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im prety sure the air ducts can get blocked at certant points
your best bet would be a aircon service

2006 Jeep... | Answered on May 26, 2020

depends on the price
at this point -give it a miss and look at something that doesn't have any obvious problems
remember the joke
Santa was late for Christmas because he bought a jeep

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Dec 23, 2017

Sounds like your charging system needs some attention.
1st check battery for voltage should be 12.50 or better with car off
2nd, start car check battery for voltage again should be 14.0 to 14.75 volts.
3 with running turn on headlamps and check charging voltage again if your voltage dropped to battery voltage your charging system is not working.

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 30, 2017

Try cleaning your throttle body, then disconnect the battery to clear the memory.

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Sep 29, 2017

my other shoe falls to the floor and car drives perfectly with head lights on , even high beams and full brightness?????

are you in CANADA we are in USA
so if on CANADA< say so. so we can answer and not lie to you,
hint your service book is not ours.
why not get the car serviced
are you a mechanic with a shop full of tools>
check fuses yet, thats about all you do but here ill list some.
generic. world wide rules on DRL is by LAWS in your unstated country.

1: brakes lamps in cluster on. any of them.
2: CHARGE lamp glowing there (aka. battery or GEN or?)
3: check fuses, first.
4: scan it, get it scanned have it scanned (posted this 1,000,000 times here, )

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 15, 2017

how to ?
where to buy
what brand is best?

questions have forms like that, try one?

USA car?
wrangler unlimited,
posted over 300 times, search much?>
click fuel.

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 14, 2017

Go to auto zone they check for free.

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 11, 2017

you bought it new/ i bet not.?
our first ever ***** wobble. ! love em/

i own one,too. in 6speed form, m/t
mines like ROCK solid car, like my other 8 jeeps , owned
ok ran Antifreeze 8 years, sure that will eat up a pump easy.(and lots more)

trans fell out is , well, easy words for some fixer to say
and not tell truth(truth is hard to believe , lies simple; folks love them, so....)
"as in, truth is stranger than fiction) ever hear that.?
(used by many to be expeditious)
" yah Bod, i lunched me tranny") << example.
my guess the transmission blew the pump seal
a/t boxes are complex and very very expensive toys,
IMO. I avoided them for 50 years!)

***** WOBBLE.

my guess?, is a tie rod failed. rare on low mileage jeeps
had one go bad after 150kmiles, due to me
commuting 30 miles of switch bad roads,daily.
i dove snarf out of it. (center link failed) me NOT SURPRISED in the least. no part on any car last for ever
some less, some less than 60k miles.
its because lame car makers removed Zerk fittings there
long ago to save 5 ****** cents,

here , why not take car to any ASE shop
not dealers they are too busy making cash
to do this,
ask MR, ASE to do a full inspection on car
tell him the ***** wobble, bit
and say, check for previous collision damage
and offroad damage,etc.
under the car.
I do all this before i buy them used

you never said, used car or new, ?
after all what someone else did, is never known.
unless you LOOK.

seems that failed transmission is part
seems to me.

btw ,it gets worse with new CAFE laws
9speed new transmissions will do what
blow up more easy.
cramming all that more stuff in same box
and some run $45 a quart, made by one maker on earth
transmission fluid. RUN, do not buy that car.

you are SO lucky (trans fail) only

lessons to learn:
is when machines leak , find out what fluid is leaking
brakes, dont drive.
engine coolant same
engine oil, if small ok, if 1quart or more, make sure its refilled and get car fixed
tranny oil,dont drive. it. $3500 trans is no cheap.
a/c puddle pure water, drive and forget. it.
ignoring noise,is bad to the bone
get car fixed first.
machines tell you when things are bad with NOISE
including steering related noise of any kind.
or bounce noise.
at the least there, you go.

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 28, 2017

Do you have a check engine light on? If you do you can go to auto zone and have it scanned for free.
It sounds like a bad sensor to me.

Hope this helps.

