position, If there is no voltage replace the switch.

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traction control is for control of the traction of the drive tires
Tale it to a professional brake shop for a proper diagnosis
grabbing brakes is more likely no brake pads and / or damaged rotor discs

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