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A poor contact caused by dirt, corrosion or heat damage can generate heat eventually causing a fuse to fail.

Finding a short can need detective skills - I once encountered a blowing brake light fuse and extended examination couldn't find the pattern - there is usually a pattern. The owner couldn't or wouldn't see a pattern in what was happening so it was down to spending fruitless hours until one day I was road testing the vehicle when the fuse blew and the pattern became obvious and a cure quickly followed.
In this case the heater controls had to be in a certain position while the windscreen wipers were switched on and the footbrake applied long enough for the wipers to complete a sweep. When I knew where to look there was a tiny hole in the insulation of the hot wire to the brake light switch where the wiper linkage gave the wire a little push on every sweep; contacting a sharp heater control only when in the "demist" position.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Jan 20, 2019

core plugs they are called ,not freeze plugs and they are for the manufacture of the block to remove the casting sand.if you keep antifreeze in system they do not corrode not sure what engine in these things only ever seen one that i imported for someone and the paperwork for this was horrendous.look behind engine with a torch and a mirror and i have no doubt you are correct about the core plugs .only ever seen a diesel version .

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Dec 03, 2018

Check to see if smoke comes from exaust.check undeneath vehicle for leaks.Check tires for normal wear on one side or the other.Check fluid levels.Listen for knocking noises in motor or transmission,Ask about how much preventive maintenance was done on vehicle.Ask if the vehicle has ever been in accident before and get a smog certificate to see if vehicle is a gross polluter.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Jan 28, 2018

Maybe you can take the calabers off and grease the track that the brakespads slide on!!!

autocom for cars

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Dec 17, 2017

If the mirror plug has wires you can see, match these to the colours in the door wires.
if not you could pull off the other side mirror and look at the pinout on that mirror - if they are not all the same, at least the power wires should be the same colour - connect the colours that are the same and you may be able to work out the rest by trail and error.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Oct 30, 2017

Have the starter solenoid checked. With a continuity tester check if the positive terminal on the solenoid receives a signal when the switch is turned. If it doesn't then the switch is at fault.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Aug 23, 2017

with fan and fan shroud removed use socket and long breaker bar (can use pipe on over breaker bar for extra length) put on and jam bar onto right side of vehicle chassis rail (your left when looking at engine) quickly flick ignition key to crank so it jolts crank bolt loose

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Jun 09, 2017

Ok changed one today , here we go :
It sucks get over it now!
Go to right wheel arch pull back rubber splash guard, you will see the altewrnator, oh good idea is to turn the steering all the way to the right, this gives you more space to work in the wheel well.
You will need 14mm through 11mm sockets I think and open mouth wrench's.
Disconnect the live side of the battery NOW.
Loosen the top bolt , it takes patience and a gentle pry bar but it will move .
Now looses the bottom nut and remove it , this lets the alternator hinge on the top bolt.
Get underneath the alternator and support with one hand as you undo the top bolt, it should drop a bit 1" or so.
Now disconect the bolted lead and the 3 pin connector, the alternator is free now .
Now comes the really friggin frustrating part , you need to get the alternator out of the gap in the wheel arch you initially started at.
Sorry I can't describe how , you just have to twist and turn it till you work it out , but take my word thats the only way its coming out.
Oh yeh some where in there take off the belt ( had a moment there).
If it all gets too much you can take off the bracket that is used to adjust tension , its a **** to get off and an even bigger **** to get back on , but I did it today in 103 degree heat and didn't shoot or kill anything , good day eh?
Once the alternator is out go get high or drunk , cos you've got to do the whole thing in reverse,man that blows take my word for it.
Good luck mate , I tell it how it is enjoy.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Nov 23, 2016

forget posters MOST word... wow.
gee, why not buy new plugs , take it out of the box
and measure it.?
gee 2, no engine stated, are we go guess engines, like gods?

now ill toss my 3 sided coil, lands on edge.
so is 3.2L (wild guess)
it DOES use s NGK BKR6E-11 plugs
so looking that up and we decode that to what.
same page at NGK show hex size, 5/8" inch.,
size 16 is BOGUS to the max. and the word most... sad....
get a deep well spark plug socket in that size.

which engine.?

so look it up in NGK
and be self help.