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 25, 2016

as there are 2 speed sensors located in a transmission, you have to be specific
there is a TSS for turbine speed and a VSS for the output shaft /road speed
post again all the information and the question

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Sep 23, 2016

Will it crank over ? Can you get spark to the plugs ? Have you sprayed, carefully, carb cleaner into the throttle body to see if it tries to run ?

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 26, 2016

Go to the place where you bought your car they'll replace the light and fix the problem

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Dec 03, 2015

turn off the portable device and turn back on. check the wifi setting on the portable device.

2006 Jeep... | Answered on May 08, 2015

how to fix a horn on the work bench
or how to diagnose a dead horn on car.?

my guess, #2
TJ car.
here is the list;
  1. do not fiddle wires near horn sitting at steering wheel unless you defeat air bags first, per the BOOK "FSM" or u may die.
  2. check the fuses first.
  3. scan the PCM next, got DTC errors ?
  4. read the FSM yet?
here, TJ

the pdf.
chapter 8H> horn
and the schematic there 8w?
8w41-3 see that relay, does it click with button pushed?
key on?
need more ask.
is ground good to horn
did you hot wire horn to see if its really good first
connector pulled?

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 02, 2015

it unbolts
the FSM covers this, in vivid step by step blows.
ever seen and FSM here is one.
TJ jeep
we have TJ unlimited here for free, 2006

ever see a real FSM? i guess not.
click body
click page 27? pdf page 27 , its there,

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 28, 2015

so what make you think its bad.
manual or automatic trans.
mines a stick. so....
on the a/t slush box, its on the left side
go to jeep.com see your car parts.
see your trans
see your TRS switch. on side, bingo>?

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 24, 2015

Don't have your foot into the gas when shifting into 4 wheel. Best is to shift at a lower speed and "feel" the shifter as it goes in. Abandon the attempt if it grinds (picture parts doing really bad things to each other)
One general driving tip...Never do anything on ice. Shifting, steering, braking or anything else can throw you out of control on icy surfaces. Anticipate bad conditions and begin using 4x4 before you are in a situation where you need it.
Practice shifting your unit...though they are "supposed" to all work the same, every one I've ever driven had a certain amount of "quirks" that had to be learned.
About the one wheel spinning...most people don't realize that on most jeeps you have tow "open" differentials which means that at any one time only two wheels are driving you (except those with limited slip rear diff, in which case you have 3.)
Good luck with it

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 27, 2015

which wranger, sport, SE, X, unlimited? what?
my 08 is not awd, cant do what you just did.

first off we dont know what 4wd you have.
nor what mode you picked,
nor if on dirt, ice or snow or dry pavement.

if you are using part time 4wd on dry pavement then this is totally wrong.
the glove box operators guide shows all fuses, lost that
why not get one and read the 4wd pages too.

for sure we need the transfer case model number
did you know the operators guide is different for each

Rock-trac? NV241
Command-Trac 231 transfer case

my guess its just 231 case and is part time 4wd
ill quote the manual
Command-Trac should only be driven in 4WD on low-traction surfaces due to the front and rear axles being locked together (no differential action in the transfer case). Driving in 4WD on dry pavement causes excessive wheel and drivetrain wear. Four-wheel modes are most commonly used for wet/slick surfaces or extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.) (4H), towing (N), and off-road activities (4L).

here is what can happen not reading the opr guide


the are exceptions on most jeeps
AWD with center differential
or with a vicious coupling added to end the above damage.
you have neither.

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 27, 2015

Have you tried some of the online free automotive databases? Autozone.com has a database, it's free. Just register your vehicle, no cost. Type in thermostat in their search box, on right side of page should be a link for replacing thermostat.

A lot of libraries carry automotive databases, wiring diagrams and repair info. One of their databases you can access on your home computer for free, if you live in an area that they serve. If you live outside that area, you can buy access for a small yearly fee. You get access for every year--make--model that they carry. May not be the best but better than nothing.

Alldata and mitchel offer yearly subscription for a single vehicle, worth the money in my opinion. Last time I checked, about 20 something bucks for a year, I haven't checked lately. If you had rather I look up the R/R procedure and post, I can do that?

2006 Jeep... | Answered on Dec 22, 2014

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