1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Jun 06, 2016

it will say "BAD" on the inside of cap. throw away and stuff a rag into the hole.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on May 26, 2016

You are in deep doo doo. See if the dealer or manufacturer can or will help you. OR you can get a hold of the schematic and see that circuits were affected by the security system and then install bypasses for all of the affected areas.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Nov 18, 2015

Usually it involves opening the inside of thr door to access the mounting screws

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Oct 15, 2015

When you flash codes on a 95 trooper..it should flash code 12 pause and flash code 12 two more times...if no other codes flash it means there are no codes stored...code 12 is basically, enter codes, beginning of codes and end of codes.
I just double checked cos 95 models were I thought allrunning the obd 2systems..but production dates after the 8th month are considered next year models..so maybe yours is a late year production. I am going to send a picture and pre odb2 code 12 is a code..hope this helps!


1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Sep 18, 2015


www.frontrange4x4.com > Forum > Tech Topics > Make & Model Links
Apr 7, 2008 - 8 posts - ‎2 authors 12 No tach signal to ECM - No Distributor Reference Pulses{4} ... solenoid circuit failure - 1987 and 1995 Amigo/Pick-up, 1989 to 1994 V6 models ... {9}-Amigo, Pickup,Rodeo & Trooper w/2.6L engine & 1988-91 Impulse.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Sep 18, 2015

Probably 12mm X 1.5mm. Length is about 1 1/2 inches and 3 1/2 inches. They are metric.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Aug 28, 2015

sorry Bev.
ah , you added the word connector.
how cute,?
next time ill quote and then answer.
the wiring of a boat is easy. (in all cases)
the reason i could not help was this.
"howto, install a 4 flat."
and bev,
some cars run USA wiring on car and other cars here, run European wiring (inside car)
and on the latter you need to use and adapter.
if you go to any auto store, you can buy that.

also many cars, have trailer plugs hidden in the body. and maker of car sells the kit that fits that. (most do)
and some kits (autostores sell it) have a nice splice kit that fits there.
or has splitter jack. (for behind tail lights)
and then there is Uhaul and the cutting and taping of wires and damm wire nuts..
quality of the job, matter... to some...

i'll quote the FSM for you.
Wiring the vehicle for towing is fairly easy. There are a number of good wiring kits available and these should be used, rather than trying to design your own.

All trailers will need brake lights and turn signals as well as tail lights and side marker lights. Most areas require extra marker lights for over-wide trailers. Also, most areas have recently required back-up lights for trailers, and most trailer manufacturers have been building trailers with back-up lights for several years.

Additionally, some Class I, most Class II and just about all Class III trailers will have electric brakes. Add to this number an accessories wire, to operate trailer internal equipment or to charge the trailer's battery, and you can have as many as seven wires in the harness.

Determine the equipment on your trailer and buy the wiring kit necessary. The kit will contain all the wires needed, plus a plug adapter set which includes the female plug, mounted on the bumper or hitch, and the male plug, wired into, or plugged into the trailer harness.

When installing the kit, follow the manufacturer's instructions. The color coding of the wires is usually standard throughout the industry. One point to note: some domestic vehicles, and most imported vehicles, have separate turn signals. On most domestic vehicles, the brake lights and rear turn signals operate with the same bulb. For those vehicles without separate turn signals, you can purchase an isolation unit so that the brake lights won't blink whenever the turn signals are operated, or, you can go to your local electronics supply house and buy four diodes to wire in series with the brake and turn signal bulbs. Diodes will isolate the brake and turn signals.(euro) The choice is yours. The isolation units are simple and quick to install, but far more expensive than the diodes. The diodes, however, require more work to install properly, since they require the cutting of each bulb's wire and soldering in place of the diode.

One, final point, the best kits are those with a spring loaded cover on the vehicle mounted socket. This cover prevents dirt and moisture from corroding the terminals. Never let the vehicle socket hang loosely; always mount it securely to the bumper or hitch.
end quote.

the wring of the connector is your choice
but if you want to use the standards? USA we have our own....
here that is.

non of this is a secret
nor magic
only the Euro wired cars are tricky, diodes or the expensive black box...

im off fishing in my 4 flat.

1995 Isuzu... | Answered on Jul 23, 2015

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